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  • I think the vomiting is going to be so hard to hide for me. I always suffer with hyperemises 🙈 
  • @FreakOut that’s what I’m worried about being able to hide and cause I work in a school I’m going to have to tell the head, don’t want to get sent home for being sick when it’s just HG!! 

    I’ve worked out I should get my 12 week scan the week before Christmas so we can share our news then as long as all is ok. I just keep thinking I’m in a dream. I was 25 when I had my daughter, I’ll be almost 36 with this one so a bit worried how I’ll cope this time round xx
  • @Nevesmummy your bound to be worried as we really dont know what others think and whether they will work it out that we are pregnant. Its proper exciting isnt it 🤩 it still hasnt hit me yet either, and i just keep hoping that this little baby sticks :P did another test when i got home from work (very bottom one) 
  • @FreakOut they are definitely getting darker xx

    Ypu just don’t want too many people to know incase anything happens xxx
  • But the others brands and stick tests still arnt dark. 🤔
  • @jojo1982 can’t they move the dates so go a couple of weeks earlier of later to give you some support?? If it was me I’d feel quite upset by it too and ask the question. I also hope your right about the HG!! With my first I was so poorly I was hospitalised pretty much my whole first 3 months and spent 5 days in ICU due to developing a Pulmonary Embolism at 9 weeks pregnant, that was pretty scary times. 

    I keep thinking I’m going to wake up and everything is going to be a dream lol!! As it took us so long to conceive our second and this one wasn’t even planned I just keep thinking that I’m dreaming. 

    I am back on my blood thinking injections which I need to take to stop my blood clotting too quick as I have a dodgy gene which makes that happen during pregnancy so just got to be super careful. We wanted to go to Hyde Park Winter Wonderland this year but don’t think we will be now as so many people barging around could be too dangerous for me 😩 just need to keep myself and baby safe xxx
    Sorry i missed this post before. Its got to be in the 6 week holidays so they cant go earlier, and even if they delayed it (which they can't cos its all paid for) they'd probably end up being overdue and it wouldn't be much help anyway. It's just because it's so long that it feels worse.

    What blood thinners are you on? I have to take those too. 
  • Anyone else super bloated already? Ughh.
  • @LucieLu
    Yes! And I Woke up extremely bloated this morning, felt like I had just ate a huge meal! 
  • @jojo1982 I’m on Tinzaparin Injections once a day, I have to have them in pregnancy due to having a PE when I was pregnant with my daughter. At least it’s only once a day as when I was pregnant with my daughter I was having to have 4 a day! Because it was a big PE which put me in intensive care they had to make sure it wouldn’t come back and due to me having HG bad I was dehydrated quite a lot and spent 3 months on and off in hospital. I’m feeling nauseous at the moment but not started being sick yet, that’s normally come between 6 and 7 weeks. What are you on blood thinners for?? Xxx
  • @nevesmummy having a PE must have been super scary! Because we had fertility treatment they are giving me blood thinners just to make sure there's enough blood flow to make baby implant and grow. I'm on enoxaparin but like you only once a day thankfully. You must have felt like a pincushion before!
  • @jojo1982 I definitely felt like a pin cushion lol!! I bruise easily when on them too so waiting for the bruises to start, but on the plus side I can keep covered up as it’s winter lol!! Xx
  • So my drs have an ultrasound booked for a few weeks from now and I will by 8wks by then.. have any of you ladies had a scan that early?? If so was there anything to see?? 
  • I had an 8 week scan with my first as I had a little bleed around then. You could see a shape and a little beating heart but it didn't look like a baby. I bet you're so excited! Xx

  • This was at 6w6d with my  2 year old daughter. You could see the heartbeat but like Mrs B says it doesn't look very baby like.

    I'll have one at about 7 weeks this time as well so just hoping everything is OK 
  • @Mrs B 2010  
    Yes I am very excited!!! This will be our first so everything is all new to us! Thank you for advice xx

    Wow, thanks for sharing that pic! 
    Yes I am nervous also to see if everything will be alright, I had a mc last month so am anxious to see how this one will go xx
  • @thinkingpositive1 really hope everything goes well, you must feel so anxious, especially after a miscarriage but hopefully this baby will be fine 🤞😊 xx
  • Todays tests for my collection :) 
  • @MrsB2010
    Yes very anxious! Trying not to get my Hope's too high yet, thank you so much. Feels like the next few weeks sill take forever! xx

    Nice collection, definitely getting darker and positive on digital is always a good sign! xx
  • @thinkingpositive1 are you UK based? 8 weeks does seem a little early for first scan! But exciting though!

    I hit my 12 week mark on Christmas Day so hoping they can squeeze me in the week before Christmas as would be amazing to 1. Enjoy Christmas a bit more relaxed knowing all is well and 2. Pop a picture of our scan in my mums and my dads card!

  • @NaomiP88 I'm 12 weeks on christmas eve and thinking exactly the same thing, really want to be able to tell my family over Christmas and New Year, and I'm so looking forwards to the scan to find out if everything is ok. I find the first 12 weeks terrifying! Xx
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