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Pregnant with my rainbow baby, but still worried.

Hey everyone! I’m due January 26! I’m 5 weeks plus 6 today. I was originally due October 2020, but sadly I ended up having a blighted ovum. This time around I’m finding it hard to enjoy being pregnant and not worry. I’m also having a hard time becoming attached to this pregnancy. But it’s hard because like last time I have mild symptoms. The only major differences are this time I have a lot more mild cramping/pulling feelings in my lower abdomen and I got my BFP way earlier, at 9 dpo with a first response and a clear blue digital. Last time I didn’t get a BFP until the day of my missed period and it was so faint. And the digital didn’t read ‘pregnant’ until a few days later. 

Has anyone else had mild symptoms so far? My first appointment is tomorrow, and I know she will want an early scan, I just don’t know when she will schedule it. 


  • Hi @Hannah-0132 welcome to the forum and congratulations on your pregnancy - we're really sorry to hear of your loss. We just wanted to let you know we have quite a few other women in a similar situation to you, over on the main Due in Jan 2021 thread here. Please do come and check it out, and wishing you a super sticky bean. 
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