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  • Hi ladies
    I am really late for a party,but hope you don't mind me to join
    I am 33+5 today with baby boy. Having my MW appointment tomorrow and consultant and scan on Thursday. After that they will decide should I be induced or not. Reason- reccurent reduced movements :( this baby love to give me a fright now and again. Also he is predicted to be a big baby,so they might induce me a bit early...
    Tbh I am a bit tired now and can't wait to be myself again and be able to do things without noises 😂
    Even yoga is starting to be very hard thing.
  • Welcome Sigsaur! I’m sure the reduced movements are scary when they happen. I’m 33+1 and had an episode of reduced movements last week. I rang the unit in the hospital and they told me to eat and drink something and to lay on my left side for an hour and count the movements- I had 60 movements. It’s a really good tip though, which I will use again. 
    My baby is measuring above the top line on the graph so god knows what the size will be- last baby was 7.8 which was a nice size!
    i’m not having a baby shower myself- it’s not my type of thing personally. 
    How is everyone sleeping?!
  • I had 7 episodes already since 28 weeks...and nothing will move this baby . Been at MAU last night again.  They can't find reason why.. probably once in a while baby wants to have a lazy day. Baby now measuring on 95th c....and I can bet on scan yesterday they will say weight that I was born with 😂
    I am not having baby shower,as it will be my third baby and I don't want want all the hassle ...all I want to be alone and so weeks fly by...
    My hormone are mess I am crying all the time, don't recognize myself anymore....
    Don't have problems with sleep (if not count trips to the toilet 1-3 times a night)
    Before bed I am drinking chamomile tea,having shower with lavender scented gel, putting on lavender cream all over me and using lavender pillow spray. Then 20min of meditation and relaxing music....helps me to sleep
  • Oh gosh that must be worrying for you. At least they’re keeping an eye on you. 
    Thanks for sharing your bedtime ritual! I slept like a log last night but some nights I wake up often and as you’ve said, wanting to pee! 
  • Hi everyone, can you please help us? We are looking for 12 weeks scan pictures of boys for an article we’re writing - if you are having a boy or have had a boy in other pregnancies, we would be most grateful if you could share your 12 week scan picture on this other thread. Thanks so much. 
  • Saw consultant and had a scan today...bony growing as he should and placenta and Doppler  are in normal range. So she said they will scan me again in 38 weeks to see how it's going on...she don't see reason for me to be induced earlier and if I will have reduced movements again just come to mau
  • What does everyone see?one looks pos one looks negative I don’t get it!
  • @Boymom0717 how far are you?
  • Morning ladies, 

    so nice to hear everyone is doing well and in the final stretch to seeing our little babies 👶🏻 

    im 31+1 today feeling huge, baby boy is so active 24/7 but I love it. Had a consultant appointment I. 4 weeks to check babies position but he has been head down for a while now so fingers crossed he stays that way. After having my first son at 36 weeks I’m hoping this little one stays snuggled in my tummy for as long as possible xxx
  • Hello ladies
    Off for break ...was really worried about car ride,but took our time and all was fine...feeling huge and can't believe I will be a lot bigger ...
  • Hi everyone, please can you help us with a question about taking pregnancy tests? 

    We’d like to know how many you took, and also if you kept taking them during your pregnancy. Please can you tell us on this other thread here - we’d really appreciate your help :blush: 

  • Has anyone had baby yet..
  • Hi sigsauer! Not had baby yet but 38 weeks today so hopefully not too much longer to wait! Had a false alarm last weekend as my hind waters leaked but all under control now so avoided an induction.. phew! Starting to think that I’ll be going over my due date after once being convinced she’d be coming sooner than expected. Suppose baby will come when baby is ready although I’m getting VERY impatient. How are you holding up? X
  • Praying for baby to make his way out during this week, otherwise I am booked for induction next week ...really anxious about it
  • Have you looked into hypnobirthing? I did a digital course and it covers inductions and how to manage the pain and anxiety that comes with it. I used to positive birth company and it was really resonsonably priced (£30) for 6 hours of sessions and all of the mp3’s Etc. Would highly recommend if you’re feeling nervous about birth xx 
  • I am not scared of pain,tbh I am prepared with hypnotherapy and yoga. It's more because I don't know time,how long it will take,will it work and ect...
  • Fingers crossed all goes okay for you. Is baby engaged at all? Also have you had a show or anything yet? Suppose the babies come when they’re ready and as long as they’re healthy that’s all that really matters! If your cervix is favourable you can maybe request a sweep and the pessary to see if you can avoid a drip? X
  • I had a sweep 2 days ago, my consultant said I am 2cm delayed. And nothing else. She said they just might break my waters and then see how it's all goes...I can understand that it's best for baby and what needs to be done (induction I mean) but I always been thinking about natural,drug free labour...well not this time I guess..
  • Hi all! Sofia Rose arrived on the 1st July! Have any of you delivered yet? Xxx
  • 29th of June our Cai came to this world :)
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