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  • Now I really want a burger king.

    My sickness appears to be ending. I'm 15 weeks tomorrow and it's very strange as was sick throughout.

    I didn't think your milk dried up due to pregnancy...maybe talk to your health visitor / breastfeeding support.

    Starting to get sore back hips and agony if I walk more than 10 min at a time 

  • Charliemurphy I asked my midwife about buying a doppler during my first pregnancy and she went mental.

    She said she wished they didn't sell them as should only be used by trained professionals. Kept saying they cause panic when people can't detect a heartbeat (cause they're looking in the wrong place) or they mistake other sounds like blood flowing through the placenta or your of veins and be falsely reassured. Kept saying best way is to 'get to know your baby' when he/she starts kicking as getting to know their movements is the best way to feel reassured or know when to seek help.

    Don't want to put you off but I've never seen a woman get so animated over a machine that I took her seriously. 

  • I agree doppler needs to be used with caution. I have one but have previous training to use one. I think with home use you have to bare in mind that the babys heart is tiny and they wriggle about a lot. Not finding the heartbeat doesn't mean anything is wrong.  It simply means you didn't find it. It can be lots of fun trying to listen in, even just to movements so that partners and family members can experience what you can feel. Bit always rely on your antenatal apps to confirm all is well.  X

  • I have one but I know how unreliable they can be my last midwife preached to me how you shouldn't rely on them. The count the kicks do a movement track wrist band they're like £3.50 and worth every penny I brought one with my lb they allow you to monitor your babies daily movements.  

    How are we all today bbe having my hair done today before my scan on Monday my hair looked horrendous 

  • I bet you can't wait for your scan toolly! 

  • I cnt :) is anyone else passing alot of creamy discharge Im worried if it's normal :/

  • Mummytooley I seem to have more discharge recently. Kept worrying as felt wet and kept thinking I was bleeding but just discharge. I looked it up and it said it was something beginning with 'L' and it's to stop germs getting into the uterus. 

    Has anyone started shopping yet? Been looking at mothercare website today and they have a good sale on but don't think I dare buy yet. I like the look of the cribs. Thinking of having one this time instead of a Moses basket. 

  • 'Leukorrhoea' mummytooley. Google it to put your mind at rest. It becomes noticeable at our stage of pregnancy apparently.

  • I have looked and have an idea of what pram I want but want to see if I'm having a boy or girl before ordering, is anyone else having an early scan to find out? I have crumbled and brought a pillow as I was so unconftable in bed defo worth the purchase ! 

  • I'm waiting on my pillow coming any day now. I also bought a mattress topper which has helped.

    If you buy a gender specific pram if you have another then you might not be able to use it. I'm really wary of people buying gender stuff cause I know some was told a girl and then it was a boy and they had been a trip to the US and had gone girly daft. I know the percentage is low but does worry me.

    I'm still desperate to know what I'm having but husband doesn't want to know. Was talking to my cousin's husband and he said of all the people he knows married couples didn't find out but partners did. I then thought about it and that was true in my circle of friends to....Anyone else in that boat or is just a random coincidence lol.

    We're also at logger heads over boys names. I love my sons name so much I can't seem to compromise on any of my husband's suggestions. Each name reminds me of someone I didn't like at school or work etc and we just can't agree. Slightly better at girls names but have a feeling it's a boy.

  • I've Bought a few pieces of clothing in neutral colours and I've been looking at prams, but also want to wait a little bit before i order it. 

    At first we were really talking about names but could rarely decide on any we both liked, think we're going to wait to find out the gender so we only have to focus on 1 set of names

  • Me and my husband both want to know so I guess it made for an easy decision. We had the same problem with names so brought a book and it's opened up many more options. 

    its not as much gender specific just some of they added extras you can get many colours and don't want to clash with blankets bags etc or maybe I'm over thinking haha 

  • Louise I have a swinging crib from my lb they're wonderful will definitely be re using it this time again. I brought a 3n1 napper the other day it was on offer and I was worried about using my rocking moses basket downsize 

  • That was meant to say downstairs but my lb came charging atm and knocked my phone out of my hands. I'm worried he will knock the basket over the napper has a more solid base and is closer to the floor.  I brought a dream geni pillow the other day and It looks so comfy I don't feel big enough to use it yet.  

    Quick question girls is it wrong to re use my travel system? 

  • Ah I get what you mean, so not a pink pram lol.

    I bought the silver cross surf 2 and I wish I'd got one with a bigger basket. Going to have to go look at double buggies but then I will need to face the reality that I'm going to gave two under two lol. I went for black the first time so maybe something more jazzy this time.

    We both wrote down 10 and none of them crossed over. My husband gets mad as I talk to my mum about them and she puts me off them even more. I know I'm an adult but I still run everything past my mum and it drives my husband bonkers. 

    I'm back at work next week and I'm totally dreading it. My son has started sleeping to 830 in the morning but he's going to need too be up at 7 so next week is breaking all our bad sleeping late and not getting dressed. I'm starting to panic about leaving him as every time I've left him recently even for a few hours he comes rushing back to me and won't let go and I'm going to need to do it 3 days in a row. 

  • We have started buying little bits and pieces, the reason we started was because I wanted to try and get excited after a miscarriage in August. But that was just clothes. 

    However we are 15 weeks now and are going to start buying stuff as soon as we have the 20 week scan. We have already picked out furniture for the nursery so we just need to actually buy it! 

    As for prams - we are clueless! What do you even look for? 

  • As I won't be using mine to walk for miles just really in and out the car and around the town I want something light weight and foldes down small but I literally had no idea. The women in the shop advised me on my requirement and then I researched it. plus it was the only one my husband liked hehe 

  • We made the mistake last time of buying the pram really early and then I miscarried so first thing I had to do after my d&c was organise sending the pram back so am nervous this time about buying anything too early. I still like the same pram though. It was the silvercross wayfarer. I like the way it has the carrycot and also that you can clip the car seat onto the frame which will be handy for school runs. Am tempted now though to get a swinging crib after you said they are good mummytooley. They are £49 down from £79 in mothercare sale. What are the napper  things mummytooley? I've not heard of those. 

  • I wish I'd got the wayfair as the basket is bigger. The fact the car seat clips on is great for nipping in and out of places I would definitely recommend. 

    We have a pram centre and when I ordered it I just made collection date 4 weeks before due date. My mum kept it at hers as someone told me it was bad luck to have it in your house.

    I didn't really do anything until after my 20 week scan either.

    I've got a swinging crib but never used the swinging option. He slept in his moses basket for 8 weeks until he went through the night and then crib upstairs and basket downstairs. 

    There is so much out there it starts to hurt your head.

    I made a list and then spent hours on Google and which and read all the award winners. Glad this time I've not got much to get.

  • Louise they are called tiny love 3n1 napper they can be used as a moses basket and transform into a bouncer you can also adjust it as they get bigger so they're sitting up more.  The swinging cribs are brilliant bbe my lb loved his 

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