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  • Nausea is still bad if anything getting worse medication I was given didn’t work and I’m off work with it now and can’t have to long off as they don’t know yet 😭😭
  • My nausea is subsiding. As long as I don't allow myself to get super hungry, I feel ok most of the time. Still bloody exhausted though - my son came home from daycare with a cough and a runny nose and I'm starting to feel rundown already, on top of the pregnancy fatigue! Thankfully next week is the last week of term so only 3 days of work until a 2 week break!
  • Mine is subsiding but it does tend to hit me in the afternoons yesterday I felt worse than I had done in a while. I feel like I'm showing already! I've had to wear baggy shirts for work so bloated!!
  • I’m the same @lozzz ... need to keep something constantly in my belly and then I seem to be ok with the nausea. 

    @abbierk95 Oo no! Sounds awful!! I hope you turn a corner soon!!! 

    Has anyone got as far as thinking of names yet...? X
  • Now that I've said about the nausea, literally just ate dinner and am trying my best not to throw it back up 🤢😩

    We've got a girls name already, but not a boys. So I guarantee we're having a boy 😂
  • Same Loz, having to eat little and often. Mid afternoon I seem to hit a little nausea but it soon passes.  I like Elsie for a girl and Reuben for a boy but not mentioning them to my husband yet lol he doesn’t do fuss he’ll just say wait at least until gender scan 🙄😂 xx 
  • Sebastian for a boy and Olive for a girl for me. Hub doesn’t get a say 😂
  • I love ivy-rose for a girl and quite like meadow-rain aswell have no idea really for a boy my partner likes Joey but I think if babas a boy I'll be having a good look through the names xx
  • We like Zoe for a girl, I really like the name Ezra for a boy but husband says no lol. He likes Lincoln (Link as a nickname) but I'm meh about it. Also all the other names he likes (Connor, Liam) are students I've had/have who don't have a positive connection for me lol
  • We like Martha Rose and Orla Rose for a girl - boys we are struggling with but think maybe Ralph, George or Teddy xx 
  • I like willow,Isabella and autumn for a girl and I love Jacob and Roman for a boy xxxx
  • Girls name we like Evelyn Kate 
    boys we are stuck oh wants to include Herbert as it is his grandads name so we like Jude or Bertie 
  • I love the name Evelyn but my husband doesn't =( I quite like Edie Jane or Arthur but I'm really struggling with names as of yet. X
  • @MUM2TB - I love the name Edie! Beautiful.

    All of my friends have boys and/or are having boys so I think all the good names are gone already!  Have a feeling we are going to be only left with “Norman” 😂😂😂
  • I’m the same! So many friends have children - i’m one of the last ... so names are hard! And we don’t have the best surname so it’s even harder! 

    At the mo we like Elliott, Jack and Billi for a boy and Matilda, Winter, Ivy and Avery for a girl.... I say we .... they are what I like 🤣 
  • @abbierk95 I want to include Jude as a middle name for either a boy or a girl! My Aunts name is Judith and she passed away 2 years ago, so we were thinking either Zoe Jude or Zoe Judith for a girl. 
  • Hi ladies had my booking in appointment today. I've been put as high risk due to having preeclampsia in my first pregnancy so have no option but to give birth on delivery suite. I kind of knew that but still it's a bit disheartening having the option taken away. At least me and baby will be well looked after.hope everyone is feeling ok today xx
  • @MUM2TB I know it’s upsetting but try not to worry. I had pre-eclampsia and developed eclampsia with my first and apart from gestational hypertension I haven’t had any more pre eclampsia related problems . Hospital births can still be very beautiful & intimate xx
  • Thank you @Geriatricmum that's made me feel better. Wow eclampsia aswell that must have been traumatic xx
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