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Due in July 2016 - Part 7

Hello everyone,

This is a new continuation thread for the Due in July 2016 Birth Club - Part 6 peeps, as the original thread has become huge and now has so many pages, it's getting a bit hard to load.

We've posted a link to this new thread on the old thread, so hopefully everyone will be able to find it easily enough.



  • Holy crud! Who said 7 parts? Ha this is 6 n I reckon the 7th will be baby pics galore ha x

  • Jwebster I need to move up North then I might actually get some sun! not exaggerating it's literally rained practically the whole of June! Ridiculous. Hopefully July is hot! hope u can go home soon k85m x 

  • Thank u Danielle much appreciated x 

  • Now will all our babies arrive before we hit part 8?!? 😜

  • Claire 2015 that was way we were last summer it was a nitemare x

  • wow part 7 . i should find out in the next 2-3 weeks when im 37-38 weeks if i need induced or if they will let me go to my due date

  • I'm 38+2 now and holding out for a 1st July baby lol. Just hoping I don't go much over that haha.

  • Wow part 7 and only 13 days to go for me!

  • I think u will have him or her by the 1st - fingers crossed!! I've just been sitting here crying keep getting shooting pains in my back and down below. I'm an emotional wreck :( OH has taken the day off work not sure why? but anyway I'm making him take me a to a big mothercare to get blankets and stuff so that's handy I don't have to drive there on my own next week or at the weekend with my boy who hates shopping lol X 

  • Claire he is obviously worried about you. Hope the pain eases and you enjoy your shopping xx

  • Happy shopping Claire if it that's sore phobe hosptial get it check out I am still on couch can't be bother 2 move feeling so so lazy xx

  • Wow, part 7!! I said it would be 8 parts so I think by the time all of our babies are here we will have 8 parts as we seem to still have lots of gossiping to do!

    happy Thursday everyone! I'm off to the docs to get checked over and see if I need some cream x

  • image 12+1 to 38+3 in the blink of an eye! 😂😭😂😭

  • Oh libra your bump is so so small I think 

    is anybody gettin really lazy it's so much effort move off couch durning the day lol xxx

  • Yep me I have been staying in my bed just so tired lol 

  • Im out of there! Happy to send me home. Ill have my little girl in 5 days time! I think someone will have theirs before me at the rate u ladies are going lol x how exciting I think babies will be days apart x it's red hot here but I need to go to bed x

  • Oh this is mine. 12 weeks and 38 weeks


  • image

    13 weeks and 37 weeks!

  • Sitting here waiting to go in for my antenatal appointment thinking this could be my last prob won't be but it could be!lol

  • omg ladies missed so much just spend hour reading uplast week . i moved house saturday was a night mare as was let down by alot of people . my spd was killing but i struggled o  just doing bit cleaning in both old n new place not acturly  moving thinkgs the lads have done that. im living in loving room and we tryig to decorate the 3 bedrooms and landing starting today to be done by thursday its got wallpaper on all walls and celing so not a easy job then floors will be done next friday and monday after 4th july my first swep so all go . iv been getting them stapping pains down there this is 3rd dnt remmeber them with other 2 also had tightnings n braxton hicks. i feel huge and cant wait for this pregnancy to be over atleast then no more pain and get cuddles. 

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