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  • I'm a travel insurance agent. They don't let you declare pregnancy because pregnancy is not an illness. As long as you aren't travelling against any medical advice you are fully insured. Just make sure if you've got any other conditions declared. If you want any more help just send me a PM.

  • Thanks Katt. Shall make sure the other things are declared :) it said on money supermarket to check small print but it doesn't seem to mention anything about pregnancy. 

  • Hi ladies thanks for the well wishes, hes swore blind that it isn't true but the person who its come from really has no reason to lie so I'm a little bit stuck in limbo, ive told him id drop it because he basically turned it all around on me and im the bad guy?? obviously spying isn't a good idea but I'm going to do my own bit of digging just because I really need to know whether it's true or not. Hopefully I won't drive myself mad! 

    Hope you're all well and not aching too much! We really haven't got that long to go now eep! Xx

  • Happy Monday everyone!

    Starting 27 weeks this Thurs. How crazy. One more week and im in third trimester!!!

  • I was 27 on Saturday I'm leading the charge lol.

    I forgot how even crutches doesn't make train goers any more sympathetic. I said to a guy if he felt the need to kick my crutches one more time I'd ram one up his arse.

    I've amended my mat leave and holiday requests so after my shift on 26/04 I'm done

  • I finish 28th April. Can't wait! 

  • Oh wow Ladies I wish I could start that early ! does everyone have everything in place for their babies and when are you packing your bags ? 

  • Nah I've bought 4 baby grows lol. 

    I'm trying to decide between a new or 2nd pram. A woman advertised a brand new one at 350 and when I contacted her made it 400 but a brand new one would be like 750. Bloody double buggies.

    I need to get a new moses basket and a new bouncer but I've got everything else from before.

    I'm only finishing early cause my holidays start today so I've got a years worth to take. Only takin 10 days mat leave early but I'm due the 1st so probably why it seems even earlier.

  • Oh wow that's good about your holidays im taking a few weeks here and there then two weeks before my mat leave. 

    The hospital run antenatal exercise sessions which I enquiried about today and think I'm going to attend on my lunch break at work. Really need to do something and doing it while theres professionals there makes me feel better about it all. 

  • I'm finishing on the 25th may for 5 weeks holiday and then taking from the 3rd of July off as mat leave due the 10th july

  • I'm going to try and go up as long as I can. I'm not overly huge yet and things aren't too difficult yet so I am going to see how I go. Hoping to save as many holidays as I can for after the baby's born. I'm due on the 2nd July and if I take too much time off before I will end up shopping and spending loads of money 

  • Im lucky as I'm not going back to work after having the baby so it doesn't really matter when I finish. I work in a school so I've only actually got this  week then it's the Easter holiday for 2 weeks then I have  one more week. My other babies all came about 3 weeks early so I thought I'd finish earlier so I still had time to sort house out etc before baby came. Feel dreadful today - full of cold and so so tired. 

  • Hey ladies glad to see you're all well some of you are so lucky starting your maternity within the next few weeks im gonna work til the first week of June then take my years annual leave followed maternity leave. I'll be going back in Jan tho as that's when my leave becomes smp which we cnt live off unfortunately. Spent today looking at nurseries for olly cnt believe how expensive they are 

  • I finish work for good on the 12th of May. Only 6 weeks to go! i cant wait. I have a lot to prepare.

    & MummytoOlly, I didnt even know nurseries had to be paid for!! i thought the goverment paid for them.

  • A friend of mine in work has his 2 children in nursery for the full day and it costs him £1800 a month. No wonder some people don't go back to work - some people can't afford to go back.

    We are lucky we have family around us and my husband works from home so it's not too bad. But I can see why some people would struggle.


  • have you looked into childcare vouchers mummytoolley? I'm sure you would be eligible for some help with costs. 

  • image

    There it stats you get 15 hours free a week sometimes from 2 on wards that might be helpful. 

    It might be worth looking at child minders they tend to be cheaper than nurserys at least til you can get your free hours 

  • Hey ladies thanks for the info Louise I cnt get any help coz together our wages are too high we don't qualify for any benefits either. We settled on one near us called the cottage its beautiful and everyone seems friendly. Atm olly is doing three days a week 8-3 and it's costing us 420 a month I had to pay a month fees upfront today and 40 quid registration fee it amazes me how they can charge so bloody much. 

    Jade they are free for all children 3_4 years but the government will only pay for 15 hours a week. 

  • Gosh that is a lot of money mummytoolley!! Will you be able to save that money while you are on maternity leave  or will you still have to send him so as to keep his place? 

  • I'll have to send him to keep his place open chick if needs be ill have to go back to work earlier than expected will see how we manage on maternity pay. 

    Hope you're all doing well ladies feels like Charlie's doing somersaults in my belly this morning weird feeling lol 

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