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  • @NaomiP88
    I grew up in UK, when I was 12 me and my family moved to Canada! The doctors said to do early scan to get a proper date on baby. I had a mc before so this will be reassuring if they find a heart beat!  
    Oh that's a lovely way to tell family and friends!  Perfect timing! xx

    That's exciting for you too, to have your 12wk scan near Christmas! I will be 13wks for Christmas holidays. 
    I'm hoping to make it that far so I dont have to stress out  as much anymore xx
  • Hi everyone, so by the sounds of it, those all important 12 weeks scans will be falling around Christmas time - will you all try and get seen before then? Is anyone thinking of an early scan? 
  • @DanielleMFM I'm thinking of an early scan as I think it will be hard to get a scan around that time as I'm sure everyone wants to get theirs done before Christmas! 

    Happy to go private if we have to! They say between 10 and 14 weeks anyway .. or am I imagining that? Xx
  • My 12 week scan should fall the week before Christmas so hoping they can see me before Christmas so we can let our two know. Back at work today after the half term break and have let the head and deputy know as I work in a school and last thing I want is to be sent gone for being sick when I’m not ill. The nausea and metallic taste are driving me crazy though 😢 at least when I’m being sick I feel slightly better after I’ve actually been sick lol!! Anyone else having sickness yet?? Xxx
  • OOooo @Nevesmummy have you seen this thread about coping with the nausea/sickness? 
  • @Nevesmummy
    Oh no! Better to let work know like you said. I have had nausea but not actually been sick yet! xx
  • My clinic do a scan around 7 weeks and then another at 9/10 weeks. But I won't be 12 weeks until after Christmas so I'm guessing a dating scan would be done in the new year (if I get that far).
    I think if the first 2 scans go well I'll book a private one just before Christmas and put together a "present" box with scans and a heartbeat teddy telling my little girl she is going to be a sister. I think it'll be the best present ever for her! 
  • @jojo1982 aww that would be so cute for your daughter for a Christmas present! Fingers crossed for you and a sticky bean!! I will be having an early scan in a few weeks and should be 8wks by then, just hoping everything is growing as it should, I am very nervous!
  • Anyone else worried by their lack of symptoms or minimal symptoms. I only have one and it's mood swings. Thing I'm going to need to try get an early scan as I'm going to end up a wreck 
  • @MTC86 with my first pregnancy I had zero symptoms at all. It all worked out fine.
    Second one I had loads of really strong symptoms up until 9 weeks, turns out I'd actually miscarried at 7 weeks and my body just didn't realise. So lack of symptoms means nothing - don't worry. I have none this time again and actually am happy a out it! Everyone is different x
  • Thank you @jojo1982 appreciate your response. Finding it much harder the second time round not including miscarriage last year. Just keep thinking if I can get to 7 weeks hear a heartbeat then I'll stop worrying. Yeah right!! Hope you are all keeping well xx
  • @DanielleMFM thank you I’ll check out the thread. 

    I’m peeing lots and increased appetite and my boobs feel so sore, everyone is different though, that’s why some people don’t realise they are pregnant until 6-7mths! 

    @MCT86 and @jojo1982 I think for anyone getting to 12 weeks is super nerve wracking. I’m nervous and I’ve never had a MC so can only imagine how anyone who has had one feels waiting for their 12 week scan to come around. With my first I had a scan at 8 weeks cause of how I’ll I was, they thought I may of been expecting twins but no it was just the one, she just liked to keep mummy and daddy on their toes lol!! She’s 10 now and still the same, a little live wire with a heart of gold xx
  • Morning ladies. Just wanted to share some concerns I have with you all .. I've had pretty much constant period like cramping which has been mild since around 11dpo (BFP day) and I'm now 4 weeks + 6.

    Yesterday this cramping became more moderate and I've woken with much less sore breasts than I've had for almost 2 weeks.

    Has a MC previously so I'm bricking it a little.

    Just happen to have my first gp appointment this morning .. do you think if I asked gp for bloods they'd agree? (NHS)

    And has anyone else had cramping?
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  • Hi All. Congratulations in finding out you are expecting!! I just found out on Saturday that I am going to have another July baby YAY currently have a soon to be 16 month old as well. 

    Has anyone had a lack of appetite??? Because I am struggling to want to eat anything xx
  • @NaomiP88
    Sorry to hear about the stress you're having.. I think your gp will do bloodwork even if you don't ask.. they usually want to check on your hcg levels with blood work.. I also have stopped having cramps and breast are still tender but not as bad.. I also have had a recent mc so I'm so nervous, no bleeding yet so that must be a good sign ?? Goodluck today 
  • DanielleMFMDanielleMFM admin
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    Welcome and congratulations @Familyof3-soontobe4 lovely to have you here! 
    @Naomip88 how did you get on today at the GP?
  • @NaomiP88 hi Naomi. So sorry to hear about your worries! I had a mc with my first pregnancy and bled for 21 days as long as you are not in significant pain and no bleeding you should be fine!! 

    Ask if you could have a internal scan your GP should be able to get you a same day apt at your local hospital which they can then confirm everything for you. I hope all goes well ❤️
  • @thinkingpositive1 and @DanielleMFM and @Familyof3-soontobe4 I really had to fight to get a referral to the EPU but managed to.

    I requested bloods as that's what I believed would make the most sense, however they did an internal ultrasound and said they couldn't see anything at all. They're hoping it's just because it's too early.

    After me reminding them and 4 hours waiting in EPU I finally got bloods done which are to be repeated on Friday so it's a waiting game.

    On the upside I've not bled yet.. still having period type cramps though. 

    Thanks for asking and I'll keep you updated.

  • @NaomiP88 how many weeks are you hun? 

    Thank goodness you got somewhere in the end. 

    The gestational sac should usually be seen as early as 4 weeks and 1 day from your last menstrual period. 

    Have you taken another home pregnancy test?

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