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  • Hi babymamma1 congratulations. I had a midwife appointment on the day I found out I worked out 40 weeks from my last period and that’s July 9th I told the midwife this and she confirmed I was correct. I have another appointment a week today and I will be 6 weeks and 6 days then, I also have 3 apps telling me the same due date, so I can only assume it’s correct. I’m thinking of booking an early scan so I can tell family and friends Christmas Day .. xx

  • Hi Ladies,

    Congrats to all the new BFP ladies who have just joined! So exciting. Well, I have full blown nausea and vomiting. It's seriously exhausting, but I'm really happy that I have it.

    We told my parents last night. They were over the moon! Really hoping this one sticks, we're so ready for a happy healthy baby this time around.

    Hope everyone is doing well!

  • Hiya

    just got my midwife appointment booked for first week of December and I just wanted to ask what to expect? 

    Also is anyone still working out and how much? 

  • Anyone had any lower middle cramps? Should I be worried? They just came on tonight x

  • Tinkerbelle I have had a few days on and off wrh cramping stretching pains and twinges, normally I can the afternoon/evening.

    apparently supposed to be normal and nothing to be concerned about unless you are bleeding or in unbearable pain! ☺️

  • Thank you hun. Its nice to know it’s kotmsl and others experienc it too xx

  • Hi LittleBirdy,

    I've cut back a bit, still go for about 1.5-2 hours of moderate paced walking. I have to be careful of weights and cardio as my blood sugars have been dropping (I'm type 1 diabetic), but I think you're fine otherwise. You can always call your nurse/OB to be sure.

    Tinkerbelle, I've had some mild cramping today as well. I was really nervous when they first came, it felt like AF was going to start. They're gone now though, hopefully they're just normal pregnancy cramps :)

  • Thanks hopefulmama2019, I’m going to cut back on spin and hard cardio. 

    I had cramps today and some spotting, I tend to get the in the morning then they ease off. my period due date was 15th so keep worrying that it may be AF, even though I’ve had about 10 positive tests 🙈

  • I had spotting the two days before AF was due as well. Apparently that's implantation bleeding :)

  • I’m out ANOTHER Mc my test is lighter today I’m so broken I can’t do this anymore thank you ladies wish you all happy and healthy 8months ❤️🙏🏼 xxxx 

  • How many weeks are you Hun? X

  • beore you panic read the hook effect. It started to happen to me. I weed in a cup did a test then diluted it with water so 2 parts water one part urine and tested again and the diluted urine was darker. Try that first before you panic xx

  • I’m 5 weeks few days I think xx 

  • Try that what I said hun and if still in doubt get some betas if your not bleeding. x

  • MrsCaines, I really hope this isn't a miscarriage. You can always go to emergency and ask for a Beta HCG test (probably too early for a scan). I'm crossing my fingers for you! xx

  • Thank you everyone 😊 I’m going to try doing! . My boobs have stopped hurting I’m not cramping or bleeding yet xxxx I had a scan Friday xx

  • My boobs stop hurting all the time it drives me mad. Hope for a good outcome Friday xx

  • Thank u hun x x 

  • fingers crossed for you Mrs Caines, hope you’re ok xx 

  • What a roller-coaster! This was my THIRD scan today, the baby is the right size and we saw a heartbeat, but it was beating at 122bpm, and the OB would like to see it at 160-180. Now we have to go back next Friday to make sure it has improved. I guess I should be happy I get to see the little bean growing each week, but I get so stressed out with each visit. Crossing my fingers that the heart rate goes up and we have a healthy baby.

    Wishing you the best MrsCaines, keep us updated, hope all goes well tomorrow!! xx

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