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  • Hi again guys!

    I’ve had some more nausea today and leg aches which is new for me!

    hi Bailey, I’m 26 and this is my first pregnancy too. We weren’t really trying to conceive either but we’re excited about it now though!

    In my experience, just let it sink in a little then you’ll get your head around it. :)

  • Ive already booked for a 7 week scan, was £45 in Wales, you should look into it, you’ll be surprised how cheap they are and worth it for peace of mind image

  • Sarbear I'm definetly booking an early scan too. Im in Scotland. Most of them around 40 pound. I'm going to try and hold off til I'm about 8 weeks so can hear the heartbeat and make sure all is well. Xx

  • Hi Ladies,

    So my appointment didn't go very well this morning. They couldn't see anything on the ultrasound– which is apparently "normalish" as they said. I had to get blood tests done, including a quantitative HCG, which I will have to repeat on Monday, then go for a second ultrasound next Friday. I knew it was too early to see anything, so I'm kind of mad they had me come in just to worry me more than I've already been. I guess we'll find out next Friday.

  • 5 weeks is very early to see anything hun. 6 weeeks is usually the bare minimum and a lot can change in a week. Your hcg needs to be over a certain level to see anything. Hopefully everything Will be fine when you go back. x

  • I agree with Tinkerbelle it is very early to see anything. Fingers crossed everything works out well. Positive thinking (even though it’s very hard too sometimes) 

    I’ve had a High temperature 38.3 and headaches for the last few days do you think this is sometbing to worry about? My temp always seems slightly on the high side x

  • Hi Tinkerbelle and LD,

    The nurse just called and told me my Beta HCG was at 1134.2, which is great, but that's most likely why they couldn't see anything. The hormone needs to be between 1500-2000 before you can see anything on a transvaginal ultrasound and even higher for abdominal ones *sigh of relief*.

    LD, I wouldn't worry about high temperatures, I think your temperature is normally higher when you're pregnant :)

  • That’s great news. Usually the case. I’ve been having loads of cramps today. Hope it’s not bad x

  • I wouldn’t be too concerned but I would call dr if it gets worse. You could be getting a bug hun xx

  • Hi ladies and congrats to all im from england im 26 and 1st baby just found out yesterday with a frer test been doing tests all week all faint positive then was so happy to finally see a good line with frer test!. 

    Im about 4 weeks im so nervous and anxious and excited all the emotions lol i feel like testing everyday to make sure my little bean still there! My appt with midwife is not intill 14th November seems so long away! How to cope with the wait?!

    My only symptoms are no period amd achey boobs and every now and then a bit nauseaous. I just want more symptoms to know i am pregnant im still in shock and i think stopping myself to be happy just incase just got to stay positive.

    Partner wants to tell family at christmas i do too but i really want them to know so i can talk to someone! 

  • Hey! Hope everyone is feeling okay ❤️

    Im now waiting for a letter from the hospital to confirm my first midwife appointment and our first scan and I’m so excited! I just want the appointment now! The only thing I’m worrying about is that they don’t confirm the pregnancy until the 1st scan, I’ve heard so much about chemical pregnancies is there anyway to confirm sooner?

    I‘m excited to tell our family but hubby wants to wait until everything is confirmed....! Anyone else in this position?


  • 1stbaba1,

    Most women don't get real symptoms until week 6, so don't stress out about it :) I also want all the symptoms (bring on the morning sickness!), but I guess we just have to be patient.

    SarBear92, my doctor told me yesterday that if you're pregnancy (hpt) was a clear positive, you're pregnant, but of course there's always the chance of a chemical, etc.

    You can ask for a Beta HcG test. I got that yesterday. They give you a blood test every two days, to make sure the hormone is doubling every 48hours.

    We're waiting until Christmas to tell our families. After the miscarriage last time, I don't want to tell people too soon. Everyone is different though :)

  • Welcome 1stbaba1 and huge congratulations! Don't worry, there's plenty of time for those symptoms to kick in. 

  • I’ve had some really bad cramps today. More my upper tummy area, really sharp pains. I’m proper stressing about it :( x

  • Your not alone tinkerbelle. My lower back really sore last night, rabbit mood and random cramps. Felt like period would show at any time x

  • Tinkerbelle, did you call hospital or doctor. I think I did that like twice a week last pregnancy. They reassured me that as long as it wasn't accompanied by spotting or vice-versa, it was okay. My friend went to the hospital and they gave her an early scan and reassured her that everything looked okay. Sometimes that's all you need!

  • Yes I did, he just did a pregnancy test and said if I start to bleed to go back. not Very helpful at all :( thanks ladies xx

  • Please don’t worry too much Tinkerbell, cramps and pains are usually quite normal Xx 

    I did the deed last night and started bleeding, once I stopped the bleeding has stopped but I’m super worried now, I’ve been to the docs but he said not much can be done being so early. I’m praying everything is ok x

  • ive heard that can happen as you can irritate your cervix. i Know it’s so hard as we are totally in the dark aren’t we X

  • Hi guys,

    does anyone else here eat marmite? I tend to have it on crumpets or as a sandwich once a day and I just learnt it’s really good for you when you’re in the early weeks of pregnancy!

    Might be worth having some on toast tomorrow if you’re feeling queasy or fancy some B vitamins! if you don’t hate it of course 😂

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