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Hello and huge congratulations on your pregnancy! I'm @DanielleMFM and it's lovely to see you here. 

Welcome to Due in July 2020! If you'd like to join this thread and meet others who are also due this month, please introduce yourself.

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  • Found out I’m expecting our surprise third baby on Saturday. EDD of 1st July, day before my birthday xx
  • Did you take pregnacare tablets to get pregnant or was it by chance 
  • Hi @Lauren0690, we weren’t trying as we had decided two was enough but clearly my body had other plans!! I get very sick in pregnancy with HG that lasts the whole pregnancy. My last baby was in 2015 xx
  • Hi @Nevesmummy what a wonderful surprise to see your name pop up here! Congratulations on your surprise! We have everything crossed you don't get HG again - did you have it with both pregnancies? 
  • Hi @DanielleMFM yes HG in both pregnancies and Gestational Diabetes with my second so really hope this one will be a easier on me 😍 xx
  • Oh we hope so too @Nevesmummy but it is so wonderful to have you back. We're sure there will more ladies joining the thread too soon, so hang tight! 
  • Hi,

    I had been trying for a baby for just over 5 years. After many trips to the doctors and hospital I was told nothing else can be done and my referral for ivf had started. 
    1 week later I had a feeling as my period was late and my breasts were soo sore. Took a test and now here I am, according to my app I’m due last week of June 2020. 

    This is what I used first time and I’m pregnant, 100% recommended it to anyone ttc
  • Hi @Raj479 we just spotted you've joined the Due in June 2020 birth club - we're so glad you found it. Welcome and congratulations. 
  • Hi everyone! Here we are! Congratulations to everyone here!!

    My husband and I have been trying for a little while for our first baby. I had an early mc last month. And now are expecting again and due first week of July!! Fingers crossed for a sticky bean and that everything goes well! 

  • Hi @thinkingpositive1 huge congratulations to you and welcome to Due in July! Wishing you a super sticky bean. How you feeling so far? 
  • @DanielleMFM
    Thank you so much! Feeling good so far, a little tired. Had sore boobs leading up to bfp, they are still tender but not as sore! 
  • Congratulations @thinkingpositive1 💓 I’ve also got super tender boobs!! This is baby 3 for me. We were happy to settle at two as we have a boy and a girl but apparently my body decided otherwise lol!! Hoping everything goes well for you my lovely! Keeping fingers crossed xxx
  • @Nevesmummy thank you so much! I am not getting too excited just yet, just incase.  
    Congratulations to you also! We wouldn't mind having 2-3 children also! Have all of your pregnancies been different?? 

    I am also having some mild cramping but I'm sure it's normal at this stage! Only started happening late last night and early this morning, they are brief and very mild 
  • @thinkingpositive1 I suffer badly with morning sickness, more with my first and spent pretty much my whole first trimester in the hospital, she was a girl, second was still bad morning sickness, but also got gestational diabetes, he was a boy. I’ve already got the nauseous feeling and have been off my food but trying to eat little and often. I also have to have blood thinning injections everyday due to having a pulmonary embolism when I was pregnant with my daughter, so I don’t do pregnancy easy by any stretch of the imagination lol!! Only easy part for me has been giving birth, I laboured for 4 hrs 30 minutes with my daughter and 1hour 10 with my son so hoping not to sneeze too much near my due date of this one will just fall out lol!! 

    Good luck and keeping fingers crossed for you xxxx
  • Aw bless, sorry that it has been so hard for you.. hoping this one will be easier on you. All worth it in the end though isn't it!!
    Thank you @Nevesmummy I hope we can be here for each other for the next 8 months xx
  • @thinkingpositive1 it’s always worth it at the end, when you hold your baby for the first time you forget everything that you went through for your baby to be there. If you need anything please feel free to ask xx
  • @Nevesmummy thank you so much. 
    I cant wait to have our first, been praying this little bean will stick xx 
  • Hi all. I found out yesterday that our FET appears to have worked. I tested pretty early, which is completely unlike me, so we're due 12th July.
    We had a surprise natural BFP a few months ago which unfortunately ended in a MMC so I'm keeping everything crossed this one sticks around x
  • Hey @jojo1982 we are over the moon to see you back in a birth club. Welcome back and massive congratulations. Wishing you the stickiest of beans. We have it all crossed for you too. 
  • Hi @jojo1982
    Sorry to hear about mmc.. wishing you all the luck that this little bean sticks! I am in a similar situation, last month I had a mc, so also am hoping this one will stick!! 
    I feel kinda bad because I'm not as excited this time to be pregnant and it honestly doesn't feel real yet

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