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  • Xlauren89x, Isn't so exciting to finally have a little bump. Just wait until you start feeling the kicks, it's really fun, unless you have to pee that is! Haha.

    We saw our little monkey this morning, laying there with her arms behind her head and legs WIDE open. The OB told me that there's no mistaking that's a girl, especially since she was showing us quite clearly today. She's been quite energetic in there, I feel her moving almost three times a day, everyday for a good 10 minutes.

  • Hopfulmama2019 Oh how fantastic!! How amazing. How many weeks are you? Is this your first? X

  • Xlauren89x,

    I'm 21wks (+1) and second pregnancy, but this will be our first baby, we miscarried in June. It's really great being able to feel all the movements, very reassuring!

  • Really sorry to hear about your miscarriage. So glad all is well xx

  • Hey all!

    hope you are all well.

    we have our 20 week scan this week, so excited to see him/her again! Been feeling proper kicks the past few days, husband felt them too As they are getting stronger!

    We have decided on Albie Thomas for a boy (Thomas is a family tradition on husbands side) and Everleigh Rose (Rose after my Nanny) for a girl. we aren’t finding out the gender!

    Wecan’t decide how to spell Everleigh though, I first liked it as Everleigh but deciding between that and Everly. Only thing putting me off the second way is it reminds me of Beverley 😂 what do you think? Trying to get an outsiders view without asking people close to us.


  • Hey Marnie  Lovely names! I prefer Everleigh. 

    We were watching that dancing show last night and love the name Eleiyah now. 

    how have you been doing? I’ve been having some really bad cramping down my left side. I was worried but they seemed to have settled. My friends have all convinced me it’s just stretching pains being 18 weeks. 19 on Tuesday! I can’t wait till our 20 week scan! Good luck! X

  • Thanks! 

    wow that’s a beautiful name, never heard of it before! 😍

    ive been really good thanks. Felt so much more energy since 15 weeks, but to be honest I’ve had it quite easy really. No sickness, went off food for a couple of weeks but apart from that no major symptoms. Well saying that the worst thing I’ve had is nipple pain.. from when I suddenly get cold it honestly feels like someone has my nipples in clamps and is twisting them 😳😂 that may be too much information but hey its part of being preggers 😂

    i started pregancy yoga last week and really enjoyed it, looking forward to going back this week. ☺️

  • Hey, hope everyone is feeling good? Nice to hear all the exciting things from everyone 😁 as everyone is having summer babies what type of clothes (if any) have people bought? This is my first baby and I’m just wondered what to get for a summer newborn 😁 


  • Hi everyone, we just wanted to let you know, the new forum is now back up and running. 
  • Hi girls! We have just found out we are having a boy 💙💙💙💙 I thought it was I’m so happy. Any names welcome!! X
  • Congratulations Lauren!! I loved Theo, Oliver and Isaac for a boy 😊💙
  • Also LD I’ve bought little summer dresses from ted baker and monsoon for days out and loads of cute little vests incase it’s too hot for her like it was last summer. As much as I love all the pieces I’ve bought, I am still a big believer in babies being comfy for day to day xx
  • Congrats Xlauren89x!! That's so exciting. I also love the name Oliver and Jackson.

    Oh my goodness, the little monkey has been jumping around these past three days, my whole stomach moves! I didn't think I'd be able to see the movements at only 22weeks. I both love it and hate it (kind of makes me nauseous, but love feeling the baby moving around).
    How's everyone else doing?
  • hopefulmama2019hopefulmama2019 Regular
    edited Mar 5, 2019 2:13PM
    LD, I haven't really bought any clothes yet. My sister had two girls (one born in June the second born in January), so she's going to be giving me all those clothes, so I don't want to buy a whole bunch more, maybe just a few cute outfits, that way we can spend more on the nursery :)
  • I went to the doctors yesterday as I’ve been experiencing discharge. I am really panicking about BV thinking I might of had it throughout my whole pregnancy. Googled it (which I shouldn’t of) and it says it can lead to preterm labour in second trimester. I am really really worried that if I do have it my baby boy is going to come early! I don’t get my results for a couple of days and doc said it’s treatable with antibiotics. Anyone else had any experience? I’m so so scared my baby isn’t safe xx
  • Hi Lauren, I haven’t had anything like that personally but a friend of mine had recurring BV/thrush throughout her pregnancy and they just kept on top of it for her third trimester so that there was no risk of having an infecting when she went into labour. I think it’s really common from all the hormonal changes so try not to worry too much about it. I’m sure the midwives will do everything to make sure both you and baby are okay. 

    Have any of you decided on when you will be going on maternity leave yet? X 
  • Xlauren89x, I haven't experienced this either, but like Lydia, I have a friend who had something similar– strep B, and they made sure she was on antibiotics in the third trimester to avoid infecting her son when giving birth.

    Lydia, I'm going to try to keep going until I go into labour, or get induced, that way I'll have more time off with the baby. Although, a lot of people are telling me to take off a week or two before so that you have some restful time before baby comes. I have about 3-4 weeks vacation saved up, so I might take a week, if I have a scheduled induction, otherwise I'm sticking to working until I go into labour.
  • Hi everyone, we’re giving away 5 pairs of tickets to The Baby Show in Birmingham, happening 17-19 May. If you’d like to win them, find the thread here in Latest
  • Hi Ladies, just wanted to see how everyone is doing? I went for an OB appointment on Friday and the Doctor gave me my induction date! As long as everything is going well, I will be induced June 20/22nd, depending which day I prefer (Thursday or Saturday). I'll be 38 weeks! While we were at the office my hubby and I just acted totally cool about it, but then we realized how soon June 20th is, only 2.5 months away!! Ahhh! Needless to say, we painted the nursery this weekend :D

    How are the rest of you getting on?
  • Hi girls. I'm due on the 20th and this is my third baby. I have two boys, 6 and 4, so when this little girl arrives, her big brothers will turn 5 and 7 in that order. I have a may baby ( 7th may) and a June bug (10th June). I'm super happy to have summer babies. Hope all is well with everyone. 😃 Much love 😘 
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