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  • Bobble321 said:
    Yes, I wasn’t planning on it but just did clear blue and got 3+ so a bit of relief, 27th can’t come quick enough, when is your scan? X
    why the 27th? When did you first test and find out?? 

    my 12week scan is 21st july but I have one this sunday at 7 weeks + 1 day 
  • So I think I’m 6+5, so am super glad 3+ came up as if it hadn’t I’d be super worried, 27th is private scan at 9 weeks, havnt had appt through for 12 week scan yet! Gutted partner won’t be able to go xx
  • I'm 6+4 so literally a day behind you when was your last AF? 

    why would you of been worried?? 

    When did you first find out your were pregnant? 

    I dont like it either but luckily my husband can come to private one but atm cant come to 12 weeks one 
  • Just because my hcg should be high enough at this point for 3+ to show 

    ive had three prev mcs so I’m skitzo all the time lol 

    found out when I was like 3+3

    yeah same here xx
  • ahh I see.

    sorry to hear about previous miscarriages. I totally understand why you would want to keep testing
  • Finally we are all back and reunited. Hope everyone is good?? 
  • Hello everyone, we are so sorry for the delay, but we had some gremlins that took the tech team a while to fix. Thank you so much for your patience over the past few days, we're so glad to welcome you back. 
  • Hi how are you @Emma63? Did you have your scan?

    im okay, my scans 27th xx
  • Bobble321 said:
    Hi how are you @Emma63? Did you have your scan?

    im okay, my scans 27th xx
    yeah I'm not to bad thank you. yes I did, everything is good, there is a bean with a steady heartbeat and it's in the right place. 

    How far will you be then? 
  • Oh brill! Lovely photo

    ill be nine weeks x
  • Bobble321 said:
    Oh brill! Lovely photo

    ill be nine weeks x
    eek how exciting. mine just looks like a blob Haha xx
  • Girls.. I've been wondering if anyone else is in the same boat as me... I've had my scan last Friday and I was 11weeks bit earlier that 12 due to some orangy colour spotting... everything went well baby had heartbeat and active she said she couldn't see any problems that would cause the spotting... but it's still there and quite consistent like a bit everyday not all the time but most times it's like a orange/light browny tan colour and somethings stretchy yellow/green 😫 I don't even know if this is normal and I fear that my baby is no longer okay :( does anyone else have this? 
  • Hi I’m 7+4 now with baby no3 and I’m really struggling to sleep. I can lie in bed for literally hours and still can’t fall to sleep has anyone else had this problem? 
  • Hi @Clbenham welcome to the forum and huge congratulations. Sorry we can't help with the lack of sleep, you must be absolutely exhausted though. 

    @Katie2202xx try not to worry too much, but do give your midwife a call to hopefully put your mind at rest. That's what they are there for and it shouldn't be a problem to call. 

    Is anyone else due a scan soon? 
  • I have a early scan booked for the 27th
  • @Clbenham me! I have the exact same problem xx
  • It’s horrendous I finally gave in and went to bed about 2am this morning and was still awake at half 5. Finally dosed off just after then back awake for 8. It’s driving me insane
  • I've spoke to midwife and she said to ring EPU but they won't scan me unless I'm bleeding :( I'm trying not to worry too much as this is the scan I had on Friday...
  • Hi! How's everyone doing? My sickness has really ramped up 🤢🤢 some days i can barely get out of bed. My midwife says there's not alot they can do as I'm not actually vomiting so there's no risk to me and baby as I can still eat/drink (even if I don't want to). Some days I'm OK but then others its awful. Didnt have sickness with either of my other pregnancies. Feels like I'm making up for it now, 3x sickness in 1 pregnancy 🤣
  • Hi all, congratulations on your 2021 babies! I’m 8 weeks pregnant and due 28th January. We were TTC for two years nearly and this pregnancy is so precious to me. I have been so excited and told a few people. This weekend I had a small bleed. I’ve been finding it dark orange/ brown when I wipe for the two days following. I haven’t been offered an early scan, should I be offered this?
    Do you think I should get a private scan? How do I do this if so? 
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