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  • @Familyof3-soontobe4 I'm 5 weeks today from LMP calculations but of course 4+6 yesterday when I had the scan. They couldn't see anything at all and put it down as "pregnancy of unknown location".

    Not taken another test yet as I didnt really see the point as they can be inaccurate with their colouring and another thing to get me worried lol.

    Cramps have eased up significantly this morning although boobs still continuing to hurt less.

    Got a call from EPU last night saying my beta hcg is 518 which is fine for my dates but that figure wont be useful until tomorrow when my second bloods are drawn.

    Thanks for your support ladies. 

  • @NaomiP88
    Glad you got some blood work and hopefully the next test will show your levels are rising! 
    I have some blood work I'm hoping yo get done today also. 
    My cramps have pretty much dissapeared but my boobs are still quite tender, they seem to get worse at night time and first thing in the morning! 

    Welcome @Familyof3-soontobe4 !
    Congratulations!! A few days ago I was turned off my usual breakfast and felt a little nauseous, nothing other than that though! 
  • @thinkingpositive1 did you get your blood results back yet?

    Last 48 hours my cramps have all but gone, but had a terrible night last night (I go to bed early .. about 1930!) Woke up around 10pm with both period type and stomach cramps and bed clothes literally wringing with sweat. (Soz if tmi for some) Had terrible diarrhoea and as I sat on the toilet I felt sick and faint and so called OH. At the time I thought I was miscarrying but think it must have been something I ate.

    OH says my head flopped back onto the wall and I became a dead weight so he had to drag me off the toilet to the landing to lay me down but I was unconscious for about 20 seconds. I've fainted many times before but always been semi conscious, but I have zero memory of being moved etc. 

    Cooled down with a cold towel and drank some water to boost my blood pressure and finally went back to sleep. No more cramping, no bleeding.

    Absolutely fine this morning but a little scared of what happened, as well as having had a fever which I know can be very dangerous for baby.

    Sorry for what turned into a long post but needed to share with someone.

    Second beta HCG this afternoon so fingers crossed.
  • @NaomiP88 no not yet, hoping this morning my dr will call and let me know.if not I will be calling them

    Oh jeez! Sounds like you had a very rough night!! So sorry to hear about that. Do you know if you are iron deficient? When I was younger I had frequent fainting spells with feeling sick to my stomach and found out I needed to take regular iron supplements.. I am still taking them ontop of my prenatal that has iron. 
    Strange about the cramps but it could have just been your bowels cramping. Glad you are feeling better now!! xx
  • Hi Everyone, have switched groups to this one, as GP has dated baby at 2nd July.  Hope everyone is doing well. I am 6+2. Had loads of symptons prior to finding out and now, I am just really bloated. Hopefully everything is still ok. Plan to get an early scan, its such a long wait to 12 weeks. 

    Oh I am already a mum to my beautiful daughter who is 2.5. 

  • Hi @Kelly2016, congratulations!! Your little one is due on my birthday!! 

    @thinkingpositive1 have you heard from your GP yet?? I hope someone called you back xx
  • @NaomiP88 wow sounds like you had a hell of a night! I hope you are okay it sounds really stressful to be going through this while pregnant. Maybe you are lacking iron it is worth finding out but GP would have picked that up in previous blood tests I assume! 

    Onwards and upwards from here sending you so much baby dust.. 

    @Kelly2016 congratulations!!!! I am due 4th July also according to GP meaning 12 week scan will fall around Xmas 😩😩😩😩😩

    anyone planning on finding out early!?!? Or am I just a sore sucker for waiting till 20 weeks 😂
  • @thinkingpositive1 it’s really weird the feeling I can’t describe it! Having had one child already you kinda look for the same symptoms..

    I wake up and am like yeah definitely pregnant I feel sick for about 10 minutes the pass couple day’s and then throughout the day I’m like am I pregnant? Why aren’t I as hungry yet? And the worry eats at me.. 

    how far gone are you? Xxx
  • @Kelly2016 welcome and congratulations! 

    @Familyof3-soontobe4 doctor took full blood count and all came back good today despite feeling pretty grim this morning and being told to go home from work as I looked so ill.

    So after a rollercoaster week, I'm a lot more at ease today as my HCG levels are now at 911, having been 518 two days ago, so a rise of 75% which is above the 66% they look for 🤗

    They want to scan me again in 3 or 4 days time to see if they can see anything this time. 

    Cramping still present intermittently but has had a general downward trend over the past two days.

    Just got to keep on being positive I guess!

    On another note, out of curiosity who have you told about your BFPs?! My partner and best friend both know, and work out of necessity ..

  • @NaomiP88 I’ve told work due to how bad my morning sickness gets and cause I work in a school, my close immediate family and my three best friends. One of them has a little girl 8 days older than my son and is also expecting again so it’s nice we’re doing it together again even though she’s a couple of months ahead of me. 

    I am team yellow I’m afraid lol!! I’ve had surprises with 1 and 2 and we will have a surprise again this time! Totally stuck on names though xxx
  • @NaomiP88 that’s really good news!! I am so happy for you a little bit of reassurance for you 🥰

    I haven’t told anyone other then my partner and 1 friend not even my best friend as my friend lives in America and is planning to visit in 2020 and we originally planned nights out and I didn’t wanna pretend knowing I couldn’t keep up to those plans! My first pregnancy I mc at 6+2/3 days so I am all for waiting till I have my scan.. 

    @Nevesmummy oh wow how do you do it 😭😭😭😭 you are BRAVE sister 😂 my second pregnancy I went to window to the womb at 16 weeks and it was the best experience ever I’m really hoping to do that again! Xxxx
  • @Nevesmummy that's so nice to have a pregnancy buddy like that!  <3

    @Familyof3-soontobe4 thanks hun! 

    Yeah I feel ya sister. I had an early MC last time and despite wanting to tell everyone I'm not going to. Going to have to tell a friend who is coming over for my birthday this month as she will 100% know as soon as she sees me not drinking  :D

    Me and OH have been discussing how we will tell family etc and have decided on Christmas and Boxing Day (stealing the show haha).

    I've heard of window to the womb - is it private scanning company?
  • Not done tests in days now since i got 2-3 on a digi but decided to use my last stick today and its so nice to finally see test line as dark as this 😍
  • @NaomiP88 I’ve heard of window to the womb, lots of people I know have had early scans with them. 

    I had 4d scans with both of mine and will hopefully do so this time round too. 

    We’re gonna do a special present for the children for Christmas from their new brother/sister once we have had our 12 week scan which should be the week before Christmas xx
  • @NaomiP88 that’s exactly what we are planning to do to make a Christmas announcement as all the family gets together Xmas day  👏🏼❤️

    Window to the womb is a private scan clinic the package is £59 at 16 weeks that includes gender reveal, baby measurements and seeing the baby in 4D I am London based but they do have them all over the UK. Personally having done this before I really would recommend it ONLY because I just feel like finding out the sex if you would like too should be a special moment and I feel like this is something hospitals lack because they just wanna chuck you out the room ready to see the next patient. From the minute you arrive you are just made to feel wanted and welcome which I loved oh and I really liked that you are allowed up to 6 people attend with you rather then the strict 2 like hospitals do! 
    @Nevesmummy how far gone do you have your 4D scans done hun?? 

    Is anyone London based?? At my hospital for the past 3 years they now do 3 routine scans so at 36 weeks we get to see our baby one final time and to top it off it’s a 4D scan I think this might be why I’ve never actually paid for one myself but I would have if not having that chance.

    @[email protected] now that’s definitely a positive test 😍😍😍😍😍 nice and clear!!!!!
  • @Familyof3-soontobe4 I had them between 24 and 27 weeks. I was also having scans every 4 weeks due to having a Pulmonary embolism with my first pregnancy and then Gestational diabetes with my second. I don’t do pregnancy easy lol!! I am just off junction 10 of the M4 so not too far from London xx
  • Ow the feeling sick a little has begun 🤮
  • @FreakOut I feel your pain hunny!! I’ve had the sick feeling along with the metallic taste for a week or so now 😢 xxx
  • I thought maybe i escaped it this time 😂😂 but in a way it means the hormones are raging in there for little baby. 
  • @FreakOut it does indeed my lovely xx
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