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Due in July 2016

Hello - and congratulations on your pregnancy!

I'm HelenMFM and it's really lovely to see you looking in on us.

If you'd like to join this group and meet others who are due in July 2016, like you, please do post a reply and introduce yourself.

And if you have any questions or suggestions for me or the rest of the MFM team, please do shout. 



  • Hi all, im expecting my 4th child around the 13th July. Have taken 3 tests and would quite happily keep testing as I can't quite believe it but hubbie has said 3 positives are more than enough!lol 


    I keep looking at this in awe! 

    looking forward to sharing the journey with u guys xx

  • Hi everyone 

    I recently found out I was pregnant and I was so happy ahould be due around July 3rd. 

    However my partner wants to abort the baby as we dont live together. We both have jobs, he's in the army and I work for clarins skin spa but I only started 3 weeks ago and would not get materinty leave and he's saying we don't have the money. 

    any advise and support would be appreciated and im so happy for everyone!!

  • Hi and welcome Libragirl2015, look at those beautiful BFPs! Congratulations and welcome to the July 2016 Birth Club. We're sure there will be other ladies joining you very soon!

  • Hiya erode, think your post snuck in just before mine! Welcome and congratulations. Sorry to hear about your tough situation, we hope you find the support you need soon.

  • Hi erode, congratulations on the BFP, sorry for the obvious difficultties ur having at the moment. Do u think ur partner will come around?  It's of course a decision that should be made by the two of u but ultimately it's ur body and ur the one that would have to go through the termination so final decision has to rest with u. As for the maternity leave, are u uk based? i believe the law in the uk is  everyone is entitled to maternity leave the only think that only just starting means is that ur maternity pay may not come from ur employer but a stat maternity pay from the government. If u google it u can find more details. hope this helps xx

  • P.s having a baby can cost as little and as much as u want to spend. Love costs nothing! image It's good that ur partner is thinking practically but u can work it out if thats what u both want x

  • Hello all! I got my bfp last Friday and now very excited! We got married in June and moved into our new house just before the wedding so all very exciting! Due date calendars say 7th July 2016!! imageimage

    Looking forward to having people to share experiences with! 

    Nicki x

  • Hiya Chenn88, look at those lovely BFPs! Congratulations to you! You're ticking off a load of boxes this year aren't you - married, moved and now pregnant - amazing!

  • Congratulations Chenn88 on marriage and new baby, here's to an exciting 9 months xx

  • Good news everyone my partner has come round and he wants to keep the baby!!

  • imagetaken within a week of each other I'm so excited ladies!!

  • Hi everyone:)

    Congratulations on all your pregnancies! My names Haleigh, I'm 25 and pregnant with baby 2. I have a daughter who is nearly 17 months old :)

    I'm surprised at how fast I have became pregnant! We only started last month. Been to the doctors today and baby is due 15th July. 

    Heres to a happy healthy pregnancy xx

  • Hi, I'm kelly and got a bfp on Tuesday. This will be #4 I have two girls and one boy already. Due date around the 11th july

  • Hiya xHaleighx, lovely to have you here again (we know you were a BX member). And congrats on baby number 2!

  • Hi OhMyFour - congratulations - what a lovely brood you're going to have.

  • Hey ladies congratulations on your pregnancies! I had my bfp yesterday and my digital confirmation today. Ended up having a variation of brands so did them all lol. I'm 30 with a 3 year old son not married although would be nice lol oh is major supportive. If dates serve me well I'm due 16th July! 


  • Hi K85m, what a fabulous array of BFP's you have! How wonderful! Lovely to see you move over from the Ovulation Test Strips thread to the July Birth Club. Congratulations!

  • Bit much I know lol my packs were 2x so thought may as well. Plus doesn't sink in at first. Thank you though! Met some brill people on these threads and had wonderful support. This site is wonderful  Onto my next stage lol

  • So nice to meet others and hear all about different experiences!! Have you booked docs appts etc? Such a long wait to tell people too 😁 X

  • Hi

    thank you for telling me about this group, I'm 4weeks and 6days pregnant. 

    I had a early miscarriage earlier this year in March where our baby stopped growing in March, I'm really trying to stay positive and so far so good but I really don't know what to expect I keep getting aching pains in the bottom of my stomach they are not constant it comes and goes.

    I'm not due to the midwife till 1st December so exciting and cannot wait till around Christmas when I can get my 12week scan 

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