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Welcome to Due in July 2015!

Hello - and congratulations on your pregnancy!

I'm HelenBX and it's lovely to see you looking in on us.

If you'd like to join this group and meet others who are due in July 2015, like you, please do post a reply and introduce yourself.

And if you have any questions or suggestions for me or the rest of the BX team, please do shout!

(Note: this is a new Welcome thread for the July club, as the original one has gone AWOL - hopefully only temporarily. Apols to louisachops, Katwoman, MrsHunt110611 and sheen who'd already posted on the original one. We will retrieve it ASAP but,in the meantime, do feel free to make yourselves at home here!)



  • Thanks Helen. I'm due in July with me first baby. Very scared and anxious until I have my first scan so thought it'd be nice to chat to other expectant Mums on here. x

  • Hi ninz rebbecca I am due on the 18th July :) 3rd baby :) xx

  • Hi I'm due the 18th July with baby number 3!! 

  • HIlya lady's iam due 27th July so excited as its my number 2 

  • Congratulations all!!! Were you or are you scared/anxious? Is this normal? Im soooo excited but cant breath until my scan

  • Even tho this is my second one iam abit anxious as my daughter is 13 now. iam like you just very excited about this One because it's been 13 years since my last one lol 

  • Oooh hello everyone! Congratulations and welcome!

    Lovely to see you Luisaschops - glad you made it over here from the old BX thread.

    The early days when you're waiting for your scan are quite anxious, aren't they, NinzRebecca? Hang on there, though - we're all here if you need to come and get some support and reassurance.

    And a big hello to you Liz Brown2 - I have a 13 year old, too, but CANNOT imagine being pregnant again. Hats off to you! Have you told your daughter yet? Or are you keeping it quiet for a while?

  • Hi everyone :)

    I'm due with no2 on 20th July. My DD is July too (was due the 24th but she arrived on the 10th) so possibly they could share a birthday just 2 years apart!

    Feeling much more sick this time around. Haven't been sick yet but definitely feeling it more than last time, and am so much more tired, although that could be from running around after a toddler :)

  • Welcome MrsHunt110611 and congratulations!! both my little girls are 2 years and a week apart, both born in July! (We are getting away with joint birthday parties at the moment..until they get old and wise enough to want separate ones..eek!). Hoping the feeling sick will pass soon. I know exactly how you feel with the tiredness! Running around after my 2 toddlers while pregnant with my little boy..i could have slept standing up! You get used to it though! lol! :)

  • Hi all, having an anxiety filled weekend! I've got some cramp pains on the left side of my tummy and a slight bit of white discharge. Anyone else experienced abdominal pains? I'm hoping I am just panicking and being a drama queen but feeling very worried and I'm creating a million "worst case scenarios" in my head! Thanks

  • Oh my goodness I have been getting little cramps this afternoon too,As well as my belly rumbaling away so mine my be that iam hungrey lol. and iam thinking the same as you lovely :/ xx

  • Many congrats to all on your BFP's ... I'm Emma 36 with 2 little boys 2 & 4 and I have just found out that I am expecting my 3rd (no idea when in July as erratic cycles - will let the dr's figure this one out) ... Is a shock as we weren't trying .... I spent a little while on the thinkbaby ttc board with my other 2.... DH not thrilled at news - we have been going through a bit of a rough patch - just hope things will settle down - not telling family until scan done and all confirmed ok... feeling fine just sleepy...  Looking forward to getting to know you on our journey xxx

  • Welcome Em suprise bfp - and congratulations!

    Sorry to hear it's a bit of a shock - my third bfp was too - an almighty shock! But all was good in the end, so really hope the same for you.

    I also had 2 boys of 4 and 2 when I found out about the 3rd, so we have a lot in common!

    It's lovely to hear you found the thinkbaby forums helpful - hope you find the same, and more, over here on MFM!

  • I have my first scan in the 13th january and I can not wait more excited over this than christmas ha ha ha 

  • I haven't got my scan date through (haven't even met my midwife yet). 

    As for cramps etc - these are perfectly normal. It's your uterus stretching to accommodate your growing baby! :)

    They can be quite scary to start with and quite painful. Mine haven't been as bad this time around because obviously I've already carried a baby so there's less to stretch I suppose!

  • Hey!  I've just found out I'm pregnant with my second (due on around 25th July if my calculations are correct!)  - can I join Due in July 2015 please :)

    Going to phone the GP surgery tomorrow or Thursday to ask if I need to see a dr first or if I just need to book a midwife booking in appointment (I'm guessing the latter). 

    I'm a little nervous as I don't seem to have as many symptoms this time around. I felt sooooo sick first time around with DS (who will be 2 next week). Also had incredibly sore boobs last time but nothing really this time.  Barely even know I am pregnant tbh save for feeling more tired.  Makes me worry that something is not quite right : /

    Cramps are perfectly normal, I had a few last week although not as strong as the ones I had when pregnant with DS. 

    How's everyone else feeling?  xxxx

  • Ahhh a warm welcome to the July 2015 birth club BEACHDREAMER! Don't drive yourself mad too much about the pregnancy symptoms, plenty of time for them to kick in!

  • It's so nice hearing from other expectant mums!! Congrats to you all. 

    My friend had no symptoms at all with her pregnancy and couldn't believe she was pregnant when she found out (at 10 weeks) so I wouldn't worry. 

    I think it's a wonderful but seriously anxious time. I can't believe stomach cramps this painful are normal- I think I'd rather have sickness lol. 

    When I called my doctor they just booked me to see midwife on 9th dec. seems like ages away!! 

  • I called my GP surgery and went to see the doctor he gave me a number to call to book my first scan so I guess I will meet my midwife then 

  • Hi everyone. 

    I'm due July with my first. 

    I've started with nausea but thankfully no vomiting yet.

    I have a meeting with midwife on Monday I presume it will be a booking appointment? 

    Am I likely to get a scan date then or will that be posted at s later date?

     Congratulations to everyone in this group xx 

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