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  • That s a brilliant scan pic ❤ I wouldn't worry about dates until 12 week scan. My first scan I was put back a week, second scan 2 days more than my date going by lmp. Things usual settle by 12 week scan. Same happened with my baby boy. 
  • So going by my scan last week I was 10 weeks yesterday 😁 my lmp would be 10 weeks tomorrow. I don't go by scan dates until the 12 week scan
  • Thanks ladies xxx 
  • Amazing @KMic ❤ 
  • Horray!! Little bean looks wonderful! Bet that’s such a relief! Now put your feet up and enjoy your evening 😍😍😍 xxxxx
  • Sorry guys been really busy so just catching up on all the chat!

    @KMic that's absolutely amazing!! So relieved for you!! Hopefully you can relax a little now! 

    I've got my booking in appointment tomorrow with the midwife - first pregnancy so not really sure what to expect but my letter says to allows 1-2hours? 

    Hope you are all keeping well! xx
  • That's an amazing scan picture bet your really pleased
  • Pixie it’s a lot of questions about your health, your birth preferences etc. You might get lots of information about NCT classes, breast feeding classes etc and if your hospital has a home from home active birth centre you might get booked in to that. You’ll have blood drawn to test for various diseases and immunities. 
    If it’s the same as here, they won’t allow your partner in the room with you as they ask you about domestic violence and whether you need any support etc. At the end of it you should get a folder with all your maternity info and you keep that with you and bring it to all your appointments x
  • I’m back at midwifes tomorrow for bloods but I’m glad in a way as someone at work was sent home poorly the other day...turns out she has shingles! 😫 So going to mention it...
    Has anyone bought a pregnancy journal? Found a nice one on eBay for £10 which looks a nice keepsake and notebook xx 
  • @Ninjabunni thanks so much that's really helpful! Wondered what could take 2 hours but I suppose once they cover all that it takes time! My husband couldn't get time off work so quite glad it's actually worked out now incase he wouldn't have been allowed in anyway! 

    A pregancu journal sounds like such a good idea and I think it's Jules that has done them previously and seem to be quite helpful too! Think I might invest! 

    Good luck with your bloods too @Long35
  • I have a pregnancy journal it’s brilliant you can record in it week by week and it has little pockets to put stuff and spaces for your scan pics I love them il send a pic of mine. I’ve had the same one with all my pregnancy’s , well 3 Separate books not one for all 3 haha xxxx
  • I’ve just ordered the one above for £10 off eBay 
  • Didn’t have none of this when I had my daughter 16 years ago! 😂 And I like the idea of it, something to show them when older xx 
  • Yes definitely hun it’s a lovely keepsake xxxx
  • My husband is away on business and all day I’ve had no appetite.... as soon as I lie down.... pizza cravings begin! I’m now watching friends eating pizza... pregnancy is so odd haha xxx 
  • I can imagine if my kid ever read a pregnancy journal I wrote it would just be filled with me whinging 🤣🤣

    I have booked in for my 12 week scan on July 6th. I'll be 13 weeks by then - getting my bloods done next week. Hopefully it's all good news.
  • I've changed my 12 week scan now to the 5th July (it was the 28th June). With the dates I had yesterday I would be too early for the tests, so thought it made sense. 

    SO TIRED today! I think all the emotion of yesterday has taken its toll! 

    How are everyone's symptoms? Mine have defo eased off a bit which is lovely!! 
  • My nausea has eased off but it comes in little waves throughout the day, anyone else get that? 
    Still off my cups of tea :( 
    Day off today but still had to get up early as got the decorator here doing the hallways and landing also got my daughters prom tomorrow so it’s tanning & nail salon today lol xx 
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