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  • @Long35 some websites say 27, some say 28. Our gov website says 28 so I'm going with that! 

    I am counting down the days until my mat leave starts 🙏 13 days of actual work, but because I'm only 3 days a week it's still 5 weeks away 😣

    I'm feeling big and sore most days now! 
  • Oh I am so jealous! 13 days of work!! I have 8 full weeks left so will be feeling it by mid December!! 
    I was always told 28 weeks is the start and I hit 28 weeks on Monday last so that’s what I’m counting as the start of third trimester x
  • Yep I'm going by 28 weeks I think... I'll be that Monday yayyy 

    Aww @Long35 I'm really thinking of doing a 4d scan they are on offer here at the min for 79 pound I've not had one done in later pregnancy before but think they look brillaint 

    I had a strange experience last night i had a really sharp pain down below which woke me up through the night and last quite a few seconds it really scared me I woke my partner up and was worried to stand up incase I started bleeding last pregnancy I bled alot so just keep thinking it will happen again I've been fine since althou I'm feeling alot of movement low down today rather than the usual up high I'm at the midwife next week so will mention it xx

  • Could be that baby kicked a nerve connected to your cervix or pelvis somewhere. I had that a few times through my last pregnancy and it wasn’t anything to worry about but damn sore at the time. Definitely mention it to the midwife though. X
  • I’ve booked Mothercare as they also give you an estimated baby weight so hoping it doesn’t scare me 😂 
    Another 2 weeks for me until I’m in the 28 week third trimester. Finally picked my pram today, gone for a Mamas and Papas navy bundle but now changing my mind about the car seat base so going to ring them first thing in morning lol XX 
  • Hi ladies! Hope we are all well 😊 about to hit the third trimester tomorrow - I feel like the second trimester went so quick but so slow at the same time haha.

    I actually wanted to have a bit of a whinge and figured this was the best place to come! 🙈

    Is anyone else feeling really frustrated a lot of the time? I feel like I'm constantly snappy and get annoyed at the drop of a hat. I really try and reign it in at work but at home...oomph. I think some of it might be due to my husband not being as attentive as I would like, and so I'm already frustrated with him before he even does anything. 😬 We've had sex like 5 times since I found out I was pregnant, and for someone who needs that physical intimacy to feel connected, the lack of sex has really made me feel distant from him. 

    I remember from my last pregnancy he was the same, he just finds pregnancy sex a bit weird and I understand that, but it still makes it hard for me to feel close to him emotionally. I've even initiated it a couple of times and got nada, which just added to my frustrations. 

    I've spoken to him about it a few times and he just doesn't really GET it, so it's got me stuck in a bit of limbo emotionally.

    Ugh. Anyway, just needed a bit of a rant! I have a midwife appt on Thursday, first one in 8 weeks so I'm super excited to hear her little heartbeat again 🥰
  • Oh Lozzz I feel your pain. I’m the opposite. My hips and lower back are so sore that I can’t really even think about sex right now but I still feel like I’m missing that connection. Had to have a serious talk with my husband to basically say that it wasn’t enough to tell me I’m super strong and I’ve got it under control, but that he has to step up and take on more responsibility. It seems to have sunk in but it was a tough one. I’ve felt like a single mum for this pregnancy, (so much respect to those warrior women who just do it all!) I’m just expected to work full time, look after our son and run the household alone because “you’re so good at these things” 
    it just took a really honest serious conversation to make him see that just because I can doesn’t mean I should and it’s made a difference so far. Hope you get something sorted soon and start to feel better x
  • Morning ladies 
    I was going through the same as you @lozzz for a while I felt like he never wanted to be near me in bed and I was always going in huffs then one night I burst into tears and I said listen here! I need you to still want me. He said he didn't realise I felt that way and was worried about hurting the baby 🤣 come on mate your not that big!  😂😂. Bless him. But after that he has been so much better thank god. I was diagnosed with SPD the other day and I'm going for my physio and band next week. I have never felt pain like it. Even walking around the shops is agony. I also only feel kids down below and never anywhere else so I'm presuming she's always in the breech position which worries me sometimes as I have to really concentrate to feel her. Il feel so much better come January and I can just hold her and know she's safe xxxxx
  • God jules yeah I haven't got spd but baby being breech I find it so much more hard work carrying I dont k ow if it makes a difference. Most of the kicks are jabs to my cervix or butt! I had a bit of a wobble this morning as my vulvar variscosities are making me feel deformed. They are so painful I cant even stand in the shower for so long as the burning pain makes it unbearable. Had a look in the mirror this morning and just cried. So as you can imagine sex is the last thing on my mind but I do feel like if we dont have it we grow distant from each other. I feel like a single parent too as my husband is usually working away quite a lot and I'm finding it really hard work with my toddler and working I just cant wait till january now. I'm scared I'm going to feel worse as i go into the 3rd trimester x 
  • Well I must say I am glad to read & happy to say I don’t have the most attentive husband either! Yes he still wants sex and is paying towards baby stuff but has little interest in my bump, gets squeamish at the baby kicking which at first I found a little disheartening but coming from a 6ft3 builder that refuses to go to dentist or have injections I suppose it’s expected! I’m sorting all the baby stuff and he’s also saying he isn’t coming to the antenatal classes with me either! Charming aren’t they! Xx 
  • Charming indeed. I’d be telling him if he doesn’t do the antenatal classes he isn’t being the birth partner and you’ll get someone else to come with you! 
    My husband is still a bit squeamish with the kicks. He loves taking to the bump but says it’s like Alien when another living thing inside me moves!! 🙄🙄🙄🙄 but then 5 minutes after I complained about my PGP acting up he slaps my ass on the way up the hall rendering me a useless sweary monster so I’m not sure of how on the ball he is at the moment! 
    Think we have to accept that they love us but they are daft as all hell! 
  • Totally feel your pain ladies. My hubby is being a complete arse, he jokes about everything from how much weight I’ve put on (saying I’d even want salad battered - from the man who’s eaten 2 full packs of jam tarts today!!!) to the noises I make trying to manoeuvre with the agony of SPD. Sex has become a thing of the past, I’m in too much pain... so he asks for other stuff instead (which is not happening!) Why do they have to be such insensitive arses when our hormones and self confidence is at an all time low! 
  • Yup. I would love to see them be pregnant for even a few hours! I know it’s an amazing experience and I do love my little one growing away all safe and sound but bloody hell its hard going some days!! 
  • Totally agree! My husband has surprised us with a mini break basically its camping in a yurt with a toilet a walk away from where we are sleeping. I cried when we arrived. Luckily though there is a potty in the room 🙄 I know he means well but being uncomfortable at the moment he does pick his moments. He said it will be relaxing but im the one traipsing to the sinks outside in my death trap boots (no grip) to wash up still anyway il be laughing it off soon I'm sure...x
  • Thanks ladies, I feel so much better knowing I'm not the only one feeling a bit bitter right now! 😂 

    @MUM2TB I mentioned your camping trip to my husband and he shrugged and said 'that sounds alright' and YOU ARE SO RIGHT, THEY HAVE NO IDEA! 🤯

    I am also carrying low this time, which is good because I'm not getting the shortness of breath as bad as I did last time, but damn if my lower belly isn't sore nonstop. Like a mini bowling ball sitting right at the base - I'm definitely going to have to invest in a belt to help with the pressure. 
  • MUM2TB said:
    Totally agree! My husband has surprised us with a mini break basically its camping in a yurt with a toilet a walk away from where we are sleeping. I cried when we arrived. Luckily though there is a potty in the room 🙄 I know he means well but being uncomfortable at the moment he does pick his moments. He said it will be relaxing but im the one traipsing to the sinks outside in my death trap boots (no grip) to wash up still anyway il be laughing it off soon I'm sure...x
    Oh @MUM2TB this is my worst nightmare on a usual day, but being so pregnant too! Totally feel for you. 
  • Yayyy I've finally made it to the third trimester today 

    Loved reading all your recent comments has made me feel alot better too I would say I'm the same as you @lozzz probably max 5 times since I found out I was pregnant to be honest I cant put all the blame on my partner soon as I hit that pillow all I want to do is sleep I just feel so worn out all the time I do feel thou you start losing that closeness and maybe I should make more of an effort too 

    Anyones hormones playing up I had a terriable dream last night about one of my children and woke up heartbroken then eventually fell back asleep and went back into the same dream went to pick my partner up from the gym to take him work this morning and just burst into tears about it like really crying he must of thought I was crazy 🙈 then to top it off later my whole pram is messed up thought I was doing it a cheaper way as there so expensive by buying it in parts off like ebay and a website where i had a payment plan then to find the tandem seat wont fit on the main adaptors when you have it in single mode only the bottom in double modem so now need to try and buy that seat which is now a further 160 roughly adding it up I'm probably spending more than if I had just brought it in a package and would of had less stress urghhh and the place I paid for on payment plan it's all out of stock and will take 3 weeks to deliver and some reviews on them are not that great like always out of stock and still out of stock after the time frame typical I look all this up after I've paid it off 🤦‍♀️ 

    Hopefully tomorrows a better day xx

  • Had an appointment this morning with midwife everythings fine loved hearing her little heartbeat 💗

    She still in breech position I asked if that's going to be a problem and she said they wouldn't see it as a problem till 36 weeks 

    Had bloods done too

  • Oh that’s good to know about the 36 weeks. I’d put money on it that my little one is breech at the minute based on the kicks and wallops I’m getting x
  • Glad everything is A Ok x
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