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The Due in July 2018 Big Birth Announcement Thread

Hello everyone!

July 2018 is around the corner, so we thought it was time for the members of the Due in July 2018 birth club, to have your own special thread for your birth announcements.

Please use it to tell us all about your labour and birth, and your first moments with your newborn – and we'll come and shower you with congratulations and this gorgeous super soft Gerri Giraffe comforter, thanks to those lovely people at Gro Store

Good luck everyone! We can't wait to hear all about your baby's first few moments!




  • Looking forward to this! 🤗

  • Crombo!! i just saw a notification pop up that you had posted and i went in to excited /  panic mode, i thought you were posting as it was starting to kick off for you already...


  • Joner that’s so funny! No sign of her kicking off yet but do feel the odd “uh oh” moments lol. 

    We had our second NCT class yesterday, our trainer put treacle in the doll’s nappies to make it realistic, it was hilarious 🤣. We feel so much more prepared than we did a few weeks back. 

    Friday was quite stressful for me; I had a bit of a meltdown but i’m fine now, just putting it down to ‘bloody hormones!‘ I went into Clarins and booked myself a pregnancy massage but they can’t fit me in until 24 June...I would have taken it there and then if a slot was available lol. Hair colour and cut is booked too for a couple of weeks. I desperately need some “me” time. I’ve also treated myseld to a set of Espa relaxation reeds, they were £40 which seems steep but I’m hoping they will help during labor 🙏🙏. 

    Is anyone else planning to take anything special into the birthing room with them? 

  • I'm getting nervous now, im 38 weeks today..

    I did say I'd laminate my take a break magazine so it was waterproof for the birthing pool 😂😂

    We're 3/5ths engaged.. xx

  • We have a brand new shiny baby boy! 5lbs 4oz born at 5am Today image 

    labour was very fast and started with what I can only describe as very strong period cramps stomach and back on Sunday at 7am/ I felt rotten all day but it did subside. I was very emotional the day before and had an irrational howl of tears over something and nothing. 

    Braxton hicks on and off throughout the next day. 

    Monday i woke up and went about my day however I slept in until 9:40- something I haven’t done in months. We even went to Costco and did the usual maternity leave pottering.

    I noticed about 2pm that I was shattered and told the husband I’d need a nap when we got home. We got home around 4 and by 5 I was convinced the baby was lay transverse high up because it was getting really tight over and over. Rang triage and went in around 6:30. They scanned and traced and bubba was fine and head down engaged, cervix was soft but very high. Whilst there I went into the latent phase of labour and was having regularly tightenings. 

    we were sent home and told to call if we got to pains every 3 minutes lasting a minute. Well by 10:30 I needed to poop so was on the loo and pop went my waters. I proceeded to vomit and then have a bath. By 12 I was calling my mum to come get us and take us to hospital. At 12:30 I was told I was just 2cm and couldn’t have any pain related, they sent me up to sleep on antinatal ward. 

    at 4:30am I was examined and was 5cm!! I was so excited as all I had been given was 1 pethadine dose. I was to be moved to delivery but waiting on a bed, got gas and air in the meantime. 

    just before 5am I had shouted that I needed to push. They tried to start the transfer to the delivery suite and at that point I could feel the bubbas head. 

    He was born in 4 pushes, no tearing and extremely little and a bit cold with low blood sugars. These have raised now but we are staying in tonight- my advice ladies - it’s as bad as they say but I’ve already forgotten less than 12 hours later and I’m totally in love 😍 with my new number one - Good Luck xx

  • Congratulations MrsMac 🎉

  • Oh wow, congratulations xx

  • Congratulations MrsMac 

  • Congratulations lovely news x

  • Hooray Mrsmac! We'd love to see a pic if you fancy sharing one, and do let us know if you've named him - we hope you're both doing well.

  • Oh congratulations!!! Xx

  • HUGE congrats!! 

  • Our baby girl was born at 2.50am on the 10th July - one day after her Daddy’s birthday & one day before her due date.

    We had a Thai curry Saturday night followed by an ‘early night’ & I started with mild pains on Sunday at 4am, about 7 mins apart and 40 secs in length - I also had bloody mucus so thought something was starting to happen. However I managed to get back to sleep and they had gone by the morning.

    That morning I had a bath with clary sage & at 11am we went for a walk to the local retail park to try and get things moving and when we got back to the house at 1pm I was having some more powerful surges so bounced on my birthing ball and watched a film. By 7pm I had 2 paracetamol and a bath which didn’t touch the pain. My surges were irregular and not very strong but we went to hospital at 9pm and I was told I was in early labour and sent home with some cocodamol. I had a bloody show in hospital but the midwife said it could be a few days before i got into established labour, especially with it being my first baby.

    I had surges throughout the night but they weren’t regular, around every 20 mins which meant I had no sleep so by Monday morning I was exhausted! The cocodamol didn’t touch the pain and made me violently ill so my husband went to Boots and got me a TENS machine which was a lifesaver! I was contracting throughout the day but still very irregular so we went for another walk to try and get them to a more regular interval but to no avail. By 11pm I was in tears as I was so exhausted so we decided to head to the hospital to see if they could help. 

    We got there at 11.45pm and the midwife on duty said that there was nothing she could offer unless I was in established labour but she said she would examine me so I knew what was going on. At midnight I was 2cm dilated and the midwife advised we go home but said she wouldn’t turf us out as she could see I was contracting, she recommended a bath so I tried that but it wasn’t as affective as the TENS machine so I continued with that when I was out and dry. By this time every contraction I felt like I needed the toilet & was having a show with every contraction. I also felt like I needed the biggest poo of my life. This rang alarm bells with the midwife as that is the feeling ladies get when they’re further along so she told me to go with my body and carry on. She couldn’t examine me again due to the infection risk so I carried on.

    By this point I was on all fours on the mats on the floor and rocking back and forth during contractions. My husband went to the car to get our bags as I needed an energy boost & while he was gone my waters went at 2.15am! At this point the midwife got me gas & air as I’d requested it so I was using that and the boost button on the TENS machine when contractions came. I’d gone from 2cm to 10cm in just over 2 hours!

    I pushed for 35 mins using the combination of TENS and gas & air and baby was born on the floor at 2.50am, less than 3 hours after I’d been admitted onto the MBC in early labour, Baby was passed through my legs and my husband told me she was a girl. It was the most primal, euphoric experience of my life! We had skin to skin straight away while my placenta was delivered (which took 25 mins!) and my husband had some time with baby while I received stitches for a second degree tear (which I didn’t even feel!) 

    My husband then ran me a bath while the midwives made us a cup of tea and we were moved into another room to get some rest and give baby her first feed. I didn’t get any sleep as I was too full of adrenaline and we were allowed to go home less than 12 hours after I gave birth. 

    For all of you awaiting the arrival of your babies, it’s the most amazing experience of your life and I’m so excited to hear your stories!!!

  • Congratulations Mrs E, wonderful birth story.  Good on you fo going with your feelings 

  • Massive congratulations mrse! Such lovely news! And a baby girl eeeeeek how exciting! Does she have a name Yet? & how much did she weigh? Hope you’re both doing well 

    mrsMac massive Congrats to you to! I completely missed your birth announcement! Hope you’re both also doing well! 

  • Her name is Áine Florence and she was 6lb 14oz!

  • HUGE congrats MrsE. What an amazing story! Well done also for listening to your body. xx

  • MrsE2016, that is the most wonderful birth story - congratulations and thank you so much for sharing it! We'd love to see a pic of Aine, if you fancy sharing one. 

  • Here’s our little squish at 2 days old. She was 6lb 14oz at birth and dropped to 6lb 3oz on day 3. She’s now 6lb 8oz at 5 days old and charms every single person she meets! 


  • Harry was born today 8 days late - 19th July 2018 at 14.21pm he’s absolutely perfect! My waters went at 8am and contractions started at 9.30am, I had a Midwife home visit to do another sweep at 12pm anyway so i thought I’d keep the appointment and see how Everything was going as I wanted to stay at home as long as possible this time, she checked me over at 1pm when contractions were every 2/3 minutes apart lasting a minute each time, I was 6cm and she said you’re going to go to 10cm very quickly if you don’t go to the hospital now you’ll be having your baby in the car 😬 so we got to the hospital at 2pm and as we pulled up outside I was having a contraction and had the urge to push luckily the fear of giving birth in the car park made me hold on a bit longer 😂 I had at most 20 minutes of gas and air as pain relief and he came into the world, at 14.21pm so chilled out! Weighing 7lb 6oz he’s absolutely perfect! We managed to get home by 7.20pm and he got to meet his big sister 💗💙 


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