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Due in July 2016 - Part 6

Hello everyone,

This is a new continuation thread for the Due in July 2016 Birth Club - Part 5 peeps, as the original thread has become huge and now has so many pages, it's getting a bit hard to load.

We've posted a link to this new thread on the old thread, so hopefully everyone will be able to find it easily enough.



  • Welcome 2 part 6 girl hope you all havin a lovely day x

  • Part 6!! Woohoo!! 

  • libragirl2015 - 4th July - team Yellow 

    Phoenix - 5th July - Yellow

    k85m - 12th July but will change as having an early csection so 5th onwards ha confusing - team pink

    Shoonawikwik:- 21st July - team blue

    Claire2015 - 22nd July - team blue

    lou lou roo - 25th july - team pink (sweeps from 4th july)

    flossyflossy - 25th July - team Yellow

    Jwebster82 - 29th July - team blue

    ZoieS 17th August - team yellow 

  • Does anyone know what the hospital does if your waters are leaking X 

  • There need examine you 2 see if it your fuild sum times it isn't there keep a eye on it x

  • Do they just let u go full term with leaking fluid. They've told me to monitor my knickers keep being a bit wet X 

  • There keep a eye on it if it's your fluids that are leaking I had it with other 3 kids was took in week out so early with my oldest I had no water left as I didn't know as through it was just pee x

  • Haha not monitor my knickers that came out wrong haha I have to use a pad X 

  • there only started me a week early have you been up 2 hosptial x

  • My Wee girl was 10 days early it's down the amount of fluid that's why I am gettin extra scans but yes there don't start you mega mega early unless there was no fluid at all as sumtimes it can be pee sweat there say our water discharge x

  • Mummatoo2girlies-1st august-team pink x

  • Sent you pm Claire x

  • claire if you think your waters are leaking then the hospital should really do a speculum examination to see if they can see any pooling in vagina. If it is minimal your leaking they will ask you to observe as it can so easily be strless incontinece (are u sneezing a lot at the moment coz Im struggling) or even increased discharge. If you are confirmed to be leaking it depends on the hospitals policy but they can do sort of conservative management where they may scan and/ or ask you to monitor your temperature and return if you start to feel unwell or liquor changes colour and they can manage you like that for a little while as they try and get u closer to ur due date. You need to check it out though if you def think ur leaking xx

  • Libragirl you explain it better than me lol I been up a few times there do examation give me the scan 2 check the fluid xxx

  • thanks I'm doing to pad thing now to see, so we'll see what happens today.. my pj bottoms were really wet and knickers It might be sweat or discharge I haven't had any stress incontinence that I've noticed! I haven't been sneezing or anything. She said if its wee it would be yellow but no yellow. Sorry for TMI it's a bit gross lol xx 

  • I am surprise there not asked you cum up if I call with that there have me up right away I find my fluids leaking has a sweet smell 2 it x

  • Well I've had a call from the hospital today to say that after wearing my brace on my hand for two weeks they now can confirm after reviewing X-rays again that I have fractured a bone in my wrist and do need to be in plaster!!! Got to go to fracture clinic in the morning 😭 Not sure what to do though as it will mean having arm in plaster when baby arrives, I prob won't be able to drive. So upset and annoyed, why didn't they just stick it plaster two weeks ago at least it would have had two weeks of healing and I would had not had another lot of unnecessary X-rays during my review last week x

  • I've read that it has a sweet smell. My midwife was completely useless today Was in there 10 minutes and the student midwife did everything. They didn't even tell which way he was laying so I assume he's still head down!

    thats terrible libragirl :( poor you bet it really hurts too. How long will cast need to be on for X 

  • Oh libragirl thats a shame there have much you about x

  • Its not to painful just sore and I've got to watch which way I move it and pick stuff up. Cast could be on for 8-12 weeks!!! Not sure what to do as its a tiny bone but there's lots of horror tales of losing the use of ur thumb and stuff if not repaired so really torn as to what to do!! 

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