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Due in July 2017 - Part 3



  • Seems fine where it is. I like it how you call her your husband's mum rather than your mother in law. I do that all the time. Someone said oh I saw your brother in law and I was like who? Lol.

    I'm back on crutches :-( only really need them for walking to work and back but I think I'm going to amend my finish date and end at the end of April. 

    I feel massive this time but was really small the first so I'm probably just proper size. I'm not back at midwife for 2 weeks

  • It looks lovely 😊 

  • Madie sorry to hear youre going through such a tough time atm i agree with the girls it does seem strange that he's being so defensive over nothing I would ask him outright about it you and your baby deserve the truth.

    Charlie I love your nursery I ordered Charlie's stuff yesterday should be here next week 

  • i feel massive image

  • imageYou've all got lovely neat bumps! I just look like a blob!! 

  • Charlie your nursery is so lovely! Leave your nursing chair where it is. Hubbys mum has to realise it's your baby xx

    sorry to hear about your situation Madie. How has he been tonight? 

  • Hope you're alrite Madie xx

  • this is my first and I feel really big too but I explained learned to love it. at first I was being stupid worrying about weight gain lol but now my babys moving inside me all I care about is his health in there. 

    and Louise your bump is lovely. you do not look like a blob! haha xx


  • Sorry i meant i *actually* learnt to love it* haha

  • Aww jade I love your dress I'm loving now the nicer weather has come and I cn wear stuff that make me look more pregnant and less fat haha 😂 although I seem to be missing most of these lovely days due to bloody work I'm off for a nap before my shift tonight have a lovely day ladies whatever you're doing xxxx

  • Ah thanks, Only primark. Gonna get a few more summary bits its getting warmer!.

    Have a good shift! xx

  • I will do bbe thanks. It's my bday soon and l I'm debating getting maternity stuff or just larger normal clothes 

  • Am struggling at the moment. Don't seem to be able to sleep at all. So uncomfortable. I seem  to have got some sort of sciatica or if that's not hurting it's my back 😔

  • Aww louise I feel for you it's so hard when your back hurts I tend to have good weeks and bad weeks. I've tried changing my pillows and using an extra one between my legs and my siatic nerve isnt playing up as much now.

    i feel like my legs are retaining fluid its really unconftable when I'm bending down. 

    Hlope everyone is well it's April !! cannot believe we will be hitting the 6month mark! 

  • Make sure you're not constipated, that always makes my back feel worse. 

    Was at a christening today and I'm just done in.

    Once my son goes to bed I'm going to bed too lol.

  • Bless u Katt I feel like that most nights once olly is in bed toddlers are exhausting. 

    Lillian I think my feet are retaining fluid as well they ache so much I don't know what to do with myself. 

    Hope you feel better Louise I'm suffering with alot of Backache atm 

  • Yeah it's so annoying cuz you can't lye on your back to put your legs up which is annoying. You end up in a u shape lol 😂 

  • I cnt even use my pregnancy pillow atm coz it's massive and it's uncomfortable lol waste of money 

  • Thanks ladies. Just about to go to bed but know I won't sleep again. I will try a pillow tonight and see if that helps. Hope you are all having a lovely weekend. Hope you are ok Madie? 

  • Hey ladies, hope you're all feeling better this morning. 

    finally on holiday from work which is great and got 25 week midwife appointment on Tuesday so looking forward to that. Going away to Spain on Thursday to visit family so trying to sort out travel insurance, it doesn't actually let you disclose your pregnancy so slightly concerned about it tbh.

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