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Due in July 2018 - Part 2

Hello everyone, 

This is a new continuation thread for the Due in July 2018 peeps, as the original thread has become huge and now has so many pages, it's getting a bit hard to load.

We've posted a link to this new thread on the old thread, so hopefully everyone will be able to find it easily enough.




  • Shiny new thread! 

    How was everyones weekends? Who else has a scan this week? Mine is tomorrow! 

  • Hi MrsE 

    my weekend was lovely and chilled Thank you hope yours was too.  My scans not until 13th.

  • I’m having a little boy!!!!

    it was my secret preference. We’ve been to mothercare and got some boy bits and i’ve cried A LOT today. My mum and OH daughter (shes 11) came with us and we all cried.

    happy excited emotional wreck!

  • Awww, congratulations on being team blue!

  • Mrs e I had a great weekend thanks! Went to the zoo on saturday and celebrated my little brother turning 18 yesterday! How was your weekend? Good luck with your scan tomorrow! Are you still definitely not finding out the gender? 

    Joner congratulations that’s great news!! Welcome to team blue!! 

  • Congratulations Joner 

    I think ile stick with the mini cot idea (for now), if she doesn’t sleep well I will have the carry cot from the pram as back up and failing that we can just go buy whatever we need.  It’s not a money saving thing it’s a space and waste saving thing.  

  • Definitely not finding out the gender. I can't believe I'm being so restrained, especially when my husband wants to know!

    Today is a bit of a weird day - it's our angel baby's due date so although I'm not feeling as sad as I thought I would it's still on my mind. Healthier to look forward rather than back though and we have so much still to look forward to xx

  • Has anyone had any cravings yet? I’ve started craving lollies and it’s the weirdest and most annoying this ever, the sugar is super bad but i think that’s the part that I’m craving 

  • Mrs e once you get passed tomorrow there won’t be anymore temptation! Must be so difficult if your husband wants to know! Well done to you! Definitely healthier to look forward, my angels due date is next Friday, I’m dreading it ☹️

    Emma I’ve craved rocket lollies and Costa hot chocolates! 😂 

    is everyone planning On breastfeeding? 

  • Hot chocolates and sandwiches have been my main cravings. They haven't been the sort of cravings where its like 'I have to have it now!' but they're definitely what I've fancied when I've been thinking about lunch or a treat. 

    Sending big hugs MummytoLily - I feel so lucky to be pregnant and to have got pregnant first month of trying (I had an ectopic pregnancy so had to take 3 months off TTC) but it's hard not to think of what could have been, especially when two of my closest friends have had February babies.

    I'm planning on exclusively breastfeeding - are you all getting a pump & bottles just in case or seeing how you go with it?  

  • mummytolily i was going to ask about breast feeding, aside from sharing the night feeds and sore boobs i cant see any good reason not to but i know some people just do not do it, i wondered what everyone thought as i didnt know if i was missing something that i havent considered. 

    Personal choice is fine, i wouldnt question anyones decision or reasons but i have been thinking it over.

  • Mrs e I completely get where you’re coming from you feel So lucky to be pregnant again but it doesn’t take away the pain of a lost one ☹️ I know how you feel with your friends as well mybest friend found out she was pregnant the same week I miscarried, as much as you are Happy for them it still hurts for you, but it’s our turn now xD 

    i want to breastfeed this time I never did with lily but I have bought the tommee tippee ultimate breast and bottle feeding set so it comes with bottles breast pump milk storage bags & sterilised, I want to express a little as well so oh can also feed him & ive had a few friends who haven’t been able to do anything because baby will completely refuse a bottle so I want him to be comfortable with a bottle as well but mainly breast and all breast milk if possible obviously I know sometimes things don’t work out but that’s what im hoping for! 

  • mummytolily My plan is to breast feed and introduce a bottle for night feeds soon as breastfeeding is comfortable for us both. Probably around 6-8 weeks.

    My first midwife appointment is on the 5th hopefully all is in order, going to discuss the option of a home birth. What are people's opinions of home birth?

    I'm finally confident enough to ask people to give up their seats for me on the train, my commute is crazy busy and have already fallen once don't want to risk it happening again. Baby on board badge is so small no one sees it

  • I don’t want to breastfeed, I think all of you that want to are amazing but I feel like the whole of pregnacy is based mostly on the woman, like we get to experience all the amazing things and all the not so amazing things too, so I want my partner to be able to share in the bonding when feeding her and I know we could do that while still breastfeeding by expressing the milk and it’s just now got to the point where I feel comfortable in my decision, I was worried people were going to judge me but now I don’t honestly care if they do or not because I’m doing what I feel is best for my little family 

  • Emze what line do you travel on? I’ve been wearing my badge and so far people have dived out the way to offer me their seat, i’ve seen many heavily pregnant women ignored before though so half expecting it soon.

    Emma you’re doing whats right for you and your family and thats the perfect thing to do, people likely will judge at some point but its your family and your choice, sod anyone with an opinion that you’re not doing the right thing.

    i think with lots of pregnancy and baby related things there are so many different options and routes to take, provided we’re each comfortable and happy with our choices as far as im concerned we’re doing the right thing. Sod judgey people i say!

  • *if* people judge you Emmaa it says more about them than you. Like all decisions in pregnancy and beyond it’s such a personal decision and what’s right for one woman isn’t for another. Fed is best & if Mum is happy baby is happy. 

    There’s enough pressure on Mums as it is and I don’t think it’s fair that a lot of organisations (NCT, NHS) try to pressure Mums into breastfeeding. Having a newborn is hard enough without being told ‘what’s best’. 

    I have to admit before getting pregnant the idea of breastfeeding freaked me out but I do want to give it a go - the fact that it’s free is a huge driver 🙈 I know it’s also good to help your uterus contract back so maybe my reasons for breastfeeding are a little selfish! 

  • I plan on breastfeeding too, but will be getting myself a pump for the times when baby doesn't want to feed and I'm about to burst, for helping my milk come in and building up stocks for weaning/bathing/balm making. It's a very personal choice tho and wouldn't judge anybody who chose differently. It's bloody hard to begin with and if you've had a difficult pregnancy and/or labour then the idea of trying to establish breast must be horrific!

  • Emmaa09 it's totally your decision 

  • MrsE is right with the *if* and the following point. Mine sounded a bit ranty. I’ve had a name suggestion frowned upon today so a little ranty about opinions, hormonal much!

    i’m going to give it a go provided the little fella is happy, im happy and OH is happy, If it doesnt work for us then we’ll try another route.

  • Joner57 it's a train into Waterloo. I just need to speak up people are usually happy to get up. 

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