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  • Miraclemummy, im having the same as well. It's really annoying and not exactly the nicest thing to be experiencing. its so confusing as it's changed so much throughout the pregnancy so far! 

  • Hi everyone, 
    We wanted to let you know about a couple of threads we're chatting about today.

    If you're already a mum, we we're wondering what you would like to receive as a gift this Mother's Day? Please come and tell us here. 

    If there are some of you who find Mother's Day tough, for whatever reason, please do come and share your thoughts on this different thread here. 

    Thank you 😊

  • I've also got it ladies and my wee is now yellow from my antibiotics it looks like space man wee. I'm so tired my day has been spent running around after olly :) 

    The new series of one born every minute starts on the 4th ladies :) 

  • Feeling annoyed. Finally made the decision that i was going to spend the money on the silver cross isofix base to make the school runs easier but then as I was about to order it I realised my car doesn't have isofix points!!!! Oh well at least I realised before I ordered I suppose. Hope you are feeling better mummytooley. 

  • Im on antibiotics as well now!

    and eeeek I love One born every minute. Its funny the thought of birth used to scare me and make me feel sick, but in the last few months I've found it to be so special and beautiful. cant wait to see how mine goes be it good or bad I know il get women are awesome!

  • My back is killing me today I cn barely move I dont know if it's connected to the water infection or just one thing after another rang my midwife all she said was take paracetamol which doesn't do anything

    Jade sorry to hear you're not well either. 

    I took olly to a local playgroup earlier two older boys there were bullying him they pushed him over outside and one of them slapped his face I didn't half tell them off it really upset me and I brought him home to play in the garden. 

  • Oh that's shocking! Where were the boys' mums?

    How is Olly now?

    My son got the MMR and other jags on Wed and he's been such a grump since. My DH is out tonight so sent the boy up to his grans for a couple hours for me to rest.

    I'm working tomorrow and not looking forward to it.

    I'm genuinely starting to panic what on earth I'm going to do to cope with two when I can barely cope with one. Somedays just don't think I'm cut out for it.

  • katt I think it's very to easy to think that when your pregnant and tired all the time and hormonal. Im sure youll be wonderful when your baby is here and they will play together when they get big enough.

    keep smiling ladies :) 

  • Hope u all are feeling better ended up crying last night as sore my baby boys room complete part from decorations image

  • Aww looks lovely. This might be abit tmi but what colour is everyone's discharge. It's driving me mad today so much of it its making me feel like a tramp ! some days it's just worse than others. 

  • Katt they were inside talking the two bigger boys were just ganging up on him for no reason it really upset me coz he was oblivious that they were being so mean to him when they pushed him over my heart broke at the look on his face I am wouldn't let him bully other children and I dont expect them to bully him. My mum gave me the boys will be boys speech which didn't help. Youll be a great mummy to two babies sweetie I feel the same Im always knackered as well and my back is really hurting me I cnt even put my own shoes on atm but just think they won't be small forever and we will look back on these days fondly xxx

  • Lovely nursery charlie you're so organised :) my furniture is still flat packed in the dinning room. 

    Lillian I seem to have a lot of it again horrible chunky creamy stuff sketches I've been wearing panty liners it's disgusting makes you feel unclean 

  • Lillian, mine seems to change on a daily basis. Few times last aeek was very watery ans clear and sometimes it's really yellow or white on my underwear. Its driving me crazy that ius changing so much! 

  • My father in law did it for us painted and put cot up they broughtus the changing table draws cost the all of £1 but so happy with it just moved everything around clothes wise into the draw and started packing hospital bag we have decided on coming home clothes image

  • is anyone buying tiny baby clothes ?  i don't know what sizes to buy in anything. 

    Thats so cute I need To start thinking about all of this hehe :)

  • Charlie your nursery is gorgeous xxx 

  • I've got 0 to 3 not buy new born Stuff have packed a 3 to 6 outfit as well just incase

  • Atm I've got newborn but more 0_3 months coz they don't last five minutes in them I've started getting 3-6 month as well coz they grow fast lol especially if they're not small to begin with. I'm going to order my nursery paint etc to be delivered next weekend I need to get it done and out the way, it's so nice out today and I'm on bloody night's again cnt wait to finish 

  • imageSo far we have bought little bits and pieces but mainly 0-3 and newborn 

  • That's so cute cgal :) it's so weird to think that in a few months our babies will be in these outfits 

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