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  • Hi bethan and welcome to the forum. We're not sure what's happened to your username there - if you want to change it, just head here. I also have 2 summer babies! Have you got a name for your little girl yet?  
  • Welcome Bethan and congrats! Summer babies are just the best, birthday parties in the summer are fantastic as well :) We're also having a baby girl (although, I'm the only one who knows since my hubby wants it to be a surprise).
  • Hi Girls!

    24 weeks today cannot wait for my little man is here. Time is flying. Hope everyone is well xx
  • Hi ladies! Glad to hear you’re all doing so well! Almost 27 weeks and finally starting to feel like the end is in sight! So excited to get to the final trimester and start the downhill slope to D-day! Every week seems to be going quicker and I officially break up for maternity next month so starting to feel much more real!

    is anyone else doing hypnobirthing? I started a digital course with the positive birth community and it’s amazing. Feeling so much more confident about labour and birth! Definitely recommend it xx
  • Hi ladies, sounds like everyone is flying through their pregnancies, it is crazy how fast it all goes. Hopefulmama how exciting to already have an induction date is there a reason you are being induced early? I am 24+2 and feeling so big already scared to think how big I will be in another 10 weeks, I have an appointment booked in for 35 weeks with my consultant to check position of baby and how he is then talk about how I will deliver as my son was born early via emergency section they want to try and avoid that again if we can. Xxx
  • Hi @Babysparkle so lovely to hear from you. How are you feeling about the impending birth? Would you rather vaginal delivery or opt for a section? 
    @hopefulmama2019 that's amazing you know the sex and your hubby doesn't - how are you managing to keep it a secret? I'd be going crazy knowing :)

  • @Babysparkle, I'm type 1 diabetic, so it's safer to deliver the baby before 39 weeks, my MFM (high risk OB) said she won't let me go past 38 weeks, so we chose 38 weeks exactly. Hopefully you can giver birth vaginally (if that's what you'd prefer), I know the recovery time is much quicker than a C-Section.

    @Lydiaxox I haven't heard of hypnobirthing, but we start our prenatal classes at the beginning of May, so I'm sure we'll hear all about it then!

    @DanielleMFM, it has been the hardest secret to keep. I've hidden all the pink and girly clothes in my closet (which he knows not to go into), and since only my best friend knows and lives far away, the only time I mention the baby is a girl is when I'm typing, so I haven't had any slip-ups... so far... haha!

    I've had some serious tightening in my stomach this weekend, almost felt like it was bruised or I pulled a muscle. Apparently it's just round ligament pain, but man, is it uncomfortable! Anyone else have this?
  • Hypnobirthing is unreal! You probably won’t get taught the techniques in your nhs/standard antenatal but if you look it up you’ll see how well it works and my friend who is a midwife swears by it as the women are in way more control of themselves. It’s not a crazy hippy thing like the same suggests haha!

    you could be having Braxton Hicks! I’ve been having them since about 25 weeks. I’ve also been waking up in the night with really bad cramps in my calf’s which is also totally normal incase you start getting those too xx
  • @hopefulmama2019 I can only imagine! Is your husband throwing boys and girls names at you - you are incredible for not slipping up! I don't think I could do it! 

    @Lydiaxox I did a bit of hypnobirthing with my 2 girls (long time ago now) but I have to say it really worked for me - had pain relief too, but I just kept repeating birthing mantras out loud and i'm convinced it helped. 

  • @Lydiaxox, I go to the high risk clinic on Thursday for my 28 weeks apt, so I'll mention the tightness then. I've been trying to avoid any sort of cramping like the plague by drinking insane amounts of water, haha. Although, I hate myself for it at night when I need to pee every hour.

    I'll look into the hypnobirthing. I'm in Canada, so not sure what we'll have. Definitely sounds interesting though!

    @DanielleMFM, we've already chosen both a girl and boy name, so now he just says "Hi Matthew or Penelope" and I die of laughter knowing who it really is. On the inside I'm screaming "It's Penelope!!!".

  • @DanielleMFM, we've already chosen both a girl and boy name, so now he just says "Hi Matthew or Penelope" and I die of laughter knowing who it really is. On the inside I'm screaming "It's Penelope!!!".
    I'm absolutely crying 😂😂😂I would be exactly the same! 
  • I just had an ultrasound yesterday to check the baby's size, etc. and we were told that the baby was in the 9th percentile. At our last scan, the baby was in the 14th percentile, so the MFM (high risk OB), told us this was a little concerning. I have to go back in two weeks to get another scan to make sure the baby doesn't drop below 9, and if she does then I will need to be induced because they will consider this placental failure. I am 28 weeks (as of yesterday), so I will only be 30 weeks at that point!

    I called my MFM this morning and left a message, so hopefully she'll get back to us before the weekend, we are so nervous. Has anyone else had this happen (anyone who's had baby's).
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  • Hi how is everyone? We are getting so close meeting our babies! When is everyone planning on packing their hospital bag? 

  • Hi babymama! So close to the end now! Can you believe in just 3weeks we’ll be full term?! I packed my hospital bag over the weekend as we had a false alarm late last week and they thought I was in labour! Luckily it’s all slowed back now but they don’t think I’ll make it to the full 40 weeks.

    my milk has come in and she is engaged and very much making her way down the birth canal so the end is in sight! There’s definitely no harm in having one packed and ready from now as literally anything can happen from this point on! 

    How are are you feeling? X
  • Hi Lydia how far are you now and is this your first baby? 😊I’m 33 weeks tomorrow. As long as our babies make it to 37 week I’ll be happy. Can’t wait to meet my little boy. He is so active. I’m having monthly scans and it’s amazing to see him and see how much he is changing. My milk has come in awhile ago as well. How did you find out that baby girl is engaged? On my last scan they told me baby boy is head down but didn’t say he was engaged. We are moving house this Friday so it has been a little stressful but can’t wait to get started on baby boys bedroom and pack out hospital bag in the next few weeks. 
  • Hi Lydia and Babymama1,

    I'm 33+5 today and going to be induced at either 37 weeks (June 13th) or 38 weeks (June 20th), so only 3-4 weeks to go! We are so excited to meet our little P. We have been going for weekly scans since the baby is measuring below the 5th percentile and they want to make sure it stays on it's curve. As soon as it stops growing I will be induced, but they don't think it will be before 37 weeks *crossing my fingers*. 
    Our little one has been head down since 28 weeks, but I'm also unsure if she's "engaged". 

    How are you all feeling? I've been on bed rest these past 3 weeks, so I'm just getting antsy, can't wait to be able to move around as I please again!

    Have you all had baby showers yet? Still haven't had mine, but my mom let something slip last weekend, so I'm thinking it will be in the next couple of weeks :)
  • Hi girls! I had a scan last week and she was head down and the midwife said she was engaged so not really too sure exactly what the difference is with baby being head down if any! Best of luck with the move babymama try and rest don’t over do it too much if possible! 

    Hopeful - How exciting!!! I’m also 33+5 so we’re at the same point exactly! Hope everything is okay re the growth scans etc. Have you heard about expressing milk from 36 weeks? My midwife mentioned it to me on my last visit as this can naturally stimulate labour to reduce risk of induction if you wanted to give it a try? 

    My baby shower is on 1st June the day after I finish work for maternity leave which I’m really looking forward to. We’re having a bbq/garden party with all our friends (including the men) as it’s the champions league final on the same day so going to make the most of our last baby free party! I’m sure your mum will have something fab planned xxx
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