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Due in July 2019



  • Hi ladies,

    how is everyone? 

    This morning we found out that we are having another beautiful little boy 💙 


  • Aw babysparkle congratulation. I find out the gender tomorrow 😬🙌🏼 I’m so excited! Then I’m having a gender reveal party tomorrow afternoon!! Xx

  • Thank you steviie our son is not happy about it at all haha, good luck for today let us know how you get on.


  • Congrats Babysparkle, I'm sure your son will be quite happy when he figures out he's got a lifetime friend 😉

  • That’s what we keep telling him hopefulmama, we Are just going to involve him in everything and know he will come round, he’s not very well at the moment so I just think he wasn’t having a very good day yesterday and that tipped him over the edge haha xx

  • Hey girls! So I had my gender party yesterday and imagewe are having a little boy!💙

  • Congrats, Steviie! It's so exciting to find out the gender, makes it even more real :)

  • Hopefulmama It definitely does 😬xx

  • I just felt my first real movement! It felt like she kneed me in the belly! EEEEk! I've never been so excited to be kicked in the stomach, haha! Anyone else feel anything yet?

  • Aw that’s lovely! How many weeks are you? I just keep feeling some kind of twictes and flutters every now and then xx

  • Congratulations to those who know the gender. I’ll be finding out on the 20th. I’ve been feeling baby kicks since 17 weeks. It’s so special but really wierd at the same time. 

  • Steviie, I'm 19wks, 4 days. I felt some flutters every now and then since 18 weeks, but now I can't mistake it for gas, that was a full-on movement :)

  • Massive congratulations Steviie, More boys :)

    The best part of pregnancy is definitely the movements, Last night I felt me first tiny little movement, With my last pregnancy the placenta was at the front so only really felt kicks in my bits as he was breach but this time it is at the back so expecting to feel alot more this time.


  • Awww congratulations Steviie!!! Let the shopping for boys stuff begin! Xx

  • 20 weeks today! Feels so good to be at the halfway point. Hope everyone is well xx

  • Aw Thanks girls!🙊😁💙. I’ve bought a few bits already! I just want to buy everything though haha. 

    ive started to feel little flutter feelings every now and then I can’t wait until  can feel proper kicks xx

  • Guess it's been about 10 weeks since I posted so thought I would post an update. Update: I know I haven't been on here in a good while but I haven't forgotten you ladies. As of today I am 18w4d. We found out at 17w that we are having a boy. I have been dealing with kidney stones lately. Other than that things are good. Here is our lil boy at 17w.image

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  • imagewhat do u think people. Boy or girl?🙂

  • Hi girls! Hope you’re all okay and congrats on your gender scans!!! Have any of you looked into changing bags yet? We bought ours in Selfridges yesterday, it’s Tiba+Marl and OMG it’s bloody amazing! It looks fab but also really practical and although slightly pricey it’s 100% worth it! I couldn’t stand walking around with a bag with duck print all over it xximage

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