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  • Thank you so much Danielle and thinkingpositive1.

    Sorry about your mc too thinkingpositive1. It's hard to get to the same level of excitement when you've had a loss I think. I really hope yours sticks, and it's great you were able to get pregnant straight away after. I think sometimes that's a really good sign.

    This time I have what feels like all the drugs and they're testing my progesterone levels to make sure they are high enough. Also my egg is over 3 years younger than when I had my mmc so feel a little happier because of that.
  • Hiya all. Nice to meet you all 
  • @jojo1982 thank you!! I was surprised it happened again so fast! 
    It's good that you're getting progesterone levels checked, how come this egg is a different age then the last? That is interesting. Fingers crossed! 

    @FreakOut welcome! And congratulations!! How are you feeling so far?? 

  • @thinkingpositive1 we had ivf 3 years ago, which resulted in our daughter and also another 5 embryos which we froze. But then our BFP in June was a natural one so the egg was 3 years older than the one which was used to make the embryo we just put back.

    @FreakOut congratulations. When do you think you might be due?
  • Hi @FreakOut welcome to the forum and congratulations! 
  • Thanks so much all. Nice to meet you all too. I dont know date yet as i have irregilar periods but always ovulate like three weeks into a cycle usually. Im just hoping and praying that baby sticks and i fet darker tests. The first 12 weeks are always nerve wrecking
  • Congratulations @FreakOut and @jojo1982 so lovely to have some more expectant mummies in here!! How true you are @FreakOut the first 12 weeks are the most nerve racking. Are any of you first time mums or have other children?? I’m expecting our third baby xx
  • @Nevesmummy i have three children already :) so i know what my pregnancies are like. I have two boys and 1 girl so we dont mind either sex is fine for us aslong as he or she is healthy. Im happy to go through this 9 month journey with you all :D
  • I have a daughter already who is 2.
    Agree freakout, the first 12 weeks are really not good for the nerves! I was super relaxed when pregnant with my little girl actually, but because we had a MMC a couple of months ago I'm feeling a lot more scared this time
  • I already have one of each so not bothered what we have this time round but if I’m honest I’d secretly like another girl lol!! My little man is hard work!! He starts school in September though so will be slightly easier once this little one arrives!! So excited to share the next 8months with you ladies too!! 

    I’m hoping I don’t get GD back this time as I had it with my son, also hoping the HG stays at bay as suffered badly in both my pregnancies with it lol!! Xx
  • Why do the stick tests still so light and negative looking even though the big tests show clearly 
  • @FreakOut different tests just have a different sensitivity to hCG. Some of the cheapo stick tests I've done before have been stronger than the bigger tests. 

    @Nevesmummy oh no it sounds like you have tough pregnancies. I hope this one is better. I really didn't enjoy being pregnant although I didn't have HG I was still pretty sick and that continued until 30 weeks. 

    I would be so happy with a boy or a girl. But there isn't a single boys name we both like, and there's loads of girls names we like so practically a girl would be better :D
  • Hello everyone!

    Just discovered birth clubs and new on here!! Im 13dpo, AF would be due tomorrow or next day but have taken 4 tests (2 on 11dpo and 2 this morning) and all were obvious BFPs. 

    Having had a MC at 5 or 6 weeks a few years ago I'm massively struggling with anxiety as I'm sure is normal. Especially because I've been having constant mild dull cramping which is identical to my normal pre AF pains! Anyone else having/had this?

    Massive congratulations to you all who have had recent BFPs and hoping to share this scary but exciting experience with you all xx
  • @jojo1982 I see! That makes sense about the egg being younger! 

    @NaomiP88 congrats on the bfp!! I have still been testing also waiting for lines to get darker! I find on the cheaper ones the line is taking longer to darken but on frer and clear blue they are getting darker for sure
    I also had a mc and am nervous this time around! I am also having lots of mild cramping throughout the day and night, I'm sure it's normal?!?!

    @Nevesmummy I will be a first time mum!! So no clue what to expect going forward! 

    My partner and I dont mind on the gender as long as baby and me are both healthy! We are thinking on having 2-3 kids! 

  • The cramping is horrible but something i myself have been having all morning. Im assuming its just the egg implanting further and further
  • Congratulations @NaomiP88 xx

    @jojo1982 I don’t do pregnancy easy at all lol!! Hoping this one will be easier on me. There are 10 years between my first born and this little one so hopefully my body will be kinder lol!! I have 6 years between my first and second xx
  • Thanks all!

    @thinkingpositive1 and @FreakOut I've scoured the internet today and the general consensus is yes, pain is normal! It's just so strange cos for me, it feels like af is just around the corner! 

    How many dpo are you? My tracker is predicting my EDD is 9th July..

    ALSO @thinkingpositive1 .. have you got any tips on actually staying positive? 😂😂
  • @thinkingpositive1 don't listen to anything bad people tell you lol!

    @nevesmummy I was pregnant years and years ago and had horrendous HG. I was so paranoid I'd get it again that we weren't even sure whether to try. But when I finally got pregnant the sickness was nowhere near as bad and I read the older you are the less severe it usually is. So maybe you'll get away with less sickness this time.

    @NaomiP88 AF symptoms and pregnancy symptoms can be so similar! I've been having cramps too, but no other symptoms really. 

    I don't want to get ahead of myself because I did that before and the pregnancy didn't work out, but I'm feeling a little sad because the week after I'm due all my family are going away on holiday together. I was asked to go as well but we explained about the treatment and that fingers crossed we'd be having a baby about then so couldn't go. They'll be away for 3 weeks 2 days and while my hubby is amazing I'd like some family support during that time if I have a new baby and a 3 year old to look after. They never usually go away for that long and we are so close I feel a little sad they have chosen to go for so long when they know the situation. 
  • @jojo1982 can’t they move the dates so go a couple of weeks earlier of later to give you some support?? If it was me I’d feel quite upset by it too and ask the question. I also hope your right about the HG!! With my first I was so poorly I was hospitalised pretty much my whole first 3 months and spent 5 days in ICU due to developing a Pulmonary Embolism at 9 weeks pregnant, that was pretty scary times. 

    I keep thinking I’m going to wake up and everything is going to be a dream lol!! As it took us so long to conceive our second and this one wasn’t even planned I just keep thinking that I’m dreaming. 

    I am back on my blood thinking injections which I need to take to stop my blood clotting too quick as I have a dodgy gene which makes that happen during pregnancy so just got to be super careful. We wanted to go to Hyde Park Winter Wonderland this year but don’t think we will be now as so many people barging around could be too dangerous for me 😩 just need to keep myself and baby safe xxx
  • @Nevesmummy isnt it crazy that one point we make all these plans then find out that we are pregnant and then have to cancel the plans. Pregnancy really does change everything
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