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  • Congratualtions babymama! 

    Tinkerbelle - please don’t worry, its really common for symptoms to come and go each day. I’ve had it quite a lot. Also have a lot of energy in the morning then super tired in the evening 😀 x 

  • That’s good to hear. I think it’s just because of my MMc, symtom loss was the sign that told me something was wrong. Just gotta hope this time is different. 20 years of trying kinda makes you crazy! lol xx

  • Hi everyone, I’m a little confused! Trying to work out how many weeks I am but I have 2 apps which are saying two different things. My Flo app is saying I’m 6+3 and my Sprout App is saying 5+3....can anyone help and shed some light please? My last AF started 30th September and my cycle can go anything between 23-28 days! Thanks x

  • SarBear, you're most likely 5+3, my LMP was September 27th and I'm 5+6 (with Flo and Ovia app and what the doctor dated me at).

    Tinkerbelle, I also have been having symptoms on and off (felt really nauseous and dizzy over the weekend, but seem fine now). Apparently it's super normal. I know how you feel though. I've been a nervous wreck because of my mmc in June.

    I got my second HcG result! 7500! Way higher then anyone thought it would be at–more than doubling every 48 hours :) woohoo. A little relieved, but still anxious for our scan on Friday.

    How's everyone else doing?

  • Hi.. just found out we are pregnant with our first child. Fist midwife appointment on Tuesday.. nervous but excited for the future. 

    Any advice for a first time mum would be great :) 

    congratulations all ❤️

  • Hi Sarbear! 

    The first day of my last period was 30th September too and my Flo app is doing the same too 6 weeks + but another pregnancy app says 5 weeks + i figured it was just how flo did it but it confused me too! 

    Great to hear your HcG result hopefulmama!

    hi KLL. It’s my first pregnancy too but my first midwife Appointment isn’t until the 20th feels like forever away! Pretty excited though!! 

  • Random question, are you all having partners at the very first midwife appointment? my first thought is yes but I don’t want to take him along and it looks strange! I think need him there to take all the info in otherwise I may forget! 😂 

  • Hi Tinker 

    mine wS supposed to be the 20th but as we are on holiday they brought it forward. I’m glad because I do t think I could have waited that long 

    Hi Marnie

    yes my partner will be attending my first midwife appointment, I think it’s totally normal for them to attend any appointment xx 

  • Hi Marnie,

    Yes my partner comes to all my appointments with me (minus blood tests). And it looks like about 50% of the people in the waiting room also brought their partners. :)

  • Lovely thanks, I will be taking him along for definite then ☺️

  • HI guys, so I found out yesterday I'm pregnant!! Problem being I stopped having periods at 18 (9 years ago) ive had 3 like clockwork then spotted with slight cramping the week before being due and then came on very very lightly a week late has anybody else had this before and can offer any help? how would I be able to work out when I conceived?

  • Mummyoftobe4, I wouldn't worry about when you conceived. They will give you an EDD at your 12/13 week appointment (which will be hard to know, since you aren't sure when you conceived). Just let your GP or OBGYN know your situation and they may bring you in for an "early scan". Congrats on the BFP!!

  • Thanks hopefulmama2019 I've been so confused when I first started with the spotting and being late i had a couple of friends say it sounded like implantation bleeding but its not been something I've experienced before so it was worrying me a little because I have had (in my teens) periods while pregnant ...Thank you 😊😊

  • Welcome KLL and Mummyoftobe4, lovely to have you here! 

  • Mummyoftobe4 have you tried using a digital as they indicate how many weeks you are? Or like people have said get an early dating scan. 

    I caved last night and booked an earlier scan 🤣

    My 13 week scan not til 27th December so booked one for 20th nov. Lookong forward toit now x

  • Broodyfor2, so exciting! I can't believe how long some countries make you wait. Even here in Canada, you're earliest scan is at 10weeks, but luckily (sort of) I'm high risk so we go in every two weeks or so from 5 or 6 weeks, and since they couldn't see anything at 5 weeks, I'm going every week until 8 weeks to make sure everything looks okay.

  • Hi, Just found out a few days ago. Its my first pregnancy! Was not expecting a positive test because it felt like period was coming on. Its crazy, I can't quite believe it. 

  • Hi crazydoglady (loving your username!) welcome and huge congratulations! How'd your partner take the news? 

  • Hi hopefulmama. I know!! I suppose in my poor mum's day they only got one scan so lucky im to at least get 2 I guess lol. Iv booked one for when im 8 weeks. It was 40 pound so happy with that. That's good that your getting a lot more scans. 

    Wishing you a happy and healthy 9 months xx

  • Hi there,

    Finally got my BFP after trying for 18 months since coming off my pill.

    Going from my 1st day of my last period means I am 4 and 1/2 weeks which is still really early. I'm excited and nervous at the same time.

    Happy Days ahead :)

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