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  • Hi everyone 👋 

    30 weeks this week, just over 6 weeks until maternity starts and cannot wait! And as for the ‘pregnancy waddle’ I have definitely felt myself doing it over the last few days & so have work colleagues! Lol. 
    Had my first scare of Braxton Hicks at the weekend, I really panicked, hence why I’ve decided to get my hospital bag sorted next week when I have a couple of days off work. Dread to think what would be in it if it was left to the other half! I also got advised to pop in a clean t-shirt & boxers for the hubby incase of overnight, wanting to freshen up etc which I thought was a good idea. 
    Anyone any other suggestions that aren’t generally on the list? 
  • Face cloths to cool you down, hair bobbles (lots cause they go missing all the time) lip balm.... gas and air can really dry your mouth out. Slippers and socks x

  • I personally don't even think I'm THAT big! I'm happy with my weight gain, my blood pressure and everything is normal and the only issue I have is my low iron levels. So it would just be nice for people to bugger off with their (I don't believe malicious but still extremely rude) comments. 

    Bubs is sitting quite low so I am definitely waddling now! I walked to the shops the other day and by the time I was coming home I was going slower and slower and slower haha. The pressure on my pelvis and bladder is insane!

    I'm probably going to pack my hospital bag within the next fortnight. I didn't go it in time last time and my husband had to do it while I was in labour and he was hopeless haha. So being super prepared this time! 
  • @lozzz I don’t think your big at all! I have definitely noticed lower back pain & in my sides when walking and carrying shopping bags etc. Also getting a bit short of breath at times. 
    My boy is laid on his side more towards breech position so hoping he shifts soon. 
    I’m going to Primark next Monday to get my big knickers, nighties etc...full of glamour! lol. Will get all other stuff from Tesco’s and been advised to take snacks 😬 xx  
  • Where is everyone getting their pads from? I only like the winged ones and from experience the usual period ones are far too rough on the stitches. I’ve has asda’s before but they seem to have stopped doing them... and Sainsbury’s only do the giant nappy non winged ones 🥴. @lozzz you have a lovely bump, not massive at all! Xx
  • Thanks ladies :)

    I made sure our hospital room fridge was stocked with goodies for afterwards! I had all my fave foods that I haven't been able to eat during pregnancy lol like goats cheese, camembert, blue cheese, kabana, salami...and a couple of energy drinks 😂

    I got these ones the other day, I used them last time as well and they were good. I didn't have stitches though so can't say if they would be okay with them or not. I don't know if they sell in the UK either, but possibly?

  • Last time I bought. Tesco maternity pads and they were rubbish. Nowhere near absorbent enough so my mum ran to the chemist and bought the cheapy Kotex night time sanitary pads. Like putting a mattress in your knickers but soft on stitches and did the job rightly x
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  • Been to see midwife this morning said baby was measuring big so sent me for a growth scan this afternoon was so pleased I finally got to see her again she weighs 4lb which they said is just fine and the reason why she was measuring bigger was because shes still breech they said shes got alot of hair too maybe that explains the heartburn Haha we will see when shes here  
    Unsure about materinty pads I've got some from asda a while ago but cant see them on there website anymore 

    As for big knickers matalan are good for them I got a 5 pack of high waisted black knickers for 5 pound had them last time round and they were brill especially if anyone ends up having a c section as they go well past the cut and lip balm defo an essential for hospital when I had to stay in last time my lips dried out all the time xx
  • Haha that's amazing they can tell she has hair! 
    My baby was head down when I had my scan last week but pretty sure it changes day to day. Also pretty sure I've been feeling hiccups too.
    Oh that's good to know that they aren't concerned over her size. My GTT test came back negative so that's good although I have low iron so have to take some iron tablets explains the tiredness and lack of energy!
  • Aww that’s a lovely scan picture @Rainbowsunshine not long to go now! 
    Well I am struggling to sleep, waking up and can’t get comfy! Has anyone purchased a pregnancy pillow in the UK? Nothing too pricey! X 
  • @long35 definitely a life saver getting a pregnancy pillow I just got one from ebay in my first pregnancy and started using it in this one. It's a v shaped one but I'd probably go for those extra long ones that you can use both sides for when you turn in bed as it's a bit of a faff in our bed to turn it over with you. 
    I've started to feel really uncomfortable now and I've got 10 weeks left *sigh*
  • Found out this week bubs is still breech, which explains why I've been feeling so many fluttering kicks in my pelvis! Fingers crossed she turns within the next few weeks, although I'm not too worried.

    I've still got this horrible hacking cough, that is now accompanied by a throat that feels like I'm swallowing razor blades and my ears and nose are all blocked. 😫 this cough has been going on for a month now and doesn't seem to be getting any better, even with antibiotics. I just hope I'm well before she's born, because I would hate to have to wear a mask around her to avoid passing on any germs 😔

    I've got 3 days of work left and I am HANGING for the bell on Wednesday afternoon! I'll miss my students but damned if I'm not ready to finish up haha. I look forward to being able to solely focus on Christmas and getting everything ready for her arrival. We did a tour of the maternity ward today and that put my mind at ease a bit as I've never been there before! It's not as fancy or big as the one I went to with my son, but the plus side is that it has private rooms and your partner is able to stay with you the whole time. 🙌
  • Hi hope everyone’s week has started well.
    I’ve just had another growth scan (at 31+6), he’s still measuring big - approx 4lbs 14oz today, and his abdominal measurement was off the scale! Consultant appointment and another scan booked for 3 weeks time, I should get an induction date then... it’s all seeming quite close now! Xx
  • Hey hey. That’s good that you’ll get an appointment and an induction date. Focuses your mind a bit to know when exactly it’s all kicking off! I’ve only met my consultant once, it’s been registrars every other time so I feel like nothing is ever decided at those appointments. Fingers crossed at my next appointment on Monday that I get some more info.

    I’m 33 weeks today and exhausted is the word!! I agreed to work to the end of term which puts me at 38 weeks but given my older boy was born at 37 weeks I’m questioning my own sanity though! Struggling to sleep with achey sore hips, I’m currently sleeping with two pillows between my legs, one at my back and 2 at my head. Husband calls it the fortress that I build at night! 

    I’m in the middle of interview prep as my job is being advertised as permanent now so I’m just up to my eyes, baby stuff has been put on the back burner for this week. Roll on next Monday when it’s all over!

    Hope everyone is all good and resting plenty! X
  • 31 weeks for me this week, 5 weeks until maternity leave starts 🙌🏼 
    Back at midwifes next week, hoping he’s turned. Made a good start on my hospital bag today...can’t believe how much nice stuff I got from Primark! Dressing gown, matching nighties, slippers, socks, big knickers & maternity bras! 
    I can’t believe how far we’ve all come since first trimester, crazy! 
    I’ve gained exactly 1 stone so far & had a couple of random nosebleeds...anyone else? Xx 
  • RainbowsunshineRainbowsunshine Regular
    edited Nov 18, 2019 7:55PM
    @Long35 I haven't had the nose bleeds so much recently probably a couple of weeks ago but i have a couple of random ones too dint know what thats about 

    I think I'm heading to primark tomorrow I just want to get the bag finished so I know it's done 

    I think we probably have a good chance of babies moving to head down as I'm sure theres 3 of us with breech babies at the min might be wrong 

    I've got my consultant appointment on thursday to discuss how baby will be entering the world I haven't seen her since 12 weeks 

    Was at midwife last week and appointment are now every 2 weeks with her eeekkk it's getting closer I think it has gone over rather quick I dont know how these last few weeks will go thou xx
  • Yeah my wee man is still breech as far as I know but hoping he’ll have turned by my appointment as I was told he has to be moved by 34 weeks (even though the nhs recommendation is 36!) 
    my bag is packed and ready to go thankfully, I learned from the last time when I had to send hubby home with a list from the hospital after baby was born!! X
  • Will they try and move him if he hasn't moved by then it looks quite uncomfortable them doing that 

    Yes I was told 36 weeks wasnt your last baby born at 37 weeks thou maybe thats why incase little man decides to come early too xx
  • Ooh I never thought of that, yeah he was at 37 weeks so it might be why. I don’t know what it’s like to have them turned but it doesn’t sound pleasant x
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