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  • MrsCaines, we are absolutely thrilled to see you in this birth club, with such fantastic test sticks! Huge congratulations to you. 

    And hello and welcome Char90, congratulations to you too! Welcome to the thread! 

  • Thank you I’m so worried fingers crossed xx

  • Having been what you have been through, think that's so normal MrsCaines - take each day at a time. 

  • Thank you! Think I’m going to find this thread helpful xx

  • I’m panicking about the cramping! I don’t know what is normal :( I had a MMc last time so bleeding isn’t a sign for me so these cramps are making me freak Out 😆 x

  • I’m a little worried about cramping too. Got some on and off and dont know what’s normal! xx

  • Me too. Can any of you other lovely ladies help? x

  • Congratulations 😀 I’ve been having cramping on and off too, today quite a lot and my back is also hurting, has anyone else has an aching back? I’ve also been very tired xx

  • I’m only 4w and 3d and I get cramping too. It’s absolutely normal. I’ve read upon it. As long as it’s not accompanied with heavy bleeding you are fine. It’s just your uterus preparing for the pregnancy! So don’t be overly worried about ladies! 

  • Thanks babymama. It’s so difficult to just relax. ive had a bit of back ache. I was walking loads today so I think that has added to it x

  • It’s so hard and worryong this First trimester! everything u feel ur like oh no! My cramps I swear are more down to wind n beinh constipated n The fact hopefully all the stretching I don’t think I could get through this with out mu husband n people on here keeping me saine lol xx 

  • Thanks Broody. 

    I googled it and got my first midwife appt 10th Dec and first scan 4th Jan, though thinking of getting a private scan just before Christmas x

  • Ttc that's similar to me. First scan 27th Dec the day after my bday 😂 but I'm too nosey this one so I've booked a scan in 2 weeks time xx

    Most places to them for around 40 pound xx

  • That’s good hun congratulations what does ur test look like? I think I’m 5 weeks today so just wondering I got my 2-3 on clear blue yesterday weds said 1-2 so was worried xx 

  • image

    Evening ladies 

    Here’s my positive, just found out today. So excited but so nervous, no idea what to expect and also don’t want to get too excited until I get two dark lines (if that makes sense). The lines cant get lighter can they? 

  • No they shouldn’t get lighter. They tend to later on in pregnancy but not early. You should get darker. Id do them at the same time of day so you don’t worry yourself . Congratulation x

  • Tinkerbell79 thank you, this one is a little darker than the first one I did I’m 10dpo so hope it’s darker by the end of the week x 

  • Hey guys,

    I’m so excited to join this group and chat to you all.

    me and my partner have been trying for a baby since january this year, i missed my period the end of October, i then did 3 pregnancy tests which were all negative. I just knew I was pregnant tho, a week later and I had a bfp I couldn’t believe it, I even took the test to the doctor for her to confirm it as I couldn’t believe how lucky I was. I saw the doctor on 5th of november then I was given a midwife appointment 1/12 hours later, it is the most amazing feeling in the world (apart from the sore boobs) I’m so excited to start to see my belly grow .. hurry up July 9th xx

  • its so nice to see so many ladies joining this group! I just can’t wait for my midwife appointment next Wednesday. But I’ll only be 6 weeks then. Is that normal? I’ve read online you have your bookin appointment when you are around 8 weeks pregnant. Do you guys think I will have another appointment again around that time? Its all new to me as this is my first pregnancy. Will you find out your 12 week scan then or they send you a later? Sorry for all the questions but I’m so new to this and haven’t got a clue 🤪 I’ve taken another test this morning as I still don’t believe it I’m pregnant. I’ve no symptoms beside the sore boobs. The second line showed darker than the control line which put my mind to rest. 🤣 image

    Shaunilee if you missed your af end of October shouldn’t your due date be further along in July? because I was due on end of October beginng of November and my due date is 18 July. Maybe I’m wrong lol

    hows everyone else doing? 

  • Welcome LittleBirdie and Shaunielee, so lovely to have you guys here and huge congratulation from us at MadeForMums! 

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