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  • My little boy was and still is the 95th centile for height and weight, and he is a happy healthy nearly 3 year old now, albeit one who is as tall as a house! Don’t worry about that at all. As long as you and baby are healthy you will be given the support you need to give birth to them and then there is just a little bit more to snuggle!! X
  • Thank you it's a bit alien to me because my first was so small! I have to go and have the glucose test on saturday and then there was talk of inductions etc I really dont want to be induced again so I might hang on aslong as i can. Apparently there is a margin of error so hopefully things might level out but I have another scan at the end of this month. Might just curb my sugar craze at the minute. Baby is weighing 1520g so I think that's around the 3lb mark too xx
  • Although large weight in babies is an indicator of gestational diabetes i didn’t have it with my little boy and don’t have it this time. He is just a big boy. Try not to worry too much about the glucose test. 
    My mum used to say to me all the time “you want a big baby! If they miss a feed or two because they’re sick or grumpy you won’t worry the same as if they were a wee tiny one! Big is good for babies!” Not sure how logical it is but it made me feel better! X
  • How many weeks are you @MUM2TB?
  • I'm 28 +4 @Geriatricmum so quite similar to you at 28 weeks and size wise x
  • I’ve got my next scan next week (at 31+2) so may be able to give you an idea on how much your little one might have grown. Looking forward to seeing him but not so much the size! He was measuring 33 weeks in length at my 28 week scan too 🤭x 
  • I’m 29+5weeks and he’s 2.6lb, he’s back on the centile chart so no more growth scans just midwife appointments for now. Pregnancy’s are so different and sounds as though we are all been looked after and baby’s are growing well! Xx 
  • Sorry meant to say I’m 28+5days 🤦🏻‍♀️ I read they gain around 1/2lb a week? Xx 
  • @Long35 Great news that your little one is back on track, sounds like a really healthy weight 😊. I think they all grow differently, and the scans scan be off a bit, I’ve never had growth scans with my others though so will be interested to see how accurate they are or aren’t! Xx
  • Oh that's good news long! 
    Oh thanks @Geriatricmum keep me posted it would be good to know. Xx
  • Quite a few friends have told me how their growth scans were wrong, I never had them with my daughter either and she was only a little baby. Be interesting to see all our baby weights when they are here 💙💗 xx 
  • Hi ladies! Hope everyone is going well and the aches and pains aren't too bad!

    I'm 31+1 and looking forward to finishing up work! My last last day is next Wednesday (so only 4 work days left!) and I cannot wait! 

    I've been diagnosed with bronchitis this week, so on top of the achey muscles and general tiredness that comes with the third trimester, I've had this horrible chesty cough. 😫 I'm on antibiotics now though, so hopefully it eases up soon.

    Is anyone else totally bloody sick of the comments about how big you look?! I swear one of the reasons I can't wait to finish up at work is mostly due to the frigging comments I keep getting! Today a woman I work with (who is older and not a friend, but we are friendly enough) told me I look 'wide' and followed it up with 'are you sure there isn't 2 in there? If this is how you look now, I can't imagine how big you'll be come January!' 

    Seriously, fuck off. I do not understand why the first topic of conversation so many people come up with when talking to a pregnant woman revolves around her body. Ask me about the baby, how prepared I am, what I have left to do before she arrives, my birthing plan...ANYTHING except how much fucking weight I've gained or how big my bump is.

    Hormones had me really upset about that afterwards, but I'm so socially inept that I just laughed awkwardly and walked away. Gah.
  • Oh I am with you! I keep getting told there’s no way I’m going to make it til my due date and I’ll be holding a baby before Christmas. Which is possible given my history but random vague colleagues insisting it don’t do wonders for my stress levels!!
    And touching the bump!!! You didn’t touch my stomach when it was just fat so stop poking at me when it’s a baby bump! 
  • Oh wow I bet you can't wait to start maternity leave.

    Do any of you find yourself waddling around yet? I'm only 30 weeks and if I've been sat, doesn't matter how long five minutes or half an hour, when I get up it hurts my left side nothing major just like a weird achy feeling and I have to waddle lol. My partner laughs and says I'm doing the penguin dance.

    Some people just can't help there selves with the comments. I don't think they realise that it actually hurts our feelings! I've been quite lucky and the only people who seem to comment on my bump is close family.

    I have put on alot of weight, even though I've exercised throughout (I stopped though a few week ago, it's too much now lol) . At my last appointment at 28 weeks, I had put on 13lbs since booking weight. I've tried keep weight gain minimal with having a high BMI but the midwife didn't seem concerned about the weight gain thankfully. I've decided I'm not stepping on the scales again now untill after baby arrives haha. 

  • I really waddle! My SPD causes such horrendous pain in my left side that I’m constantly walking at a stupid angle and look like something from the walking dead 🤣. People also commenting on my size, particularly patients which really irritates me, it’s like they think I’m going to give birth halfway through treating them. Can’t wait for induction in 7 weeks! 
  • Are you getting induced @Geriatricmum how many weeks will that make you?

    I'm struggling with getting up off the sofa and stairs and shaving my legs is becoming a huge problem dread to think how much harder that's going to get over the next coming weeks 🙈 heartburn is also getting worse 

    I've been lucky and haven't really had any comments except my nan but I'll let her off ha 

    I've put on 9lb so far I'm 31 +1 which I'm quite surprised about I thought the way I feel it would of been alot more and I haven't been eating the healthiest 

    Anyone packed there hospital bag yet I keep thinking about it but that's as far as I've got I feel like I should as last time I had already had a trip to the hospital at 30 weeks so know anything can happen at any time and I dread to think what my partner would bring up if we are caught of guard 😂 xx

  • Yeah I have my bag packed as I had to get hubby do it last time as I was on the phone to the hospital. More stressful than giving birth 😂😂  
    I haven’t even looked at the scales as in don’t want to know how much is on! That’s a worry for after baby arrives at this stage!! 
  • @Rainbowsunshine I’m getting induced around 38 weeks, as I was with my youngest 2. I’ve got a heart condition and once in labour they tend to come really quickly so it’s the safest way! I keep getting bits out thinking of packing but can’t bring myself to do it quite yet... I’ve managed to wash the Moses basket sheets and blankets etc but not
    moved on to clothes, but like you god knows what my husband would bring if it wasn’t prepacked! Xx
  • I haven't packed yet either I have washed some old baby gros and moses basket sheets. 
    So weird this has come up but I've had 3 comments from different people today over the size of my bump, even one member of staff swore when he realised I wasnt due until the end of January it gets a bit tiresome really. I might start telling people I'm due after xmas just to stop the shocked look on their faces 
  • I'm always getting comments on my bump people saying I'm massive etc I know I'm big but the midwife said I'm measuring just under so I just don't get it. The midwife just called and said my blood glucose was high so I have to go in at the end of the week for a test which I'm worrying about now. I might pack my bag next week I'm just finishing off washing and ironing all her baby grows I'm so excited xxx
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