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  • Aah I see it's just what I read on nhs. Still plenty of time to turn. 
    Glad your scans went well ladies x
  • So I contacted midwifes first thing this morning and got told I’d get a call back and I didn’t 😥 Going to ring them first thing tomorrow and if I don’t get a call back I will just take myself off to the local women’s and children’s to get checked out! Sounds like some of you are going to have big baby’s, I suppose everyone is different! I’ve got my Doppler at home and been checking that xx 
  • Hi ladies has anyone got swollen feet. I'm currently on holiday in Spain and they have ballooned up. Is this normal do yous think? It's not particular hot here so I can't blame the heat but the swelling is ridiculous xxx
  • @#Jules# definitely normal! Make sure you spend lots of time with your legs elevated, and get your partner to massage some of the fluid upwards. Also limiting salt/sodium and drinking lots of water will help. 

    I think most of my swelling is due to heat but I think I'm just prone to it, too. Last time my ankles and feet were HUGE, I could barely fit into shoes. Lucky it's spring/summer and I can get away with thongs as soon as I finish up at work! 
  • Aww well I'm pleased it's normal, I didn't have swollen feet with my boys so it's all new. Saying that I've put so much weight on too 😂 xxxx
  • Hi everyone, hope your all well. 

    I haven't suffered with swollen feet or ankles yet luckily. Feel sorry for you, try put your feet up as much as possible, with a bag of frozen peas at the end of the day lol. I used to have to do that with my other pregnancy's, my feet and ankles used to swell up so badly.

    @Long35 did you hear back from your midwife? 

    @Ninjabunni fingers crossed baby turns in time for you. I'm sure my baby still moves from breach to cephalic and back breach again. I get the kicks to my cervix that stops you in your tracks, then later I'll get the ones up to my ribs lol. 

    I have my 28 weeks midwife appointment tomorrow, looking forward to that ☺️

    This pregnancy is flying by! 
  • @Long35 did you have your re scan if so how did it go 

    I've just been looking at the mothercare scans is that the one you went to xx
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  • Hi ladies & @Rainbowsunshine , he’s still measuring small and below the centile chart ☹️ But he is moving around & a nice strong heartbeat at midwifes this morning ❤️ I’m back at women & children’s hospital for a growth scan tomorrow and just a little closer monitoring. Backs been playing up so decided to take a few days off work to rest & go to appointments. 
    Hope everyone else is okay!? So glad it’s final semester, just want him here safe & sound now 💙 xx 
  • Aww glad they are keeping a close eye on you @Long35 and apart from growth he seems happy 

    Everythings fine here going smoothly I have a midwife appointment next week then consultant week after eeekk the count down is on be so glad once shes here I'm starting to feel achey alot and Braxton hicks have picked up abit I have no idea if shes turned yet I'm feeling alot of movements down low then other times high up 🤷‍♀️ im glad we have the run up to Christmas I've got my daughters birthday end of this month  my sons december so have that all to make time past abit quicker I feel as if it has come round quite quickly actually I just have no space for anything at the min cots full of christmas presents 😂 I'm sure health visitor comes out to look at where babies sleeping and stuff and to meet you my friend had her come out and I had a letter last time I was pregnant but never meet her as I was in hospital the run up to her birth xx
  • That’s good that everyone is ticking along happily. I’m nearly 31 weeks gone and feeling every week of it! Braxton have really picked up and my PGP is in overdrive but feel like I’m nearly ready for baby (rest of the house is a disaster but baby’s room is all ok!) I’ve got 6 weeks left of work and I’m counting down every day!! Can’t believe that it’s so close to Christmas never mind baby arriving!! X
  • How is everyone coping with work? I’ve always worked right up until my induction date.. but nearly 7 years since my last baby and I’m feeling my age and the SPD doesn’t help at all... 30 weeks and struggling with the 12 hour shifts 6 days a week 😓xx
  • That's tough going @Geriatricmum I'm only part time and I'm feeling the physical difficulties. I'm working two weeks before due date. My jobs quite physically demanding so glad I only do mornings. 
    I have a full day near enough at the hospital tomorrow. I am having the anti d injection, a growth scan and a consultant appointment all in one day. Bit nervous for the scan hope things are ok it feels really weird not knowing what's going on inside you xx
  • Honestly, I’m finding it tough enough. Just mentally drained and physically exhausted so don’t feel like I’m doing my best but just trying to take it day at a time and if I need to stop early I can talk to my boss x
  • @MUM2TB try not to worry, I’m having growth scans every few weeks as I’m borderline for gestational diabetes and have 7 factors that make me high risk! My baba is measuring pretty big so who knows what he’ll be like by my next scan. Xx
  • I'm starting my maternity leave early from Monday as this SPD Is crippling me and the 12 hour shifts are just not doable anymore . I have to go back to my final placement in June though for a final 12 weeks before I qualify  as a nurse so il only have 4.5 months of with my baby but needs must. My partner has said once I've done my 12 weeks and I qualify then I can have more time off, maybe go back after Xmas so wel see.
    I'm so excited now though Im counting down the weeks. 
    I was originally put down for a c-section but my midwife said she can't see why I can't have a natural birth even though I have had 2 sections so I'm going to research the risks and weigh them up xxx
  • My little man is also breech @Rainbowsunshine and I feel the movements down below and near the top! Hoping he turns soon, I don’t fancy having the manoeuvre were the midwife tries to do it for you 😳🙈 
    I’m working 4 x 13hour shifts a week (mental health nurse in a crisis team) but I’m on no patient contact now so lots of coordinating & leading at the min. I was going to stay until a week or two before due date but I’m changing it to just under 4 weeks before due date as I know I’ll of had enough by then xx 
  • Ah the final trimester. I've got a bad chesty cough at the moment which is driving me nuts. I saw the doc last night and as predicted there's not much that can be done except wait it out. :( 

    I've got 6 more days of work left until I'm done, and I am counting down. Getting tired of the commute and ready to start getting super organised for Christmas and bubs arrival!
  • So baby is measuring on the 95th percentile! I'm a little worried. 😕 just waiting to see consultant and see what happens next. The baby is head down now and I've been feeling low down kicks mostly today but it must be punches instead!
  • @MUM2TB did they give you an estimated weight? Mine was 3.2lbs at 28 weeks, also on the big side and midwife today told me he feels like a whopper... I’m in same boat as you. I suppose we just have to hold on to the fact that as long as they are healthy we will get through it - somehow! 
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