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  • Katt that's a nice short working period for you sweetie :) 

    Thank God I'm off tonight I'm exhausted just lying on the sofa can barely move im dog tired lol I'm feeling low kick like movements in my pelvis 

    Lillian I've seen it im gonna have to take mine to pieces to check it before i use it for charlie I don't want him being poorly 

  • I checked mine with all the uproar the other day and it was fine. 

    Turns out it's not mould it's carbon deposits for the people who use the wrong filters. Apparently there are cheap wilko ones that folk have used. They said if you've done that to run steriliser fluid through it and then a normal clean cycle so I wouldn't panic.

    I've got caught up fighting with the meanie mums who are calling mums that use it lazy yet saying they make theirs up in advance and heat in the microwave lol.

    I tried to bf and didn't work and then spent a day trying to make bottle feeds using the kettle and panicked when I couldn't cool them quick enough and my son was screaming...on day 3 I've never been so happy to open the prep machine and wouldn't look back. 

  • Katt dont let anyone make you feel bad for bottle feeding bbe that really whindes me up there is no wrong way or right way to feed your baby whether it's bottle or breast bbe as long as theyre fed some people are just pretentious arseholes. And I'll check I've always used the proper Tommee tippee filters bbe so hopefully it'll be okay zx

  • Yes don't stress katt. It took me until my fourth baby to get the hang of breastfeeding. Who cares what other  people think? 

  • We finally have the carpet in the nursery and moved the furniture. still looks bare though as we need to buy finishing touches, curtain tiebacks and of course a Black out blind etc but we are all very excited and Jude keeps taking us to show us the babies room  sending hubby up the loft to get the moses basket and all the baby things down the weekend  feeling quite organised 😍imageimage

  • Looks lovely hopefully have mine mostly done by end of this weekend so looking forward to seeing painted

  • Yes its so nice to see it come together. This room had been a dumping ground since we moved in so good to have it sorted. Just need to make it cosy now. Also got new windows going in soon so that will make a big difference. 

    ill put another pic on when it's complete. cant wait to see everyone else's and get more ideas x 

  • I have absolutely no interior design skills.

    The walls in my sons room are greeny blue and there are owl curtains...that's about it lol.

    Need to see how I can make it half n half boy n girl.

    We had been thinking of moving but I love the location of my house and id need to move further away to get a 3 bed we could afford so we're contemplating am extension.

    I lack imagination so need to get plans so I could try and picture it.

  • I struggle with my imagination to Katt. i find instagram really helpful for decorating ideas x

    ive seen a lovely wall sticker that im going to put over the cot. X

  • That looks lovely Dolly :) I cnt wait to get mine done cx

  • Gorgeous nursery dolly xx 

    i keep getting lots of Braxton  hicks tonight and am stressing as I know the hospital would help baby from Sunday when I'm classed as 24 weeks. Keep stressing that I will go into labour tonight and be a day short of the hospital helping 😒

  • Aww Louise try and keep calm. I know the 24 mark is daunting cause to us it's our baby regardless of the official definition. 

    Try relax and I'm sure you'll be ok. Tell that baby there's still some more cooking to be done and to stay put.

    I saw a baby the other day that was 15 weeks old but was tiny. The mum said she'd been 8 weeks early and that put me in a dizz too as I'd need thought about having a premature baby. I think if you worried yourself to much about everything that could go wrong you'd end up out of your mind.

    Let us know how you're feeling later on x

  • Hope you're feeling better this morning louise! I seem to get the tightening around 10.30 everyday which is very random! 

  • Thank you Ladies. They seem to have worn  off now. Just think I'm getting paranoid as I know if anything went wrong today they wouldn't help baby whereas tomorrow they will. I also worry that I don't feel him so much. I do feel him but it seems a different kind of movement. He doesn't seem to 'tap' so much. I don't like the way that i have no check up at all between 20 and 28 weeks. Especially as I'm an older mum. Then I have a scan at 28 weeks and then midwife appt the day after which seems daft. I wish the midwife was half way between at 24 weeks. 

    Anyway I hope you are all having a lovely weekend xx 

  • When I look at my pregnancy app it shows pictures of the baby tending to be head up at the moment and then from 7 months onwards it seems to be head down so I wonder if that  makes a difference to feeling movements as I imagine when it moves to head down then the feet are up and more likely to kick at the front where we are more likely to feel it more. 

  • If your worried louise call your midwife. I'm sure she will arrange a check up for u to put your mind at rest. This is my second and the midwife has booked me in for a 25 week check by accident but I haven't said anything as thought would be good to have peace of mind.

    Doesnt hurt to call and speak to her x

  • I would call louise if your worried I don't think they will say no. I no when I rang they was more than happy to move it and mine was more for my own sake. 

    I noticed I'm getting a bigger array of movements sometimes I'm sure he's kicking from head down up to my ribs then others i can feel him kicking my bowel. 

    I've got a workshop on Thursday for looking after yourself in pregnancy and beyond which I hope might help me because I've been getting terrible backache and rib pain. 

    hope everyone is doing well x

  • Hey Louise hope you and tiny baba are okay today :) I've had a few Braxtons over the last few weeks I dunno if its just coz our bodies already remember pregnancy so we experience them earlier or are more aware of them than first time mummies.

    Hope everyone is okay todays been expensive little people cost so much lol next have some beautiful clorhws in for baby and toddlers I cnt help myself 

  • Thank you everyone . Am thinking of going for another scan. Hubby suggested I could have one for Mother's Day to put my mind at rest. What did you buy mummytoolley? I'm trying to be good at the moment as have spent too much recently. It's so expensive isn't it! 

  • i got some more stuff for ollys summer wardrobe :) shorts,  t-shirts, summer jacket, vests and a hoodie and got Charlie some more sleep suits, cardigans and rompers. Charlie is slowly taking over our room we cnt put it in his nursery coz it's full and we need to sort it out image

    This is what I think he will come home in 


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