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  • I wouldn't worry about bump size they don't start measuring you until later on.

    I has my 16 week appt and all bloods were normal and bp was fine. She didn't use the doppler...said it was too early.

    I bought some return to work clothes today as need to stop wearing joggy bottoms lol.

  • Hi there I'm 12 weeks + now.  Not sure how many days. My first trimester scan is on Monday coming.  Can't wait.  I had mc on 8 October so we're blessed to have caught on immediately after the mc !!  

    Keep getting really bad headaches.  Anyone else same as me ?


  • Good luck with your scan stuziexx looking forward to seeing your picture xx

    I am  starting to wonder if I can feel little movements. I know it's really early as am only 14 weeks but have felt a couple of little things that feel like the first movements. Am prob just imaging it - it's prob just gas!  😂

  • Thanks Louise111 x. I'll definitely post that picture can't wait xx.  

    Yes you might be feeling something.  Like bubbles apparently.  Can't wait to feel something or when you push tummy it pushes back.  It sounds awesome.   I've never had a baby before so all these things are new.  What about you Louise111?


  • This is my 6th stuzie . Yes is so lovely when they move. You will love it xxx 

  • It's nice when they kick at first but I swear my son would wait until I was 2 seconds away from falling asleep and he'd be up for a party.

    I've been sitting tonight working out my holidays at work and when I can finish on mat leave. As my holiday year runs april-March I've got a full allowance so think I will be able to finish on May 10th. Anyone else thought about that

  • Wow 6 Louise111 thats amazing xx

    Hey Katt I'm going to finish 11 weeks before due date so approx 11 may. I will take holiday before this too as mine runs sept to sept so I've 3 weeks to take so will finish easter time at 6 months pregnant.  

    Is that greedy ??!!!    Haha

  • I thînk I can finish work 23rd April. I could do with staying on longer though as won't go back to work so could  do with my pay lasting as long as poss after baby is born. 

  • Stuzie...I'm not even back at work yet from my first lol. Go back Tuesday and  needed a pick me up. I'm going back part time and have other holidays in so counted I only need to go in 43 that's greedy.

    Louise it must be nice to know that when you're done you're done and don't have return to work worries. 

  • Wow you ladies are all lucky I'm jealous I'm thinking of working until mid June if I cn make it to 35 weeks I'll be happy I've got five weeks annual leave to take before my maternity leave. Are you all taking 9 months I'm not sure I cn afford to it depends how it breaks down financially.  With my lb I had 8 weeks off and had to go back after a c section I wasn't entitled to maternity as id only just started when I got pregnant with olly 

  • I've just to work 75 days. It's a long time but 15 weeks if you say it another way!   

    We only get 6 weeks maternity pay then statutory mat pay after that for 9 months and unpaid for the remaining 3 months...  I don't think that I want to return to work at the end but can't rule it out as have no idea how I'll feel at the time....

    Will they confirm my due date on Monday at the 12/13 week scan ?


  • I'm so jealous of those who can have a good amount of time off. I am having to save up loads of money so all my business out goings are covered for at least 6 months so i don't need to come back for too many hours too quick. but I suppose there are pros and cons to being self employed. But I plan on working up to as far as I can. I think from when I am 6 months I will cut my hours down to part time and work up until the end of June. Then from then up to my due date I will still be doing the odd bit of work if I physically can. I then plan as soon as I am in some sort of routine to come in to do the odd clients but will be able to bring baby with me providing they are a good baby :). I would love a full 9 months off but I would lose most of my clients I have spent years building up. 

  • Same goes here Stuzie. We get 6 weeks full then the crappy stat. I will probably go back in January. I'm already part time and our part time is two weeks full time then two weeks off do it's quite nice. During my two weeks in do 5-7 days. Long days but worth it for the two weeks a month off. we r lucky with childcare to and have lots of family help. My eldest Jude will start nursery in the Jan as well. 😰😰😰

  • I have 6 weeks holiday that I'm going to take before I go back. I'm going to try and work as long as I can before baby is due then take 6 months maternity and add 6 weeks hols onto the end xx

  • See i don't know how the NHS maternity leave works so until I get my mat 1 form off midwife at 20 weeks and it's all applied for I won't really know what to expect. I think I'll take 6 months and then go back doing full time nights one little man is expensive enough I dread to think how much the two of them will cost 

  • Hi everyone, we hope you're all doing well? 

    Two threads we're talking about today...
    The first is, is it snowing where you are in the UK? Come and show us your snowy pics on this thread here, we'd love to see them. 

    The other thread is, we are looking for your lovely/funny/difficult/amazing TTC, pregnancy and parenting stories: have you got one to share with us? If so, please come on over to this thread. We would LOVE to hear from you.  

  • I get 14 weeks full then statutory 

  • Everyone is getting something different in terms of mat leave.  I think that it would be nice if everyone got the same outcome and treatment! 

  • Ladies I need some advice, I've had a headache for 3 days now and each day it seems to be getting worse. Didn't take anything day 1, day 2 I took 2 paracetamol and it went. Today I've so far taken 4 paracetamol and I just can't get rid of it. Any ideas?? 


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