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  • Has everyone had their 20 weeks scans already? Anyone has to go back to check again?
    I have had mine yes, I don’t need to go back no, but I have seen a few people who have had to as the baby wouldn’t move to a certain position to check things. 

    How is everyone? Anyone feeling more movements now? 

  • Has everyone had their 20 weeks scans already? Anyone has to go back to check again?
    Yes, I had mine I have to got back on Thursday she breech, so they could get a good heart photo. 
  • Hi everyone nice to hear everyone’s doing well :) I’m 23 weeks now and feeling baby boy kicking all the time now :) can actually see my tummy on the outside moving now too!! I’ve gained quite a lot of weight 🙈 I started at 8 1/2 stone and I am 10 stone already. I was the same with my girls and gained 4 stone each time.. really didn’t want to gain as much this time as a lot older but it’s looking like I’m going down same route. Healthy baby obv most important but it will be harder to loose third time round and my age. How is everyone? What has everyone been buying? Xx
  • @Thirdbabymaybe ahh lovely once you start feeling movements isn’t it! I’m 23+4 today. Don’t be worrying about weight gain as you say a healthy baby is the main priority. 

    I have bought pretty much most of my stuff to be honest I just need a cot/Moses basket for downstairs. His room is in progress as well, have you got any names yet? 
  • @H27B u sound like me :) I’m pretty organised too. Nursery is finished and order travel system etc don’t collect till Dec, and bought a snuzpod4 yesterday had my eye on it for wee while. 
    What are u thinking feeding wise?
    we have a few names but with this wee one being our third it’s really tricky… what about U guys? Xx
  • @Thirdbabymaybe ahh amazing it’s good to be organised especially with us being over christmas it’s just nice to know that’s one less stress. I’m thinking I will try to breast feed but I would like to express so I get help but I’m not pressuring myself so also going to get some formula thinking hipp or kendamil at the minute, what about you? We have a list of names at the minute but only one we agree on currently so just going to see when he’s born I think what he looks like and what feels right. Reluctant to tell any friends and family as I just don’t want any opinions on names I’d rather not be influenced by anything! Xx
  • @H27B totally agree and with us having big girls and Santa etc I just don’t want to be panicking and really just enjoy December and relax. 
    I’m hoping to breast feed but again will also be buying some of the Mam self sterilising bottles too as heard great things about them. 
    Oh def keep your names close to chest, we had a boy name and was always our boy name and I stupidly told my hairdresser and low and behold over the summer she’s called her baby boy our name 😑🤔 xxx
  • @Thirdbabymaybe I’ve bought mam bottles too I see so many good things! If you do formula feed do you make up as you go along or use flasks? 

    Oh no that is so annoying, worth keeping to yourself 100% ☺️ We love the name Roman at the minute but are going to see once he’s born how it feels! 

    Has anyone given mat leave dates into work yet? I am counting down the days I have a stressful period coming up so it’s getting me through! X
  • @H27B sorry my notification went into junk for some reason!!!! 

    When we used formula in the past we sterilised enough bottles for 12 hours or so at a time and boiled our water had that in the bottles then had little milk powder pots made up with the right amount of powder so it was really quick to make a bottle and we had a bottle warmer but could quite as easily use a jug with boiling water we just found the bottle warmer at the side of our bed etc was fab for night feeds and meant we didn’t need to be running up and down the stairs. Anything for convenience let’s be honest :) 

    Yeah I put mine in for beginning of dec as I work in education howwwwweeeever COVID numbers are wild at work and tbh I now think Nov is much more likely. What are you thinking? Xxx

  • @Thirdbabymaybe ahh that’s a good idea I’m thinking of doing something similar maybe using a flask for boiled and a flask for cool boiled and making them that way! 

    Oh no I don’t blame you if you work in education, will they not make you work from home from 28 weeks in schools anymore??

    I have put mine in for December 22nd but taking holidays so official mat leave is starting 10th Jan and I’m due the 14th so still a nice time off before hand. I just wanted to have as much time off with him as possible really but I would love to finish earlier this week has been super stressful as well! 

    Counting down the days! 
  • Hi ladies how is everyone?
    has anyone had growth scans or anything recently? I was involved in an incident at work last week which resulted in me being hurt in the back, my midwife arranged same day for growth scan to check baby wasn’t hurt and at 25.5 weeks baby is a whopping 2.65lb! And measuring at 28.5 weeks… I now need to have a gestational diabetes test. She said it’s very unlikely as im a small person normally and likely just big baby.. im really shocked as
    my girls were really small. 
    Has anyone been buying more bits they would share that they think look good? Xx
  • Oh no I hope everything was okay @Thirdbabymaybe wow can’t believe baby is measuring so much further ahead! I’ve not had any growth scans but I have a midwife appointment next Thursday so I’ll see what they say then as they will measure my bump then I think, I still feel fairly small but sometimes overnight I notice I’ve gotten bigger 😂! 

    I’m going to buy the chicco 4in1 crib I think for downstairs it’s not the prettiest looking thing but it is on wheels which is ideal to move to other rooms and it turns into a chair and high chair etc so looks quite good! Have you? 
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