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  • Yeh I will chick Im hoping its all normal I remember having watery discharge with olly and pains so just hoping it's Charlie growing bigger I don't feel like im having contractions or anything. 

    How are we all ladies :) is anyone else as tired as me 

  • That's what I was like the other week really watery discharge but everything  ok. Might be around the stage of pregnancy.

    we put the cot up and draws today looks lovely and think hubby had the omg this is actually happening moment lol 😂 

  • I don't feel too tired mummytoolley but feel uncomfortable already. My boobs feel enormous and am sure my bump is bigger then it should be. Struggling to bend down and put shoes on etc. Think I will have to book in for a bikini wax as can't even see that area any more 😂

  • I feel exhausted but think it's harder with a toddler who is also so dependant on you and doesn't really get mummy needs to lie down so you're probably in the same boat although I don't think I had much energy first time round either i just napped more.

    I've bought a massive new nightie tshirt thing in a size 20-22 and it's amazing. I want to wear it all the time lol

  • If it's comfy then go for it Katt and yeh I don't get much rest time between working and running around after olly lol I remember with him feeling drained but being able to nap when needed. 

    Louise I can still manage mine only just it's a nightmare at work tho when the patients want theirs putting on lol I'm like lift your leg higher haha. I'm getting really sweaty under my boobs now its gross when I come homw from work can peel my bra off I have invested in some comfy nursing bras tho which are a good send. 

    Lillian I think it is normal at this stage just frightening I cnt wait til we all have our babies here and we can stop worrying 

  • Has anyone else started to feel the baby turning around. I have felt kicking for ages but this is something else - it's like it's discovered how to turn so is having a good swim around in there! 

    I am dreading the last trimester - everyone keeps saying how hard it is! i have had it really easy till now - didnt even realise I was pregnant until 8/9 weeks! Trying to prepare myself!! 

  • Hey Girls,

    Definitely feeling the first trimester tiredness making a come back. Baby is really active kicking wise especially at night which can be hard to sleep but always nice to feel none the less.

    My own problem at the moment is my boobs are SOOOO itchy. Theyre all dry and cracked underneath now ive gone from a 34C to a 38DD in 4 months so I imagine that's why haha.

    Enjoying this pregnancy so far none the less, Lets see what 3rd Trimester brings! only only 3 weeks to go.

  • Haha I feel all your pain regards the boob situation. I really struggle. I'm a 32g on a size 10-12 frame normally. But pregnancy takes me to a 34H!!! Painful is an understatement.  I'd love to be a DD cup on a normal basis. After his baby I'm done so will be looking into reductions. Can not wait!

  • Oh wow yes mine are dry and ithcy too had my mifewife appointment today all is well and I have some stuff for my heart burn now but I need surgery to fix the problem so that will just have to wait ! no blaming this one on being pregnant. 

    I did ask the midwife should I be having braxton hicks and she said it's not that common at this stage but it's defo happening and I no some of you guys have had them too so maybe they just don't know 

  • I've got a urine infection so need to try and get into the doctors tomorrow that would explain the pain in my back and stomach. I think it's working nights coz you dont drink as much as normal 

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  • I'm sure I've read that leakage can be normal but with anything if you're worried just phone the midwife department and someone will tell you.

    My boobs ache all the time. They look blue with the angry veins pulsing blood into them. I think I need to get re measured as since December they've probably got bigger.

    I'm suffering from constipation. My back was getting really sore and it took me a while to realise why so got those horrible orange fiber drinks so hopefully feeling better soon. The glamorous side of pregnancy. 

    I really need to go get my double buggy ordered but I'm still in two minds about getting a 2nd hand one. My son will only be 17 months when baby arrives do I know I'll get use out of it.

    I bought some 1 month baby grows and some vests for the hospital bag. I never had it done properly when I was told I was getting induced at 38 weeks so want to be prepared this time. I can't even remember what I used and didn't use. Hopefully not in as long this time, I don't want to be away from my son too long. Last time I went in on the Saturday to be induced and didn't get home until 10 pm on the Wednesday! 

  • Glad everyone is having the same boob problem and its not just me hehe!,

    Ah dear seems like we all have problems at the moment. My wisdom teeth are playing up again!! swollen on one side of my face... Its hard when you cant take Ibuprofen but pracetomol is helping a little.

    Hope everyone feels better soon. Going to pack my hospital bag this weekend just so its done hope I don't Jinx anything though!!.



  • Hey ladies sorry to hear you're all feeling poorly I've been started on antibiotics for seven days ill be so glad to get rid of this pain. I got to listen to Charlie's heartbeat during my appointment :) 

    I think I'll start packing my bag around 30 weeks 

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  • Yes miracmy Ive had it and i think several others have too still getting it and having to wear liners everyday. It's scary though x

  • Post withdrawn at user's request

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