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Due in July 2016 - Part 4

Hello everyone,

This is a new continuation thread for the Due in July 2016 Birth Club - Part 3 peeps, as the original thread has become huge and now has so many pages, it's getting a bit hard to load.

We've posted a link to this new thread on the old thread, so hopefully everyone will be able to find it easily enough.



  • Can't believe we are on 2 part 4 how many parts we going get 2 before our wee baby's are here x

  • 8 parts is my guess!!!!! :)

  • I saying 6 /7 lol x 

  • I'm guessing 8 as well x

  • Just had a look at the other thread aww your bubs is too cute! Can't believe he's 1lb! 

    K85m that must be horrible poor you I remember having ibs badly Years ago and do have flare ups now and then. Special K is quite sugary I think that sugar can cause constipation what about something like aloe gel apparently that helps and fine during pregnancy maybe speak to a forever consultant X 

  • We've got 3/4 months left and on four so I'm saying 6-7 lol X 

  • Does anyone know where I can find a baby bouncer but more of a traditio one? Something just simple like the baby bjorn but without the massive price?

    i borrowed one off my sister last time but that was nearly 5 years ago and I think she got it from asda but can't find one anywhere!!! I just want a basic jersey one with a strap to hold them in by everything is more structured that the baby bjorn style which isn't what I'm after!!!!

  • Bunch of chatter boxes lol x

  • Do you mean like this?

     image This is Argos 

  • image This is mothercare. considering they're basic versions they're quite expensive x

  • Thank you Claire I know all ours www baby's be around that weight now going far far 2 quick X 

  • You can get wee basic ones in Asda Argos I got mine from mothercare plays music was 50 pound x

  • Oooooh, yes they look more like it, I just found this one... I'm not sure if its what I'm after or not, so hard to tell online, perhaps I should order them and see what they're like!!

    i love the baby bjorn ones bit £90-£125 is a lot for a bouncer, especially as I'm trying to convince my oh we need the next2me cot 🙈

    Will take a look on mothercare website and Argos too, I thought I'd looked at mothercare but clearly didn't look very well!!!!!! X


  • I don't mind it is has a little music and bibrestion option, I just want one that's a jersey material rather than stiffer material just because my daughter didn't like the more rigid one I bought last time so thought I'd try a softer material this time and see how baby likes it :)

  • Next 2 me cot fab thats wat we going for I love bouncey chair I got just need find blue swing now x

  • imageMy boy hat I got made x

  • thats lovely! I might start knitting ha. I got my next to me cot picked it up last night I wanna put it up but obviously too early ha. Is anyone else feelin emotional? I'm so emotional I've cried twice tonight over nothing! its weird I don't remember feeling like this with my son! x

  • Iv been emotional a lot lately too angry one minute and sad the next 

    and  just found out my dads dying and everyone knew including my husband and no one told me and it upset me and angered me all at once 

  • Oh toobeautiful that's awful news, pregnant or not you are right to be angry and upset about that. I am guessing they didn't want to worry you but something that important you'd want to know. Big hugs xx

  • Gosh I didn't mean that type of emotional I was going for hormonal! Bloody hell Thats awful but like rustic said they probably didnt want to stress you out being pregnant but I know I wud angry if no one told me. Hope your ok not that you will be but u know wot I mean x x

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