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  • Ttc you must be over the moon after all this time. Congratulations. It's so stressful isn't it. 

    Wishing you a happy and healthy 9 months love x

  • Thanks Broodyfor2 :)

  • Ttc, we are roughly the same! My 1st day of my last period was 7th October.

    Still doesn’t feel real for me yet and I don’t think it will until I see it confirm on a scan! 

    Ive done another test today and my positive line is much stronger! ☺️

  • Welcome and congratulations TtcLA87, you must be over the moon! 

  • I am 6 weeks pregnant and I don’t have any symptoms, praying that I get some soon so it starts to feel real! How is everyone else doing with their symptoms?

  • Hi midustouch congratulations to you!! I'm 6+1 today. Only the last 2 days I've had noticeable symptoms. Very tender nipples and nausea coming in waves throughout the day. Feeling particularly Nautious this morning!! My main symptom from the off has definetly been extreme tiredness. 

    Hopefully you will have some symptoms soon now that you are at the 6 week mark xx

  • Aw I know the feeling Marnie92, it is very surreal. 

    I have my first doctor appointment on Tuesday, what can I expect? Do I need to take my positive test?


  • Ttc  where do you live? only because I'm in Scotland and when I went to GP they don't even test your urine anymore they just gave me the self referral number and phone early assessment to get dates and times for midwife and 1st scan xx

  • I live in Scotland. Do you think you can give me the details and I can be one step ahead? I will still go to docs though. 

    Thanks Broodyfor2

  • I had my 6 week scan today!  im praying this one keeps on growing! Measured 6 weeks 3 days. image

  • Wow congrats Tinkerbelle! Make sure it more real now doesn’t it. Sticky healthy baby dust sent your way!

    I have just booked a 7-8 week early scan as I’m not sure if we will get our 12 week one before Xmas. Can I ask was your early scan an internal one? Or external on your tummy? As the details I’ve been sent through say it could be internal due to how early it is. 


  • Tinkerbelle, congrats!! How exciting! I'm hoping for a scan similar to yours tomorrow *crossing my fingers and toes*!

    Marnie, totally depends on your uterus. Mine is inverted, so until I'm about 8 weeks it's always internal, but if yours is "normal" then you'll probably have an external U.S.

  • Hello all!!

    First pregnancy and due 5th July acording to calculator! 

    Really looking forward to speaking to you all as I’ve not told anyone apart from immediate family. image 

  • Mine was internal hun. They often are that early. im hoping this baby is healthy after my last pregnancy ended in a missed miscarriage at 8 week scan so I’m really happy but extremely nervous still xx

  • Congratulations Tinkerbelle! Did you see a heartbeat? I am going for an ear scan on Saturday and not sure what to expect 

  • Early scan not ear scan! 

  • Yes we saw a flickering little heart beat x

  • Aww congratulations ❤️ Xxx

  • I know how you feel Tinkerbelle, same thing happened to me at my 8 week scan. How devastating, especially when there are no symptoms. I've been a nervous wreck since getting my BFP. Hoping these next few months fly by so I can enjoy this pregnancy.

  • I’m with you there hunny xx

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