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  • Me too! I’m so worried as I feel normal x

  • Maybe in the next few weeks we'll start getting all the symptoms 🤞🤞

    I have those cheap one step pregnancy test off Amazon. I've been using 1 sometimes 2 a day. I think I need help 🙈 xx

  • I've been doing the same, I just took my last First Response this morning, 2 very dark, solid lines, so hopefully that's a good thing. I just got my first appointment for this Thursday. I thought, I would feel more relaxed, but it's actually stressing me out even more! Uhhhh, there's no winning haha!

  • I know 🙈 everytime I go to the loo I'm terrified. I'll just try and not stress and take each day as it comes x

  • Lol Ive just ordered some! Ive got ages till the viability scan! I need help too lol! Maybe acting frantic and crazy is a symptom lol! I just want to be struck down with the lot lol 😂 x

  • Im the same tinkerbelle I'm hoping that when I run out I won't buy more but can't promise that lol. Im thinking of booking an early scan for around the 9 week mark xx

  • I have to have one at 6 weeks with it being ivf. It is to make sure everything is in the right place and for them to advise on med etc. Hopefully I will see something. That’s the downside of a very early scan, sometimes you don’t see much, which worries you more xx

  • I found out Monday image I’m only 4 weeks along! Feeling nervous but obviously very excited. 

    Ive booked in for an early ultra sound with a private clinc for 3 weeks time to listen to the heartbeat! X 

  • Welcome and congratulations LD12245
    And good morning everyone else too. How are you all feeling today? 

  • Tinkerbelle79, I know what you mean. My scan is tomorrow, I will only be 5 weeks along. But my last pregnancy was a miscarriage so they want to make sure everything looks okay and see if they need to put me on progesterone, etc. I'm really nervous they wont see anything and that will just make this worse.

  • Good luck with your scan hun. Let us know how you get on. Mine too ended in a missed miscarriage last time so I totally understand how your feeling  xx

  • Terrible, isn't it. It gives you so much false hope when you have a missed miscarriage. I didn't realize how common they were!

  • Oh I see tinkerbelle. Fingers crossed everything is how it should be xx

  • Fingers crossed for you tomorrow hopefulmama. That's the worry isnt it because miscarriage is so common. 🤞🤞

    I feel run down today, felt a bit naustious but think it's just all the Halloween madness lol. Anyone else feel like at any minute their period will start? Hoping I'm not the only crazy person 🤣 xx

  • Yes fingers crossed it’s all good for is all. I felt run down today too. Crampy and heavy feeling. I’m thirsty all the time so that’s driving me potty lol x

  • Thanks Broodyfor2. No, you aren't the only one. I literally cried myself to sleep last night convinced I wasn't pregnant (no reason for this whatsoever, maybe it's the hormones?).

  • you’re not the only ones ladies don’t worry, I’m cramping like crazy and feeling a bit sick! I had my midwife appointment on Tuesday and she’s dated me at 9.5 weeks but thinks I’ll be earlier (just because my periods were all over the place!) I’ve got a scan in November 🤗 xxx

  • Hello everyone! I just found out yesterday I am pregnant, this is my first pregnancy And im still unsure how to feel about it, we werent trying to conceive. I am just curious how old most moms here are? I am 25, from san diego. Really hoping i can find someone close to my age I can chat with.

    Congrats to all who were trying and made it here! 


  • Tinkerbelle I am the exact same drinking lots of water which is just making me per more. I'm even worried to drink too much tea because of the caffeine!!

    Hopefulmama that makes me feel better we're all in the same boat x

    How long til you started feeling sick peachy? Most people have been saying from 6 weeks onwards. Im praying for more positive side effects lol. 

    Hi Bailey. Im 29, was pregnant with my first child at 26. So was your BFP a shock then? Congrats to you xx

  • Hey! I’m 26, from England and got my BFP last week! I‘m just over 4 weeks pregnant and have just sent my details to the hospital so now waiting for a letter with my appointments for my 1st booking and my 12week scab 😀

    I feel so anxious the whole time because I don’t want abything to go wrong and waiting another 8 weeks for a scan feels like torture at the moment! How many have you have booked and paid for private scans earlier please?? I’m starting to think it’ll be money well spent!


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