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  • It’s awful isn’t it. I have no reason to believe something is wrong now after seeing a little heartbeat last weds, but am now worrying myself about the 12 week scan which isn’t till the 5th july. I just need to chill out! 🙈🤣 if it could just be January that would be great! 
  • My friend offered to let me borrow her Doppler that she bought, I was against it at first but now I'm wondering if I take her up on the offer! Not that I'd have a clue how to use it lol. It would probably just cause more stress than anything! 

    Another 2 weeks until my 12 week scan (which will actually be 13 weeks) and I'm so anxious and sick about it.
  • I’m worrying too. 4 weeks since my last scan, and nearly 3 until the next one! @lozzz a Doppler wouldn’t pick anything up yet so would just cause extra worry xx
  • I used a doppler in my first pregnancy for reassurance more than anything obviously only used it in the first trimester and put it away for the rest of the pregnancy because of the guidelines. I found a heartbeat at 10 weeks. I think I will try in this one to find it but wont stress too much if i cant because it is difficult to find one this early as the uterus isnt in the pelvis yet. It's purely for reassurance  because the wait for a scan is too long in this critical period x 
  • It definitely has me worried I haven't been for a scan since 7 weeks my dating scan is a week Tuesday I know when I had my mmc I had spotting brown and some terrible pains in my tummy I've had none of that this time except a tiny bit once at around 4-5 weeks but Im sure I remember you saying kmic that you had nothing last time 

    Good luck tomorrow ninjabunni hope everything goes well for you xx
  • Same for me! I hardly slept last night. It's such a horrible worrying time ain't it. I had a scan at 6+2 and my dating scan isn't until middle of July and I'll be 13 weeks by then. Think I'm going to book another for sometime next week just for piece of mind x
  • Yeah I had zero signs of MC last time @Rainbowsunshine and still had the normal pregnancy symptoms ... so I have no reassurance 🤣 .... just trying to keep any anxiety at bay and remember what will be will be and basically hope for the best! At the end of the day that’s all we can do! X
  • I AM SO TIRED TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Falling asleep at my desk! My stuffy office doesn't help. 

    Any scans this week? x
  • I actually took today off work because I feel so shit. I've got a cold and it has hit me hard, especially the exhaustion! Only 2 more days of work before a break though! 💃

    No scan for me this week although I will be doing my nuchal blood test on Friday. 

    How's everyone's nausea going? Mine seems to have subsided heaps - I threw up my breakfast this morning but it came out of nowhere and I wasn't feeling sick beforehand and felt fine afterwards. Very random! 
  • I haven’t been feeling that sick until today, presented with an elderly gent in clinic with leaking ear wax and exceptionally hairy ears. Can’t un-see that one, put me off eating for the foreseeable I think 🙈
  • Nausea isn’t too bad now. Still off my cuppa tea :( 
    No scans for me this week, although I would if I could! 😳 My next one is 9th July, private reassurance scan. 
    Day off today, cooking a dinner, worked all weekend so tired! 😴 xx 
  • Scan today, just on my way to the hospital now. Can’t deny I’m feeling a little sick with the worry but what will be will be. No wonder you were sick with those ears Ger! Yuck! X
  • Good luck @Ninjabunni I’m sure all will be fine! How far are you? Xx 
  • @Ninjabunni thinking of you, hope all goes brilliantly xx
  • Thanks ladies, waiting on getting my bloods done etc but had the scan and saw one healthy happy little wiggly baby. Measuring 11wks and 5days and my dates said 12 weeks exactly so it’s all matching up! I am so relieved! X
  • Lovely to hear! Xxx
  • Great news @Ninjabunni

    I've booked another private scan for Friday just for reassurance. 

    I went to the drs earlier .... for the last week or so I've had pain in my right bum cheek (very random). Dr thinks its sciatica?! Anyone suffering with anything similar?? So painful! X
  • Yeah I have the same pain, it alternates sides but don’t know what it is x
  • Awwww yayy @Ninjabunni ... so what's your due date now then? 

    My nausea has definitely reduced @lozzz ... still a bit of something lingering, but perfectly manageable and I can ignore it most of the time. Still having to eat to keep it away though! I wonder when that will change!!!

    Some days I feel really bloated and like there's a definite bump forming, other days I just look like normal me on a chubby day! LOL! Anyone else like this? x
  • Urgh totally @KMic I'm so bloated I feel so flabby cant seem to wear anything other than sweatpants and my work pants I have to pop a couple of buttons =(
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