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  • Katt are you planning on re using a lot of your stuff then?  Im torn between reusing and buying all new but with two children to look after I'm not going  to be able to financially splash out the way I did with olly :(

  • I will need a double buggy but that's all I need to get. I will buy new clothes cause my son is a Feb baby and this baby will be a July baby so a lot of stuff I can't use cause it's the wrong type of clothes plus if I have a girl then all new. I've got a large family so they'll all want to buy presents so will just get them to get new clothes. I'll need a 2nd highchair but able to reuse 1st car seat and moses basket and crib. I've also got the steriliser and prep machine.

  • Yeh I kept my prep machine I've got a new steriliser set tho and bottles tho. We're gonna order the nursery furniture in March and start doing the nursery up I've got my nursing chair from my son so will reuse that.  Dreading looking at double buggies there so expensive 

  • Mummytooley I've just got your name as you mentioned your son's name is olly. I always read it as mummy tooley bear but am assuming now it's actually mummy to olly bear. That's really cute xx 

    I will google the nappers - they sound really good . Mummytooley did you find the crib ok with the bars? I always think they could hurt their arms through the bars but I like the idea of them as people say they are a bit bigger than Moses basket and as my other children have always been long I find they grow out of the Moses basket very quickly. 

  • I have a rocking crib from my boys. I've found a cot i like. I have brought 2 babygro because I was excited after my scan. But I won't buy anything else yet xx

  • How long did your dating scan appointments take? Got mine tomorrow :) 

  • I've also got a sleepyhead. They're a bit expensive but add extra padding around the bars. Plus is only when they start moving about in their sleep.

  • Mine took 30 mins, did say 45 mins on letter.

    However I do have to go back Wednesday so that maybe why mine was slightly quicker xx

  • Got an appointment at the hospital when i will be 16 weeks (next week). It's definitely not a scan as I have that February. Anyone know what one this is for? 

  • Could be a consultant appointment I had my dating scan on the 28th of Dec and also I have  an appointment tomorrow . It says on my letter I'm seeing a doctor not a midwife which it said on my dating scan So might be worth having a good read of it mine does details I might have a scan and tells me the process of drinking water and so on. 

  • Louise I never found he put his arms through the crib,  they usually start doing that when it's time to move into their own proper cot bbe but like kat said you can buy things to help prevent it if you're worried. I brought my first baby grow for baby the other day just can't wait to find owte what were having 

  • Thanks mummytooley xx Just ordered one from mothercare - exciting!!

  • You're welcome chick :) i feel so sick tonight don't know if some of it is worrying about tomorrow. Im fancying cheese and onion sandwiches as well at this time of night :/

  • Oh no hope you're feeling better soon xx Have you had enough sugar ? I find I feel really sick if my sugar levels get low. Good luck at your scan tomorrow - looking forward to hearing about it. I am back there on tues for consultant appt.

  • Hi. I'm due July 28 and I'm 11 weeks! This is my first child and I'm soooo excited. I find out in February the gender of my baby. I hope it's a girl but I wouldn't mind a boy... I was very very sick the past couple weeks but I'm finally starting to keep food down and actually eat a full meal! Now I eat any and everything 😩. Maybe I'll start working out too. Ive been wanting to workout but it seemed like every little movement made me nauseous. hopefully this great feeling isn't temporary and I've finally gotten through the horrors of the first trimester... please tell me all about you guys pregnancies and how it's going along, I've been so anxious to talk and hear of others going through the same thing as me and all the different experiences! 

  • hope everything went well this morning mummytoollybear xx

    im just getting ready to leave for mine! 

  • Hope both of your scans go well today!. Haylzp123 & Mummytoolly.

    Has anyone started to buy anything yet? I'm 14 weeks now and will maybe wait till 20 weeks, but I really want to buy the pram now. I'm going to get the Venicci Travel System. It looks amazing and has great reviews. I was going for the Silver Cross Pinoeer but this ones much cheaper and seems better.

    Anyone picked a pram yet? or am I just thinking way ahead :D aha.

  • Welcome emmani the ladies here are lovely and will answer any questions you might have :) 

    Right ladies my scan went well baby looks very long tho it took several attempts to get the measurements because baby was on its side and didn't want to move. My due date has been moved to the 22nd July I'm a day in front of what I thort. I had an appointment with the same doctor who delivered my lb which was nice and she said that I'm going to be watched closely from 20 weeks I'm having scans at 31 and 33 and 36 weeks ill be having my blood pressure done every 2 weeks and she's given me Aspirin to start now up to 38 weeks to try reduce my chances of pre eclampsia again unfortunately I am still high risk tho.  I did say I want to try for a vaginal birth this time but she said at the moment they can't really discuss my birthing plan.  image

  • Yeah I think I have chosen which pram I want but am going to wait to order it as I like a bargain and will hopefully get it on offer. I know someone who has the venicci and it's lovely.

    I'm just going for my consultant appointment so hopfully all will be well as Im really wanting a water birth !

  • Really pleased your scan went well mummytooley xx Your picture is lovely xx Did you have pre-eclampsia then with your lb? At least this time you will be well monitored xx . 

    Hope your consultant appt goes well Lillian xx 

    i will have to have a look at the Vennici Jade-Nicole as I was wanting to get the silvercross wayfarer but if  it is similar that could be good too xx 

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