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  • @MrsB4812 I’m sick of feeling sick 😂 
    had it with both my boys up till 12 weeks 😩 hoping it eases up earlier though. 

    Oh god yeh I’d struggle if I was working as well. I just have to keep my 2 away from my husband wfh and stop them fighting each other 🙈 

    I need to get booked in for my scan. I’m waiting on a call back from my midwife and then hopefully she’ll get me in. 

    I wonder how different it will all be this time round. I’m lucky in a way that it’s our 3rd as they’re not allowing partners are they for scans? Be a lot harder if it was the 1st I think. 

    @GEllen23HR I have my scan on 19th June and she said I’ll be by myself. 

    Hi there, new to this chat. So I’m currently 7 weeks +3 I think lol. My dating appointment is booked for 17th June. I’ll be 11 weeks. Just wondering anyone know what happens at this
    appointment? First time mum. Also will I get a scan at it or have to wait again. As I’ll be due a scan won’t I at 12 weeks? due the 4th jan I think. Last period started 24th March and I’ve a 34 day cycle.

    Thank you. 
    @Crankin823 if it’s a dating appointment then it should be a scan as that’s how they work out your date more accurately than asking about your cycle. I had my booking appointment yesterday where they take bloods, urine sample for routine tests and ask a lot of questions about family/ health etc. They gave me a pack with different leaflets and my next appointments on there. I have a phone appointment next week with my midwife and my dating scan in 4 weeks (I’ll be 12 weeks then) 

    My booking scan and dating scan are both at my local health centre not our local hospital. 

  • Hey guys, just giving you an update. I found the right foods for me. I am still very bloated. But it seems like this kid really, really enjoys exercising, if I don't ride my bike I feel lousy and I mean LOUSY, like I have the flu, all day long, and it is a real struggle to eat. But the days I ride my bike I am hungry and in a good mood and I feel mostly normal, except for the boobs and the bloating. Asparagus seem to be something I really like now, so I just ate two big bowls of asparagus soup and a quesadilla. 

    I do not feel any nausea though, like zero.  

    Just out of curiosity,  how are your partners handling this?  Mine has been going through the whole range of emotions, some days super depressed and worried and "my life is going to change forever" and others (like today) super happy and optimistic and talking about "junior" constantly. Also, he's been really clingy. Is this normal? ....
  • @Andy777 sounds like exercise is doing you good then! 

    My partner was like this with our first! Xx
  • Hey new to this thread, found out I was pregnant yesterday. Aparantly I'm due Jan 30th 2021. 

  • @Emma63 hiiii! I’m due 31/01/2021 xxxx
  • Bobble321 said:
    @Emma63 hiiii! I’m due 31/01/2021 xxxx
    heyyy, I'm assuming that's when I'm due. thays what an app said. I'm 4 weeks today aparantly havent been for scans yet x
  • @Emma63 I’m 4 weeks tomorrow

    have you had any symptoms at all? Xx
  • Hi everyone I’m around 3 weeks due around February I think!! The only thing I’ve had is cramping anyone else?
  • I really weirdly get awful nausea in the night from about 10pm onwards usually when I'm in bed. I feel all hot and nauseated and discovered 2 nights ago that ice lollies really help 😅  strange, as with my other to i didnt have any sickness at all. My boobs are really sore and gone up almost a cup size 🙈 my mum is sure it's twins since they run in my family on my dads side and in my partners family on my mums side 😰 id he happy with just the one happy healthy bundle although can say the thought of twins does excite me a little. Is that weird 🤣
  • two* 

    Lol need to get used to referring to him as that now. We've only been married 6 months 😅
  • @Bethany12 congrats! Did you test pretty early? I’ve had some cramping too but all normal as had with my LG too 

    @SharaWx wow twins, how would you feel about that? That’s a lot of family history! I had really bad night sickness last time, would always end up being sick at the end of the day

  • Yes haha i tested 5 days before and got a positive so was shocked but last couple days been getting cramps that are quite low down X
  • @Bethany12
    like pubic area? Xx
  • Bobble321 said:
    @Emma63 I’m 4 weeks tomorrow

    have you had any symptoms at all? Xx
    little bit of cramping, little bit of spotting this morning and nausea. x what about you x
  • @Bobble321 ye around that area thanks for your reply it’s took us a year so hard to believe other then I don’t real feel any different x
  • took me 5 months i was so shocked when the test showed positive yesterday as I wasnt expecting it x
  • @Emma63 just a little bit of cramping that’s all at the moment

    @Bethany12 I wouldn’t worry at this stage about symptoms some people have none! 

    Me and my partner lit suggested we could have another then bam, first month, but this also did happen last time before my LG and we had three mcs, not sure if my body’s not that great at recognised good egg v bad egg so just keeping fingers crossed for now and seeing how things go xxxx
  • I now got to wait until tuesday before I can call the dr as I dont think they will be open bank holiday mon :( 
  • @Emma63 is that to be referred for a midwife appt? Xx
  • My Dr's surgery are open on bank Holidays at the mo due to the coronavirus so it might be worth giving them a ring. I had cramping on 1 side with my son was concerned of ectopic then had an bleed at 7 weeks so had a scan to rule it out. I then had the same cramps with this pregnancy like a stabbing pain with undertones of like a periody cramp. I just put it down to implantation now. Xx
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