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  • Currently waiting to do my GTT test. I've stocked up on magazines and books to pass the time haha.
  • Did you have to wait lozz I left and came back two hours later hope your results have been good I was told they would call me by midday if mine had come back high I haven't heard anything so I must of escaped it this time yayyy 

    Anyone suffering from heartburn it keeps coming and going for me gaviscon is working thou 

    I've been so tired today felt alot like the early days no energy or motivation to do anything xx
  • Yes @Rainbowsunshine I've been so tired all the time. Really need that nap in the day but I'm not sleeping well at night. Had to go out of hours last night had horrible pain in my back and radiating down to my front didnt know whether to ring midwife or dr but it ended up being a water infection so on antibiotics for them. Has anyone had those really inappropriate size of bump comments yet? I'm "massive" for 24 weeks and someone at work said "hey fatty" I had it all with my first so developed a thicker skin this time as I was convinced I was going to have a massive baby and it gave me such anxiety. Most of these comments come from women too xx

  • Omg Mum2B that awful!! People can be so rude. My colleagues have been lovely so far but it’s only recently I’ve started wearing tops and dresses that highlight the bump rather than hide it so maybe they just thought I was eating a lot of pizza! 🙈
    Rainbow I feel your pain. I am really suffering today, my whole bump and my back are killing me. I’ve got a really bad cold and just generally feel 💩 today. Could cry over nothing! 
    I’m 90% Gaviscon at this stage, really getting it bad this time round. This little boy is a rascal! 
    Speaking of little boys I’m struggling so much. I finally found a name that I adore, so much so that I can’t think of him as being called anything else and my husband is Luke warm at best about it!! Trying to not mention it again in the hope he’ll come round but it’s so frustrating! X
  • I've constantly got heartburn too. I've tried most brands of the chew tablets, Settlers seemed to work a treat but they don't work very long anymore. Currently trying Gaviscon chew tablets, I think I'm going to buy the liquid instead, hopefully that will work better.

    Mum2b I can't believe someone would say that to you. That's so rude! Hope your okay.

    I've had my growth scan today and saw consultant after. I'm 25+6 and baby is apprantly weighing 2lb2. I think maybe she's gonna be a big baby lol. We still haven't decided a name for her yet. I'm being booked in for csection at 39 weeks and also being sterilised while I'm cut open lol. 
  • @beckzie defo try the liquid one that's what I've been using my partner is a big sufferer of heartburn and says the tablets never work for him 

    What a lovely scan pic I'm wondering if I should look at the 4d scans seen as though I'm not getting anymore 😔

    I'm also wanting a c section and plan was to get my tubes done at the same time but I'm not so sure anymore I dont want anymore but it just feels so final and I've heard pierod can be alot heavier I think I might go with the coil after that last 5 years and stops my pierods I think I'm going to get talked out of the c section thou I have an appointment november with consultant to see what we are doing but theres nothing wrong what's so ever with this pregnancy that would really warrant a c section the only thing I have is that I had one with my nearly 2 year old but think they will still want me to try naturally I know c section are really painful and longer recovery but I'm petrified of labour sounds weird with it being my 6th baby but I know all to well what that pain feels like 😂😂 I'm so undecided I've thought maybe go natural and have an epidural as I've not had that with labour before maybe I wont feel anything 😂 plus having a 2 year old to look after a c section is going to be hard 

    Glad you've found s name you like @Ninjabunni what is it xx
  • It’s Lewis, with Patrick as a middle name. I don’t know why it just seems so perfect now because I’d all but dismissed it earlier but when I said it out loud and talked to wee baby using it it just seems ideal.

    im in the same boat c section wise. At the start of my pregnancy they were talking of booking me in for another section as my first baby was a section, my placenta was very low, my first baby was very very big and came prematurely. But placenta has moved, baby is bang on the average line for growth and I’m otherwise healthy so I don’t think they’re going to ok a section straight away. I can’t say I feel too bothered at the minute but I might feel more worried a little later on x
  • I was able to wait in the car so it passed quickly :) I believe they only call if your results come back positive so hopefully I don't hear anything haha.

    I'm getting really over sleeping on my side! Constantly tossing and turning - left to right to left to right, all damn night long. I'm normally a tummy sleeper so it's been an adjustment!

    I love Lewis as a name! That was on my shortlist with my son but my husband didn't like it 🙄 so hard coming up with names both of you agree on, isn't it! 

    The size comments are frustrating, aren't they! Worst part is most of the time they come from women who have had children themselves! There's already a sense of anxiety over how big I am, I don't need other people commenting on it as well. Luckily I've got a group of friends who have all been pregnant within the last 2 years and only ever comment about how wonderful I look 🤣

  • That's a lovely name @Ninjabunni hopefully it will grow on hubby more 

    Yes @lozzz they told me they only call If it comes back you have it I had my first blood took at 9am second at 11am and she said they would have them back the next morning so if they hadn't rang by 12pm means I'm fine 

    I've been lucky and haven't really had any comments as of yet althou my mum went to see my nan who is in a care home yesterday and she said has sophie had the baby yet when my mum replied no she said well shes huge I thought it was coming any day🙈 got to love the elderly 🙄 xx
  • Hey girls. Anyone experiencing or heard of someone experiencing Braxton contractions at 27 weeks? I would swear blind that’s what I’m getting except I’m only 27 weeks and that seems early! Having one of those days (loaded with cold, toddler with a tummy bug, difficult pupils in work) and I’m very uncomfortable today. Sorry I’m aware I’m moaning but you lot all understand more than my hubby does what a bad day can do to you when all pregnant!!
  • @Ninjabunni yep I’ve been getting them since 23 weeks, I’ve been trying to convince myself it’s because it’s my 4th but sometimes they are really uncomfortable and I can’t help but think it’s too early! I’m full of cold too and my boys are all behaving horribly and I just want to crawl under the duvet and hide! 
  • Oh Ger that’s no fun at all although I’m glad that I’m not the only one getting them. Didn’t have them at all with my first so it’s a not particularly welcome novelty!! Hope your boys behave soon x
  • What do they feel like? I'm feeling very uncomfortable today too Xx
  • For me it’s like a vice tightening across my bump. Not painful but very tight and uncomfortable. Lasts for a few seconds to a few minutes then the muscles all relax and it’s ok again for a while. They aren’t regular so can happen at any time really. My bump feels as hard as granite while it’s happening too x
  • Hi @Ninjabunni how have those Braxton Hicks been? Just been reading that someone from our Due in Feb group is having them already too. 
  • Awh that’s good. I had my GTT on Saturday (all clear) and the midwife said it’s normal to have them from 22 weeks, some people
    notice them and some don’t so I’m happy that nothing is wrong. They’re still uncomfortable but not sore. And I’m officially in 3rd Trimester so it’s the home straight now! 
  • WHOOP for the third trimester! 

  • Oh wow 3rd trimester! I've got 3 weeks to go.

    Does anyone have experience on baby being breech? I know my baby has plenty of time to turn its just everytime I have an appointment or scan it's always in the breech position. Not concerned just yet just a niggling doubt xx 
  • Glad your gtt results where good @Ninjabunni
    I'll be in third trimester next Monday its actually starting to go over very quick 

    @MUM2TB mines always breech position to they said to me that its completely normal at this stage I'm at my midwife appointment next thursday so will hopefully see then my last appointment was 4 weeks ago so maybe shes moved now xx

  • Is third trimester from week 27 or 28? I’ve got a very active baby boy today, having a good wriggle & kick about 💙 10 days until 4D scan, can’t wait to see him
    again xx

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