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Due in July 2017 - Part 2



  • Yeh I had it really bad with him Im hoping I don't get it again but she says I'm still high risk theyre not sure about anormal birth coz there's a small risk your c section scar can rupture. We will know more as the pregnancy progresses tho I booked my gender scan earlier as well I'm going on the 4th my mate swears by the nub theory and reckons its a girl lol 

  • Glad all went well mummytoolly,  going by nub I'd say girl too. I also have this gut feeling I'm having a girl 😬😬😬

    fingers crossed all goes well and am you get to have a natural delivery. 

    Im getting Icandy peach...I had one before and now not sure I could have anything else. I do like the silver cross wayfarer 


  • Anyone good at nub theory that can take a guess with my scan pic? I can't tell. 


  • Glad scan went well mummytoolly. 

    I'm thinking of the silver cross pioneer or the oyster2 

  • I'd say boy x

  • I'd say boy jade apparently it's something to do with the angle of the nub if it's on a 30 degree angle from the spine it's a boy it's best to Google it coz it confuses the he'll out of me lol. Thanks everyone my friend says it looks big for only 12 weeks but my lb was big and he eats like a horse now so I reckon I just carry big babies. Bincey I have a feeling it's a boy I'd love a girl but think I'm convincing myself that it's a boy so I don't get my hopes up. 

    Haylz hope yours went well xx

  • imageJust wondered if anyone can see the nub on my picture. I did google it but didn't really understand where the nub was - lol!!!

  • imageOr I have this picture if that's any better for seeing the nub 😂

  • I looked at the nub theory as well but couldn't really understand it or find it on my scAN pic... looks like I'll just have to wait. 

    I had quite a bit of stomach cramp/pain this morning which was a bit unnerving but Hopefully it's just growing pain. 

    Congrats on your scans today girls :) 

  • It's bloody complicated isn't it I would say a girl chick coz if you look at yours and then jade's there's a difference xx

  • Gosh would be unexpected if it was a girl as I have  four boys and one girl so I just assume I'm having another boy. Now we've started talking about it I really fancy having an early gender scan like you mummytoolley but am trying to wait till 20 week scan as think hubby will groan if I say I want another scan 😂

  • I felt hubby would be the same with having a gender scan but he was well up for it. weve been looking for small things to buy and we are really struggling without knowing so makes sense. 

    Hope everyone is feeling good today ! 

  • Yes that's true Lillian. Maybe I'll try and persuade him 😀

  • Has anyone had their screening test results back yet? They said 2 weeks at my hospital which will be this Thursday. I get nervous every time phone rings because they said if there's a problem they will ring you sooner rather than letter through post. 

  • Louise I'd say girl too, looking at mine I'd say girl but trying to keep an open mind...not sure what to do with a girl after 2 boys xx

  • Is that for the nuchal scan?

    i got my results on my scan day. is it different in different hospitals? I'm waiting for my 20 week scan date through, anyone know roughly when you get the date through? 

    Im also meant to see a consultant for my Asthma and previous skin cancer but no idea when they'll be for. my chest isn't very good ATM so worried that I'm making baby ill if thats even possible. Wah sorry for babbling! 

  • Binceys mummie I guess all will be revealed soon! It's exciting isnt  it trying to guess in the meantime!! 

    Yes dizzy the nuchal scan. All hospitals must be different then. They gave me the nuchal fold measurement on the day but then have to wait up to 2 weeks for them to analyse blood for the combined result. Did your hospital do the combined result with the blood test? They gave me my 20 week scan date at the 12 week scan. I guess hospitals must be different with that too then. 

  • All went well with the scan. Now due 21st July image Any guesses on gender? 

  • They made my 20 week appointment after my 12 scan too. Maybe give them a call just to double check.

    I keep having back spasms and having to look after and 11 month old isn't helping. 

    I'm back at work next Tuesday and I'm starting to get really anxious and panicky. Don't want to leave my son with my in laws and I find getting up early makes my morning sickness worse. I also hate my job and a lot of new staff since I left so it's quite daunting 14 months out of the game.

    How is everyone coping at work?

  • Haylz I'm gonna say girl and Aww you're one day before me :) glad everything was okay. 

    Katt sorry to hear your job is so shit do you need to go back to work?  Couldn't you manage whilst you look for somewhere else. I'm back in tonight for my first night shift and I already know come tomorrow I'll be in agony with my back 

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