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  • I hate the stuff lol xx

  • Thank you!! Im so excited just want all to go well! 🤞😁

  • I heard it could be cervix that’s what I’m hoping, we are Tinker bell, I’m hoping because I only bled For a short space of time it’s not a miscarriage x

  • I hate marmite too but absolutely love it on toast potatoes!! After the potato goes have boiled spread some marmite across your potatoes and put them in the oven for 40 minutes, they come out amazing! Not sure if this would still count as the healthy way of eating marmite but worth a try 😂 xx

  • I found out last week that we are due on July 2nd, so excited but also anxious! Is anyone else going to have an early scan? I think I might go next weekend but will only be 6 weeks +4, I am scared we won’t see anything and maybe should wait a little longer. What does everyone think? When is the best time to have an early scan to see a heartbeat? 

  • Im having  next Friday I’ll only be 6+2. x

  • I'm also going next Friday (6+1wks) and then again the following Thursday (at 7wks). The joys of being high risk!

    Apparently at 6 weeks they'll most likely be able to see the yolk sac and gestational sac, and most likely a fetal heart pole, but it's still early to hear a heartbeat. At least, that's what I've been told.

    I don't think we have marmite here in Canada, or maybe I've just never seen it before.

  • Hi guys, I found out last week I had a bfp. This is my second pregnancy as I found at my 12 week scan in August I'd had a missed miscarriage.

    Conceived in my second cycle again (lucky number 2?)

    Hopefully this is our rainbow baby 

  • Good luck hun, I’m in exactly the same boat as you. praying this one stays xx

  • Welcome and congratulations Midustouch, so lovely to have you here. 

    Elainechris, we are over the moon to see you back in another birth club - congratulations and wishing you a super sticky bean. 

  • Hello all,

    we got our BFP this morning on a clear blue digital saying 1-2 weeks on our 3rd month of trying. 

    From working out due date from start of last cycle it will be around 14th July.

    we are really happy but too be honest think we are both stopping our selves thinking too much in to it incase it’s not real 😂

    do I just ring the GP tomorrow and explain I need an appointment with the midwife? 

    this is our first pregnancy! 😍

  • Congrats Marnie. Yeah they will give you the number and you phone up and refer yourself. They'll give you date for midwife and scan date 👍 x

  • Welcome Marnie92 and huge congratulations! Have you had any pregnancy symptoms yet? 

  • So this morning I’ve woke up with a stuffy nose, a tickly cough and the worst hangover minus the alcohol and  great night out! I feel so sick and tired. I’m actually a little happy about it in a weird way. X

  • Thanks danielle! 

    I had nausea Friday/Saturday 1-2 days before AF was due and that was what made me think about testing! 

    I have been able to eat fine but would just have the feeling of nausea without feeling the need to be sick if that’s makes sense? On and off tends to be more afternoons.

    today I have had a tender lower stomach with light cramp/stretchy pains.  

    I have rang the GP today and they have booked me in with the community midwife when I’m about 8-9 weeks on 4th Dec. I’ve also self referred to hospital so just waiting back on a scan date ☺️ Still doesn’t feel real? 😂 I keep relooking at the positive tests just to make sure I wasn’t dreaming or made it up haha.

    really hope I manage to get a scan date before Xmas as we will then use Xmas to reveal it to family! 

  • Hi Ladies! 

    big congratulactions to all of you! I’ve got my bfp 4 days ago but wanted to wait to see if my period came but it hasn’t. I’ve taken a test and the line is actually stronger than the control line. I’m so happy still can’t believe it. I will be ringing my GP today to get booked in with the midwife. It’s so exciting! How’s everyone today? I’ve not had much symptoms at all, just very Achey boobs and craving pickles lol image

  • My symptoms are off and on which Really worries me due to my 1st pregnancy resulting in a missed miscarrige. I lost my symptoms then:( I felt awful yesteday and today I feel fine. Congrats on your pregnancy hun. x

  • Thank you Thinkerbelle! 

    Hopefull your little bean sticks! I’ve read loads online about so many women not getting all symptom so please don’t worry too much about it! I’ve just rang GP and I’m booked in with midwife in 2 weeks time. I’ll be 6 weeks then. I thought I would have to wait ages but seems the opposit. 😊

  • Welcome Babymama1, huge congratulations, and aren't those test sticks fantastic! Not sure I've ever seen a line so dark! 

    Try not to worry too much Tinkerbelle; we know that's easier said than done for sure, but hang in there. Have you booked in to see a midwife or maybe an early scan? 

  • Yes I have a private scan Friday evening and midwife app tomorrow. I’m so stressed out at the minute x

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