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Due in July 2017

Hello - and congratulations on your pregnancy!

I'm DanielleMFM and it's really lovely to see you looking in on us!

If you'd like to join this group and meet others who are also due in July 2017, please do post a reply and introduce yourself.

And if you have any questions or suggestions for me or the rest of the MFM team, please do shout.



  • Hi there!

    I am due at start of July with my second child. Already having lots of symptoms from 2 weeks ago :-S

  • Hi Nurseyzoe, thanks so much for coming over to this thread and congratulations again! So you must have been having symptoms since ovulation - that's incredible! What are your symptoms and how old is your child? 

  • Hi nurseyzoe how far along are you and have you had your first appointment with the doc/midwife yet? .

  • Hiya, I'm 4 weeks.

    Got my first appointment mid November with midwife.

    How far along are you? 

  • The test said 2-3 weeks last week. I wasnt sure when to make an appointment as my last pregnancy I found out later on 

  • Most of the time they want to see you between 8-10 weeks I think?

  • I was planning on making a doc appointment just to discuss stuff so going to do that tomorrow 👍🏼

  • Hi everyone I am new to this not sure if I'm writing in the right place , 

    today inwemt for a scan as yesterday after intercourse I had brown distcharge " tmi" but the thing worrying me is that there was nothing to show I thought I was about 5"3 weeks pregnant and still little bit of brown distcharge 

    had hcg taken and have to go back Thursday for more bloods 

    has anyone else had similar story? 

    Little niggles , backache and sore breast still xxx

  • Isn't this quite notmal for some? I've read that implantation bleeding can cause this so hopefully you have nothing to worry about .I'm assuming the scan went ok? 

  • Hi Ladies! I got a 'pregnant 1-2 weeks' on a CB digi last night, very exciting! How are we all feeling?x

  • Couldn't see anything on scan internal 🤔 But my hcg levels are high and also got to go back Thursday for another blood test , does anyone think maybe it was to early to see on scan 🙏🏻

  • I'm not sure if too early? but interested to know when you find out? 

  • Will keep updated x

  • Hey everyone! Im pregnant with my 2nd due early July, little bit scared this time around as the last time I MC at 13 weeks so trying to keep positive! 

  • Hello everyone,

    found out we are pregnant with our first on Monday took another test wed, two faint lines so looking forward to a missed period today.


  • Hi everyone!

    Welcome to Pink Cupcake, Madie1627 and Kibo! Congratulations to you all on your pregnancies and wishing you a happy and healthy 9 months ahead! Are these your first babies? 

    Fingers crossed Djes81 for your next appointment - please let us know how you get on won't you? 

  • First baby for us. My husband and I are over the moon, he wants to wait till christmas to tell everyone. I'm super impatient & can't wait to tell parents and siblings. But I agree it will be a nice Christmas surprise so we've agreed to compromise and tell if it really kills me to wait. 

    Also i'm a massive worrier and i've had cramps all of last week till today; am trying not to stress about it as I have read it's normal and there is nothing anyone can do at this point. But I've stopped working out (normally strength train 4 days a week and 5k runs weekend) as I will feel guilty and responsible if anything happens. 

    How is everyone else feeling? 

  • Hi Kibo- congratulations :-) when are you due?

    I have had cramps too and all sorts run through your mind but I'm ring to think positively :-S 

    Nausea is horrible and heartburn already and I'm only 5 weeks! 

  • Hi everyone. Hope you don't mind me joining xx Just had my bfp today. Very excited but very nervous as my last pregnancy ended in miscarriage in July. Hope you are all well xx. 

  • Going by google am due 8jul17. 

    Congratulations louise111

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