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  • Aww congratulations Maddie I like the name teddy :) 

    Have we all got names in mind?? 

  • Congratulations maddie, you must be so excited, and te is a nice name. 

    i don't think we're ever going to agree on a name... it's going to take the whole 9 months 😬

  • Problem is its going to be your son's name forever so it's hard to compromise if you don't like something. 

    With middle names we did a deal the first time. I got to pick it and my husband got to pick the godparents. First time round a name was so easy but this time it's murder. We both wrote down 10 names and not one matched for a boy. Woyld be a lot easier if we have a girl. 

    I'm doing a practice run getting my son to my mums this morning and being up so early has kicked off my morning sickness again.

  • Thank you everyone! I'm 16 weeks! The sonographer said his legs are measuring 3 days ahead of the rest of his body haha! How far are you all now? 

    I know Katt but he liked it at first and now he knows we're definitely having a boy its a no lol! I just thought it would be lovely with our daughters name Gabriella. Xx

  • Me and my husband downloaded a naming app, it connects with each other and lets you know if you have both selected the same name. Its a bit like baby name tinder as you swipe left and right Dependant on if you like them lol 

    I really like unusually names and prefer boys names for girls (like Dylan and Ryan) though I do like Elsie too. Boys names are so much easier 

  • Ye it's great seeing them jumping about but weird that all that movement and you can't feel it. 

    is anyone else struggling to sleep. I'm shattered yet for hours and hours I was lay in bed. I managed to get about an hour before I was woken up as I needed a wee. I also had the flu jab when I went for my scan and I'm feeling quite sick. I can't work out if it's the jab or lack of sleep or what. Feeling the worst I've felt so far today. Always in the busiest day of work. 

  • Hi everyone, we just wanted to let you know that we're looking for some judges in the new MadeForMums Awards 2017!

    We’re specifically looking for pregnant women, breastfeeding mums, bottle-feeding mums, and mums of babies under a year. If you fit any of these criteria, please do come and add your details on this new thread here. 

  • Hello ladies, had my 2nd scan today...all is well and was fab seeing my bean again. Still thinking girl...what do you reckon?


  • I like the name of baby tinder for names. Might try that for my husband. With our first son we both liked Matthew but went for Patrick but this time he doesn't like Matthew anymore. Maybe your husband will change his mind. 

    I've just started to sleep a bit better but can be up for hours. Download an app that plays thunder storm noise...I find it really relaxing listening to thunder and lightening. I have to stop myself flicking through my phone as that just makes me stay up longer.

  • Hi girls hope all is well.

    Sorry to hear Louise & I hope you get the results back soon so you can relax abit more.

    What is the name of this baby name tinder? sounds useful.

    Although i've already picked my names i'm sure it'll change by July... ATM its Amelia for a girl and Leonardo for a boy. My partners Italian so it had to be a Italian name luckily there were some I liked.

  • It's just called Baby Name - the logo is yellow with a white egg on it. Its on the App Store 

  • We've picked our names for either sex just cnt wait to find owte what were having when is our due dates ladies :) 

  • Got my screening tests back today and they are low risk so am pleased 😀

  • I like Charlie for a boy. Haven't thought too much about girls names as am sure it will be another boy. I have four boys already and they all have 2 middle names so that's 12 boys names gone already so am struggling !

  • How are you all feeling today? I've finally succumed to going to the Drs as I've had a cold/sore throats/ cough on and off every few days for the last 5/6 weeks. thought it was just low immune system but it's ridiculous now :(

  • Madie just wondered if the nub theory was right with your scan? 

    Dizzyd i I think theres a lot of it about . I've been ok up to now but my children have all struggled with the same symptoms as you. Annoying as not a lot you can take to help when pregnant. 

  • Has anyone else had horrible pains near their ribs lately. seem to be getting them a lot and they tend to take my breath away a bit - not because they are painful (they aren't that bad) but because it feels like someone has a vice at the top of my stomach and lower ribcage and is tightening it. weird! I'm also starting to get worried because my little bump (only noticeable  by me and my husband my jeans tend to cover it up a bit) hasn't grown much at all and I'm 16 weeks this weekend 

  • Cardiff girl I would think your bump will get more noticeable soon as your uterus moves out of your pelvis. I think by about 20 weeks it is up to about your belly button. 

  • The nub theory still confuses the hell out of me the scan just looks the same as ollys lol I feel like I've got ages to wait for my gender scan 

  • My hubby moaned at first but now says I can have a gender scan but can't decide whether to or not.

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