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  • Aww how exciting mummytoolley xx Charlie's coming home outfit is gorgeous! ❤️

  • That's a lovely idea louise I wish someone would pay for me to see my little man again we can't really afford it as we have still got so much  to buy. Does anyone's belly button stick out ? I know they can but mine only really does it when I'm straining like sitting up or going to the loo it's really bugging me as I hate belly buttons anyway 🙈

  • Do you think it's a bit feminine Louise? And that will be a lovely present for mothers day I've asked for some daffodils and a finger painting off olly :) we cnt afford a lot atm with them both costing us the earth haha I need to order my buggy board yet 

  • no the outfit is perfect mummytoolley xx We can't really afford the scan so I may not have  one but I think hubby just knows how much I worry. 

  • Hi guys what do you think about people bringing children to a baby shower. my sister has organised  baby shower for the 13th of may and people have asked if they can bring their children and I might be abit selfish but I really don't want children there during the shower we are having drinks after which they are more then welcome to come To is that unreasonable ?

  • Thanks Louise and no that doesn't sound unreasonable Lillian it's your shower at the end of the day I dont know if I'm going to have one this time coz with it being my second I feel greedy lol 

  • My sister has organised a baby shower for me at the end of May and we won't be having any children there. 

    Trying not to buy any clothes until then bcause I know people buy loads but can't stop myself. Has anyone picked up the Emma's Diary Goodie Bags and Bounty Packs yet? Are they worth it? 

  • The Emmas diary ones I thought was rubbish got a tiny sample of streach mark button a pampers nappy and breast milk freezer bags. The information wasn't the useful either.

    i love your going home out fit I've not even thought about it myself. 

    Hope everyone is well today :) 

  • I've not bothered this time cgal they were rubbish when I got them with olly think I got a nappy, a sachet of nipple cream and a fairy washing up tablet in my bounty one lol mostly full of leaflets and junk. 

    Lillian thanks I was looking through his stuff last night and thort it was cute of course he won't be wearing that until just before he comes home incase the bounty photo people come round whilst I'm in.  ill be taking loads of other baby grows that he can spit up and pooh on lol 

  • Ladies I keep getting period like cramps hope everything is okay is anyone else experiencing this? 

  • Is it just stretching pain mummytoolly? I'm not having them atm but have had a various points. 

    i did a 14 miles charity walk yesterday and mixed with the start of a cold I currently can't sleep from aching knees, sides and a bunged up nose! Not helpful!! 

  • Oh dizzyd u are brave I cleaned the house n felt id ran a marathon. Hope u feel better soon currently battling through a cold and it's not nice!

    mummytoolly my back pains I've been getting are abit like period pain but they come and go. I notice I get them when I'm sat un supported on a chair or something. Or if I have been for a while. Hope they don't last too long x

  • 14 mile! You should see the nick of me yesterday just from walking around tesco. Pregnancy must suit you!

    On sat I was in the m^s cafe having a quick coffee waiting on my husband to pick me back up and ran into his aunt. She commented that I was looking down. Just explained how much I hate being pregnant and that now my pelvis hurts at the back I constantly feel like I've got a knife in it and it doesn't matter if I'm sitting standing lying. Just having a general big moan. Now my husband's cousin is 17 but she was born at 26 weeks with a rare condition that causes her all sorts of problems and had another that was still born. When she asked how many weeks I was at 25...can't believe I've got another 15 to go she pretty much made me feel like the worse person alive when she said I wish I had got those 15 weeks. I just wanted the ground to swollow me up. I know so many people can't have kids and lose kids and all I do is moan. I'm still grateful that it's me that's suffering and not the baby.

  • Thanks ladies theyre like period cramps in my abdomen that come and go I passed a huge clot of discharge as well which freaked me out coz I thort it was my mucus plug coming away 

  • I know it's so awful the lady at my work who lost her baby has come back to work Thursday and i just can't look at her bless her.

    maybe get it checked out you cannot be too safe. I'm at the midwife tomorrow when's everyone elses next appointment ? 

  • I imagine it's just some sort of braxton hicks mummytoolley but definitely best to get checked if you feel worried. There's no use feeling stressed when you don't need to xx 

  • Hope your pains have subsided today mummytoolley xx 

  • How are you feeling mummytoolly? 

    Its understandable to feel down Kat, you can't please everyone or be happy all of the time. 

    Aches feel slightly better now, hoping they'll go by tomorrow and I can sleep tonight! 

  • Hey ladies I'm not to bad my vagina feels sore today tho like pressure I'm off after tonight until Sat so it'll be nice to rest 

  • Glad you're going to be able to have a rest mummytoolley xx If it continues phone your midwife to put your mind at rest xx 

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