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Conceived and hoping for positive outcome

Hi All.. just find out a couple of weeks back that in pregnant. Had conceived twice naturally before but had to abort since did not get any heartbeat very early about 6-7 weeks in pregnancy 😟 this time have been on ivf treatment and conceived again. Hoping that all is fine this time. Currently 5w6d and next scan is at 7w1d...


  • Fingers crossed for you! Hope it’s a sticky baby 💕 I am in the similar situation my scan showed 5 and half weeks with a sac but my tests are coming back so faint 🤯 my next scan is in 5 days 💫 hopeful to see your positive updates. Good luck!
  • @L3IGH94 thanks so much for your wishes🥰 has my ultrasound yesterday and baby was measuring 8 weeks with the heartbeat 😊🙏

    i hope you too too have a super healthy pregnancy..
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