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  • Haha no problem Lolalove! ☺️ I must admit, the longer I left it the more apprehensive I got about having another with the age gap slowly widening but my OH had desperately wanted another for such a long time and my DD is so lonely! Actually breaks my heart sometimes. We didn’t try for another for so long because of career commitments, I was training to become a teacher then trying to secure a permanent contract.. which I finally did last September! With that security my OH literally threw away my pill 🤷🏼‍♀️☺️ And I’m so glad he did! My DD is desperate for a little brother or sister and because she’s so grown up and independent I know she’ll be a great help (if we are indeed blessed with another beautiful baby) x
  • Oh, that’s lovely! We always intended to have another then we decided we were just sticking to one! And since being in lockdown it’s really highlighted how much Oliver would really benefit from a sibling and I think we’re ready...hopefully! 
    I left my permanent teaching post at Christmas 🙃! Oh well, we’ll make it work! Xx 
  • I am sure you will Lolalove! Everyone finds a way to manage ☺️ I always knew I wanted more than one but I’m a nightmare for having everything planned and organised to perfection and I always felt we had too much going on! I really wish we’d tried again sooner, my age was a concern also but I now know that I can at least still conceive! Fingers crossed for a positive result at my next scan 🙏🏻 Are you expecting now Lolalove? How far along are you? xx
  • Yes, 4+3 so still very early days! I feel much more calm this time round. I had some very light pale pink spotting on Friday then a tiny bit of brown on Saturday, so I’m slightly worried about that but hopefully it was just implantation! 
    My gp has given me the number for the early pregnancy bleed dept at my local hospital but it’s been engaged all day! Xx 
  • Oh no! That’s rubbish! 😔 Aww congratulations!! 🥳 I’m certain it will just be implantation, you’re definitely at the right time for that to happen 🤞🏼 It’s awful though isn’t it? We worry from the moment we see those 2 pink lines that we’ve so desperately waited for! Where about are you? (In the world! 😂) xx
  • @Lolalove hey hun, my daughter is 6 and I'm so happy with the age gap because she's been begging for a brother or sister and can't wait to get involved when though she doesn't know yet! at the age she is now she will bond more i believe :) 
  • I’m close to Chester! I didn’t have any bleeding with my little boy so just keeping everything crossed! I’ve not had any pain and still no period or anything so hopefully I’ll be fine 🤞🏻
    Katie, I’m hoping for the same! My little boy is so helpful and gorgeous and he’s really ready for a sibling now!
    Being pregnant just reminds me how impatient I am!!
  • I'm so clueless! Can anyone explain? So, how can we get a positive pregnancy test without the kid being implanted? I am 4+5 and I have not had any bleeding so far (that I have noticed). Should I be expecting it? Does it mean I'm not pregnant yet? 
  • No not at all Andy777, most women won’t have any spotting or bleed during pregnancy but there are some who will have but very light anytime during the first trimester, your hcg levels rise from the moment an egg is fertilised which then tells your body to prepare for implantation! You’re all good hun ☺️
  • @Lolalove I can't wait to tell my.little girl she's going to be super excited 😁
  • Hi ladies, congratulations to you all at the start of your pregnancies, I hope that they’re happy and healthy ones. 
    According to my last period I’m 7+4, so due 2nd January. Only my Hubby knows so far, oh and work as they’ve asked me to shield at home. I can’t wait to start to tell people, but won’t until I have a scan to make sure everything’s ok. 
    It’s a bit of a strange time to be pregnant isn’t it!? I’m waiting for my first call from the midwife this morning. My daughter is 4 so I think I’ve forgotten what being pregnant is like (although I can’t quite remember feeling this sick the first time around 🤢) 
    I suppose I’ve joined this forum for my mental wellbeing. I’m struggling a bit with the Groundhog Day feeling of every day 😢, my daughter’s given up on homeschooling and has chicken pox so can’t even go for a walk now 😫. I spoke to my dr and he said the chicken pox isn’t dangerous to me because I’ve had it before. I’ll mention it to the midwife though. 
    I’ve rambled on a bit but I suppose I just want to say that I’m a ball of hormonal, anxious, sicky fun and just want some different adults to talk to haha. 

  • Katie, I’m the same!!! I can’t wait to see his face!
    MrsB4812, I’ve been feeling the same. I just feel overwhelmed with everything to be honest. I’m really happy and so so blessed that it’s happened so quickly for us but I am just a bit overwhelmed as we just don’t know what it’s going to be like throughout our pregnancies...will restrictions be lifted so our partners can come to scans, will they be able to be at the birth, will there be a second wave? I just feel a bit mashed! Im trying not to think about it but it’s just niggling at the moment! I’m sure it will be ok, my friend gave birth right at the peak and her partner came into the labour ward and was allowed to stay! Let’s try and stay positive with as little anxiety as possible! Xx 
  • Thank you LolaLove! Well I’ve woken up for the first time in a long time not feeling sick and the sun is shining so fingers crossed for a good day. 

    I agree with you ladies about the excitement of telling siblings. My daughter is obsessed with babies and is so desperate to be a big sister. She regularly asks my hubby if he’s planted a baby seed in mummy’s tummy yet haha. 

  • Hi everyone 
    hope you’re all doing well!! Is anyone else really bloated or looking like they’ve ate a little too much 🙈 this is my 3rd pregnancy and my boys are close in age, but I had always luckily managed to slim back down. But literally I have a right little belly on me 🙈🙈😂😂 
    it’s my bday the weekend and I’m worried that people will notice a little pouch, it’s my 30th so my mom sister and brother are just gathering out the front to sing happy bday with my cake all social distancing rules applied. 
    Just wondering if anyone else is noticing any changes? I know your supposed to show earlier the more babies so 3rd I expect earlier. But surely 6 weeks?? Just bloat right? xxx
  • @GEllen23HR I feel super bloated, not just a little bloated, like SUPER bloated, like I've been eating non-stop and my boobs are killing me. The funny thing is last night my boobs were fine and not hurting so I was like "well, it was nice while it lasted" like thinking I have to prepare myself for the possibility of having a miscarriage due to my age (41) . Well, I woke up in the middle of the night because of the boob pain and the bloating! I still can't believe it!  
  • @Andy777 I probably am eating more Bcuz I feel sick constantly and just nibbling at food helps, so I’m constantly grazing. I can’t wait for it to pass! I’d rather just be sick than feel sick all day get it over and done with lol 
    Hoping it all calms down soon. 
    My midwife rang me today I’ve got to go in for my bloods as soon as so all the prodding and poking begins now 🙈 xx

  • @GEllen23HR did you have a scan? How did it go?

    My sickness ramps up massively every day I feel horrendous, still havent been sick but its just around the corner I think so that's something to look forward to, also eating like a beast when I can. The hunger is unreal! Just hoping this bleed goes away, still havent bled at all so I'm hoping it reabsorbs,  I've stopped exercising to help it and tbf I cant imagine anything worse right now. Gonna put about 56 stone on at this rate 😖

    Congratulations to all the new bfps! Xx
  • @Katy1605
    yeh I did all went well! She dated me 5 weeks and 5 days. So I’m 6 now. But obviously that can change there isn’t much precise measuring happening when it’s so small, but heard the heart beat as well 😊 
    I’m never sick just feel sick constantly happened with my other 2 as well. First 12 weeks are such a struggle  
    yeh hopefully it’s just rebsorbs, I have a cyst on my ovary but she thinks it’s from releasing the egg so should go on it’s own hopefully! These kids making us worry before they’re even here lol xx
  • @GEllen23HR So glad it went well!!!  I didn't mean I've been eating a lot! I mean I am bloated like I've been! I'm actually not super hungry to be honest, especially in the morning, I have to force myself to eat. I think it's the shock of the whole thing but I am not sure.  I have been riding my bike only 20 miles a day (used to be able to ride 35 or 40 without feeling it!)  but now I feel sort of out of it in the mornings and I end up exhausted after my workout. I have also been napping a lot. Did your doctor tell you anything about exercise? Any recommendations you can share? 
  • @andy777 just that with exercise only do it if your used to doing it. Don’t all of a sudden take up jogging if you’ve never done it before. And don’t get out of breath 🤔 🤷🏼‍♀️ So I guess it’s more relaxed stuff and doing what your body is used to/can cope With xx
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