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Due in July 2019



  • BeingBella,

    Congrats! We haven't told anyone but our bosses. It's the hardest secret I've ever had to keep. Wishing you a happy, healthy 9 months!

  • Thank you HopefulMama2019.

    I haven‘t told my boss yet and not sure when to. Had to take a couple days off work as I wasn’t feeling well and it was awkward explaining why I was off.

    I wanted to wait until my first 12 weeks scan but that it not until Christmas Eve! Plus I have my appraisal in mid Dec. So a bit stuck. Haha.


  • Welcome BeingBella and huge congrats! How did your family take the big news? 

  • GGood morning ladies. Just went to the dr yesterday I am due July 13th. I am excited and scared. Had a miscarriage June 4th of this year. I have a little girl that will be 6 Feb 19th. She really wants to be a big sister. If all goes well she will find out Christmas day.

  • Congrats Mom2Alexis! There are a few of us on here who also had a miscarriage this year, so we totally understand how you feel.

    I had my 6+1 scan today and everything was where it was supposed to be and as big as it was supposed to be! So relieved. I go back next Thursday to make sure everything stays the way it should (more blood tests and another scan, I hope!). I've had nausea and vomiting the past 2 days... it's not fun, but I have to say, I'm very happy.

    How's everyone else doing?

  • I have my first scan December 3rd.

  • Thank you DanielleMFM,

    They we’re delighted 😀 

  • Ttc sorry just seen your message. The number is 0141 232 4005. X

  • Aww what a lovely scan tinkerbelle. Lovely to see.

    It makes me nervous to read of some of your miscarriages around the 8 week mark as this is when I have booked my scan for. Nervous!!

    Got everything crossed It sticks xx

  • Hi can I join Please. I’m so so worried and don’t wana be a downer on this chat so will get the crap bit done bow iv had 7 losss and a ectopic I am now pregnant again and taking 150 aspirin and cyclogest 400mg 2s a day I’m so worried because I wanted a break I’m not too sure when I ovulated but wanted to join hopefully this is my time! 🤞🤞🙏🏼🙏🏼 was woundering if anyone was willing to keep me sane! Lol and would love to share my pregnancy test and compare to others! HUGE CONGRATS TO EVERYONE ON HERE!! ❤️



  • Hi girls, quick question. 

    I am coming upto just 5 weeks PG. So far I've had heavy bloating and cramping but I have noticed over past couple days the cramping is subsiding. Should I be worried?



  • No as Long as they not really painful and no spotting it will be down to changes and streching n maybe that ur a little constipated n need a pooh Lol xx

  • Haha luxky my toilet habits are still running like clock work. No spotting just less cramping. Maybe my wee bean has burrowed deep enough and settled?



  • Yes hun please don’t panic I’m really trying not to panic but it so hard when been through so much heart break! What does ur test look like I’m really interested what other peoples test look like lol xx

  • Mines a few posts up x

  • Congrats MrsCaines :)

  • Mines was a clear blue,  confirmed 1-2 weeks :). Yours are very strong and clear. X

  • Congratulations to everyone who has had their BFP, can’t wait for my July baby!! I’m 6 weeks on Sunday (still waiting for my letter to confirm my 1st scan!) I’ve Gone a few days with not many symptons and was starting to panic until this morning when I was just about to start scanning my shopping in Asda and started gagging - ran to the loo and the morning sickness has definitely started!!!! I feel disgusting but I’m so happy at the same time haha

  • Hi all,

    I’m so glad I’ve found this threw. I’ve taken now a total of 8 pregnancy tests which all showed a positive. from the due date calculator I’m 5 weeks and 5 days. Only came off my pill at the end of August so didn’t expect to get pregnant so quickly. This is my first time being pregnant and I’m so excited but also feel anxious as it is all so new! Got my first midwife appointment next week. Can I ask what usually happens at this? Xx

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